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Winning Strategies

Are you ready to get started with a proven winning strategy?  I have picked out several strategies are offer the best combination of high winnings, low risk and are easy to use. Just review the following reports to discover how easy it is to consistently beat the casinos.  What’s more, each of the following strategies can be used in both land-based and in online casinos.



So, what are you waiting for?  Pick you favorite game, review our report on the system’s performance, then click through to a web report where you can learn more about the system and will have the opportunity to download it on a No-Risk Trial Basis.


You’ll Love Winning $1000 a Day With this Proven Roulette Strategy!

As part of a special offer you are just minutes away from learning how you can turn the roulette game into your own unending source of ready cash! 

If you can picture yourself making $1,000 every day without leaving home, then you will begin to understand what this Rock Solid Profit Producer can do for you.

Let me tell you a little more about LaMarca’s Power Roulette Strategy . . .

·        It is very easy to learn and use. (You’ll be up and running in less than an hour.)

·        It takes no particular skills to learn and use. All you have to do is follow the plan in the complete course we will send you.

·        It takes almost no money to set up. If you can spare $80, you have more than enough to start bringing in $7,671 a week income. And, your new income will be very reliable and extraordinarily consistent!

·        This program is 100% Complete, Very Easy to Use and comes with a Realistic Money Back Plan that you can take to the bank!

Like you, I am very skeptical of many of the wild and unproven claims so many people make about their money-making systems.

In fact, I will not accept anyone’s claim of performance for any kind of money-making strategy unless it is backed up by Irrefutable Proof. And, that is especially true for anyone who claims to have a way to win at gambling.

You can be assured that I would never present any gambling strategy to you that I had not thoroughly reviewed and tested for complete accuracy in all of the claims made for it.

I am pleased to tell you that LaMarca’s Roulette Strategy passed every test I could throw at it.

·        First, the strategy is easy to use and is very reliable. I showed it to six of my closest associates who did everything they could to break down this system; yet, it held up very well.  Incredibly, every associate found the strategy to be very profitable!

·        We tested the strategy over millions of computer simulated roulette decisions and generated very consistent profits.

·        Next, we tried the strategy in real casinos. I personally played the strategy in both online and land-based casinos, and I was very impressed.  To test the claims of its creator, I started with just an $80 bankroll and was able to build my winnings to over $20,000 in a month of part time play.

Here are just two of the many success stories from individuals using this strategy –


"I am using your ‘grow your own bankroll plan.’ I started playing with only a $100 investment. I am now up over $10,000. I have gone from $1 bets to $10 bets. My hourly winnings are now over $900 an hour playing online.

"Thanks for a great system and for your step-by-step plan to growing wealthy. I am living proof that it works."

Christopher T. – Houston, Texas

"This is a very ingenious way to play roulette. I made over $15,000 the first month and I am up $21,400 for the second month.

"I just quit my job and am really looking forward to only working ten hours a week (and golfing every afternoon).


"You have truly given me a new life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Myron R. – Neptune City, New Jersey

This strategy may be the easiest one ever to use because it comes with the “Automatic Roulette Tracker.”

The Automatic Tracker does everything but play the game for you.  When you use the highly ingenious Automatic Roulette Tracker –

·        Every bet you make is given to you.  This completely eliminates any guesswork on where to place your wagers.

·        You’ll know the exact amount you will bet each time.

·        You’ll get a clear signal when a game is over.  Using this “signal,” it is possible to predict within a couple of dollars exactly how much you will win each time you play. 

No other strategy I have ever used is as easy to use as LaMarca’s Power Roulette Strategy with the Automatic Roulette Tracker.

If you decide to try this low stress way of bringing in huge amounts of money, here’s just some of what you’ll discover -

·        How to win between $121 and $2324 an hour online (your winnings depend on your level of betting).

·        How to play every spin without ever having to track the wheel, write down spins, figure out dealer signatures or any of these other outdated systems.

·        How to consistently win in both land-based and in Internet casinos.

·        How to start with as little as $80 and quickly build a bankroll over $20,000.

·        How to play roulette anywhere and know exactly how much profit you will make before you bet a single dime!

