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The Blackjack 
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Success Stories




I am going to share the Blackjack Attack Strategy with a few more people. I hope you can join my group of highly satisfied students. Here are a few of their stories.


I look forward to adding your success story as another person using the power of the Rhythm of the Cards Method to make $1,000, $2,000, even $4,000 a day as long as you chose! 


"I have been using the Blackjack Attack Strategy in Shreveport. I play blackjack on the weekends and make from $1,200 to $1,500 per weekend.

"This is a wonderful moneymaker. I put in my notice at work today. Working was starting to interfere with my blackjack play (ha, ha)."

Maurine K. - Shreveport, Louisiana

"I have been using the Blackjack Attack Strategy with good success. I strictly play online using the Select List of casinos you send me.

"This is an excellent system. I average making from $1,400 to $1,650 a day for three hours play.

"Needless to say, my financial status is much improved since I starting using this strategy."

Ron B. – Gig Harbor, Washington

"Just finished my first cruise with my wife. I picked one of your recommended Caribbean cruises that offers good blackjack games.

"While the cruise was great fun – especially all of the good food – I really got a kick out of beating them at blackjack.

"I cleared over $9,000 from blackjack – enough to pay for the cruise and then some."

Alan R. – Hawthorne, California

"I am a full time college student at USC. Los Angeles is an expensive city and I really needed some way of making money that didn’t take a lot of time, as I don’t have much time left after all of the school work.

"Your Blackjack Attack Strategy is perfect for me. I play online three nights a week and clear about $3,000 a week. This is about $2,500 a week more than I need so that for the first time in six long years as a student I can see daylight.

"Thanks for the help."

Robert J. – Los Angeles, California

"I love blackjack but I had just about given up on it. You are right about card counting – the casinos have made it impossible to win.

"Your course convinced me to quit fighting a losing cause and to try your Rhythm of the Cards Method for a change.

"It works very well. I just moved to Vegas from Spokane and it is the best move I ever made.

"I now play blackjack three to four times a week in local casinos in Las Vegas. My average take from the casinos is around 5 Grand a week.

"Super system."

Max W. – Las Vegas, Nevada

"I am one of those people who didn’t know beans about blackjack but I needed a way to make money that didn’t take much to get started.

"Your Blackjack Attack Strategy has worked wonderfully for me. I was able to catch on very quickly using the Blackjack Bet Tracker.

"I play both online and in Lake Tahoe on weekends. I am absolutely delighted with this strategy since it is both profitable and fun."

Stan P. - Sacramento, California

"Your blackjack course is by far the best. It is complete and easy to follow. I ordered it and within two days I was playing and winning in two of the online casinos you recommended.

"My only complaint? You could charge a lot more for this. It is clearly one of the best ways to make money, bar none."

Jerry N. – Boca Raton, Florida

"Thanks for your outstanding kit on beating blackjack. You gave me much more than I expected.

"The best part about this is that your Rhythm of the Cards Method really works. I have now won over $41,000 with a 95.3% win rate. Everything you shared was right on. Thanks for your support and patience."

Marie L. Independence, Missouri

"This is the best blackjack method ever. It produces amazing results. When I play online I easily pull in over $850 an hour.

"Playing in a local casino I make $1,000 to $1,300 for a couple of hours of play.

"You have a rock-solid winner here."

Nick R. – Kalamazoo, Michigan

"I love to play blackjack. I have mastered several counting methods, but for the past couple years I have been using a progressive betting system because card counting doesn’t work anymore.

"I was pretty satisfied with my current system but decided to try yours just to see how it performed.

"The Blackjack Attack Strategy is by far the superior system. It wins a higher percentage of games and is the only system I have ever seen that automatically adjusts the size of bets to follow the flow of cards.

"My heartiest congratulations. You have accomplished what forty years of card counters couldn’t – building a reliable system that is easy to learn and use and beats the casinos no matter what kind of crap they throw at you."

Stan C. – Broomfield, Colorado

"I have been using the Blackjack Attack Strategy for five weeks. The results?

"I am over $36,000 ahead playing online. I live in one of those states that ban online gambling and I am glad that you gave me the information on where I can play online without interference from the good for nothing politicians.

"Hats off to you. You are a gentleman and a true genius of blackjack."

Kyle B.- Indianapolis, Indiana

"This is the best blackjack method to come out in the past twenty years. I am very impressed with how you borrowed ideas from trading stocks and then used them to beat the blackjack game.

"I now use your system exclusively for my play at blackjack. As a result I almost never lose a session. What’s more, this is a very consistent system and a reliable profit producer.

"I have won $56,000 using it so far. My goal is $150,000 in six months and I am confident that I will make it."

Hal V. – Rochester, New York

"I have been using your blackjack strategy in the gaming clubs in London. It is a remarkably robust way of playing and I have done very well with it.

"I am now playing in two of the UK online gaming establishments you listed and this strategy is a superior performer in these games as well.

"You have a solid system here. I am enjoying it as well as profiting from it."

Geoff T. – London, England

"I teach in a church school which doesn’t condone playing blackjack. However, I see nothing wrong with it, especially when you can win at it.

"I have been using your strategy and winning by playing online. I play just two nights a week and I have been making about $850 a week.

"This really helps me as I have been saving to buy a house – and blackjack is my major source of savings."

Rick M. – Richardson, Texas

"This is just what I needed to jumpstart my retirement. I have been worrying about my investments in the stock market and making money using your strategy is a lot more positive and productive than watching my investments drop in value.

"Last month I made about $12,000 playing online using your $2 minimum bet strategy. Now that I am more confident, I have become a $5 player and more than doubled my win rate.

"This is a great way to spend some of my spare time. It is fun and very profitable."

Harvey S. – Muscatine, Iowa

"I like to play blackjack at the Beau Rivage. My wife and I will visit for two or three days at a time. She plays quarter slots and I play blackjack.

"Since I started using your Blackjack Attack Strategy, these trips have become very profitable. I have cleared over $6,000 in net winnings on each of the last two trips."

Lance N. - Mobile, Alabama

"I have decided to become a full time blackjack player. I have wanted to do this for over ten years and learned card counting to try to accomplish it. As you know, card counting is not reliable any more.

"I discovered your method two months ago when you were still in the testing phase. I worked with one of your assistants and with your permission joined your project.

"I have been very successful with the Blackjack Attack Strategy. That’s why I turned in my letter of resignation at work this week.

"Thanks for giving me a system that I have always needed to take the final step and become a pro."

Mark B- Dallas, Texas





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