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Baccarat Attack Strategy Success Stories

These are some of the experiences of members of the Take Down Group who first gave the Baccarat Attack Strategy a full blown test in both land-based and online casinos worldwide.

I look forward to having you join us as the latest member of the Take Down Group.  To do so, all you have to do is download your risk-free copy of the Baccarat Attack Strategy and get started.


 Playing Mini-Baccarat in Indiana 

“I continue to terrorize the local casinos using the Baccarat Attack Strategy.  I have been using your $10 betting play on the mini-baccarat tables.  Just updated my records and the results continue to hold.  My average is now $653 an hour.”

Kyle B. – Indianapolis, Indiana


Playing on the Big Tables in Las Vegas

“I have moved up to the big time.  I have been playing baccarat on the ‘big tables’ for over a month.  My bets range from $25 to $100 and I am happy to report that the winnings are steady and predictable.

“As just one example, I played two and one-half hours yesterday and cleared $5,876. 

“Many thanks for inviting me to join the Take Down Group.  The Baccarat Attack Strategy has been very good to me.”

Alan D. – Las Vegas, Nevada


A Las Vegas Vacation

“I just got back from a seven-day gambling trip.  We spent the first three days at Rio in Las Vegas.  I used the Baccarat Attack Strategy and cleared $7,781 after expenses.  We flew up to Lake Tahoe for the rest of the trip and played at Harrah’s.  I am happy to report big winnings off of baccarat there too - $10,638 in net profits.

“This is my best vacation ever.  I am thinking of doing it again in four or five week.  Many cudos to you for a very profitable baccarat strategy.”

A. R. – Hawthorne, California

Online Play Making 50-cent Bets

“I must be the ultimate low roller.  I like to play online baccarat using your Baccarat Attack Strategy for low stakes.  My wagers range from 50 cents to one dollar.  However, my records show that I am clearing $153 an hour.

“I just showed my wife my latest casino check.  The Silver Dollar Casino sent me a check for $3,782.

“Not too bad for a low stakes player.  Thanks again for letting me join your group.”

Rob B. – Gig Harbor, Wisconsin


Online Player Makes $5,392 a Day!

“Last week I moved from $5 betting to making $10 bets.  I play in four different online casinos.  You know the names – some of the Take Down Group favorites.  (Ed Note:  We reveal the names in the Baccarat Attack Strategy course.)

“My first week at the ten dollar level went great.  My average winnings are $5,392 a day.  I think this is the level I want to stay at.  Let’s see, three more months at five grand a day . . .”

Nick R. – Kalamazoo, Michigan


Online Play – A Two Hour a Day Retirement Plan

“I quit my job two weeks ago.  After playing baccarat for two months using the Baccarat Attack Strategy I knew that this was my chance for what I call ‘working retirement,’ so I took it.

“On a typical day I spend less than two hours playing baccarat in one of five of our special online casinos.  (Ed Note:  Check our bonus books for complete information on these casinos.).

“My daily net averages $1,076, above my target of $1,000 a day.

“Best of all, because I play online I can play from anywhere.  We are planning a trip to San Francisco and I fully intend to make at least $1,000 a day there too.”

Mark D. – Dallas, Texas


Cruise Ship Profits!

“I’ll try not to sound like a commercial for the Norwegian Cruise Line.  My wife and I just completed a seven day Barcelona to Cannes cruise on the fabulous Norwegian Gem.  Great trip.

“Before I forget – great baccarat game also.  My wife and I used the Baccarat Attack Strategy and won big.  We paid for the entire trip and cleared over $6,000 extra.

“I resisted taking this cruise, but now I am a believer.  Anytime I can have fun, keep my wife happy and make money, I call it a winning deal!”

Pete M. – Denver, Colorado


About the Take Down Group

“ Just a short note to thank you for including me in the Take Down Group.  It has been an exhilarating experience to say the least.

“I feel like I have made some lifelong friends.  I especially enjoy playing with George Stern, Millie T., Frank LaMarca and Donna S. (Ed Note:  Names withheld when requested.)

“You just got the update on my profits.  Up $112,000 and still going strong.” 

Mary F. – St. Charles, Missouri 




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