·        How to play roulette without stress or risk of losing large sums. 

But there’s much more. What I have waiting for you is much more than a book describing a system. You’ll get -

·        Complete examples on how to use the system at all levels of play.

·        A step-by-step, virtually foolproof plan to start with wagers as low as $1 and grow your bankroll to the point that you are routinely playing with black hundred dollar chips and pulling out thousands of dollars in profits per session.

·        Examples of real games played in real casinos. You’ll discover exactly how my students rack up huge gains, game after game, day after day!

·        A complete manual which covers everything you need to know to turn this strategy into a dynamic profit plan that you can use for life.

What’s more, you’ll get -

·        Complete information on how to make the Power Bet and pull large amounts off of every roulette table.

·        Complete instructions on how to use the Performance Betting Strategy to turn the incredible Power Bet into an unstoppable source of cash.

·        The Automatic Roulette Tracker. This device will put your play on "Automatic." And, it is 100% legal to use in land-based casinos. It also makes online play virtually effortless.

·        A tested and absolutely foolproof method of multiplying your profits using a potent "winnings multiplier" that you can easily add to the basic strategy.


Even though this offer is restricted, as my Special Guest you can get LaMarca’s Power Roulette Strategy if you act right now.

Here’s what you need to do.  Follow this link.  Go ahead and be as critical and skeptical as you want.  All I ask is that you read about this strategy.

LaMarca’s Power Roulette Strategy is truly a revolutionary new way to create a permanent source of very high, very consistent profits.

If you would like an easy way to make $1000 a day quickly and easily, I highly recommend it.


Make $24,242 Every Month Using “Gambling’s Secret Formula”

Announcing Our Latest Discovery – Karl Von Schiller’s Amazing New Strategy That Beats the Games of Roulette, Craps, Baccarat and Mini-Baccarat - Cold!

My associate Karl Von Schiller has come up with an incredible new Breakthrough Gambling Strategy!

I am talking about a strategy that you can learn in about an hour and consistently make from $404 to $2,424 every hour you use it!

We have just completed over 2,000 gambling sessions and the proof is irrefutable –

“Anyone Can Use Gambling’s Secret Formula to Turn $60 Into a Rock-Sold, 100% Dependable $24,242 a Month!”

And, you can do this month after month “working” no more than 10 hours a week!

Here’s what one of our students shared about his experiences with Gambling’s Secret Formula –

                "Your Gambling Formula program is very sound. Even though I didn’t know anything about playing roulette or craps, it was easy to learn the games with your step-by-step instructions.

"I have been playing for real money for two months. I made $18,743 the first month and $26,512 the second month.

"As a result of my winnings I have paid off all my credit cards and I am checking out several new cars. I plan to pay cash for the car.

"Many thanks for a really great winning approach. I plan on using this formula for a long, long time."

Joe T. – Indianapolis, Indiana

You are one of the first people outside of our group of testers that I am contacting about this powerful new way of winning at gambling.

Our extensive testing shows that anyone willing to spend just a few hours a week using this perfected new strategy can easily make from $6,000 to $8,500 a week.

And, there is nothing theoretical about these numbers.  We have documented results from real world play in both land-based and online casinos that proves without a doubt that –

·        If you play craps in a land-based casino, even using just $5 bets, you will average making $101.00 an hour using this strategy.

·        If you use the same strategy online making $5 bets, you will average making from $606 to $808 an hour.

·        If you apply “Gambling’s Secret Formula” to any version of Roulette played in a land-based casino, making $5 wagers, your winnings will average $151.50 an hour.

·        If you play roulette online, making the same $5 wagers, you will bring in average profits of over $800 an hour.

·        When you use this strategy at Mini-baccarat in a brick and mortar casino, you will average a cool $202 an hour in pure profits.

·        If you play mini-baccarat in an online casino, again making just $5 bets, you will easily bring in $809 to $847 an hour in pure profits!


Let me tell you a little more about this strategy –

“Gambling’s Secret Formula” is specifically designed for Even-Money Bets at Craps, Roulette and Baccarat.  

This strategy is so dependable that it has been called "the scientific gambling system" because it turns the house edge into a formula that actually favors the players

I am talking about a rock-solid strategy that you can use to . . .

·        Log on to almost any Internet casino (I will share my favorites with you) and within minutes generate a profit of at least $500, all with low risk and a low investment.

·        Set up a regular source of income that is more dependable than being paid a salary. You can easily make $3,000, $4,000, or even $6,000 a day without bosses, commutes, business travel or the endless meetings that go with most careers these days.

·        Win large amounts quickly and consistently with the smallest of wagers (I will even tell you the name of a casino in Las Vegas where you will find an excellent roulette game accepting 25 cent wagers).

·        Easily earn the kind of steady and predictable profits that almost no other kind of business can.

And that will be just the beginning for you –

When you first start using this strategy, you will want to be cautious. But that’s fine. Even starting with just $60,you can set up regular hourly wins of $161.60 an hour.

Play a few hours betting minimum amounts and build up your profits. When you are ready, you can move up to $5 betting. At this level you can bring in as much as $847 an hour.

Want to give yourself a raise? Increase your base bets to just $10. Now you can be averaging $1,616.00 an hour in net winnings.

Don’t like playing online? That’s fine. You can become a $25 bettor and easily make $1010 to $2004 an hour (documented winnings) in such casino jurisdictions as Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, Reno, Atlantic City, as well as in the South, the Midwest and just about anywhere else in the world!

We have students right now playing in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, South Africa, Australia and Singapore bringing in amounts they would have considered outrageous just a few short months ago.

I have made special arrangements so that you can download the complete Course immediately.  What’s more, if you act now, you’ll even get this Complete Winning Course at a Special Reduced Price!

You can download the exclusive Gambling’s Secret Formula Course in the next five minutes. When you do, you’ll get –

·        Complete step-by-step instructions to follow which reveal exactly how you will beat the casinos thoroughly and consistently.

·        Complete information that will take all the guesswork out of betting using the Formula Bet Selector. You will never have to guess the amount of any wager. This is a proven scientific way of betting.

·        The Formula’s Automatic Wagering System. Forget about trying to find hot craps tables or find trending roulette or baccarat streaks. You won’t need them. The Formula is designed to overcome every pattern, streak, or anti-streak. It doesn’t matter if tables trend or are totally choppy. The Formula’s Automatic Wagering System will handle them and easily overcome them.

·        The Formula Tracking Form that virtually automates all of your play.

·        The exact proven winning techniques that will allow you to "target" and hit your profit goals game after game with great consistency!

·        A perfected system that will put your betting on "automatic pilot" eliminating all guesswork with a system calibrated to make sure that you are always betting the
correct amount.

·        Complete details on how you will gain and keep an edge over any game of craps, roulette, baccarat or mini-baccarat in any casino – whether of the brick and mortar variety or online.

·        The critical steps you will take to use a superior wagering system that will overcome the games of craps, roulette and baccarat - whether the tables are trending, choppy or random.

·        Specific examples of every aspect of Gambling’s Secret Formula. You’ll learn how the formula works in real playing conditions with specific examples taken from real games.

·        Complete reviews of actual games played at craps, roulette and baccarat – right down to a bet by bet analysis!

·        Detailed Insider Information about these games – You’ll get complete information on where to find single-zero roulette wheels in Las Vegas, or the best online casinos to practice for free.

·        Every tool, insight and step spelled out in specific detail for you. You’ll be able to easily put these winning methods to work for you.

·        The Exact Information on how you can get started playing with as little as $60 ($10 online). Lack of money will not hold you back. Ten bucks is all you need to set up a permanent stream of $20,000 a month plus profits.

·        Everything you need in one complete winning package. Included are the manual, with the formula completely revealed, numerous examples of how to use and win with the strategy, as well as Von Schiller’s Automatic Game Tracker. Plus you’ll get complete information on the exact Internet casinos where you can play profitably and safely.

I haven’t found an easier or more profitable way to win large amounts from the casino games of roulette, craps, baccarat and mini-baccarat than using Gambling’s Secret Formula.

I highly recommend that you immediately click through to the Full Report on this Extraordinary System and see if it is right for you.


Get Paid $442.26 an Hour for Being "Online"

How would you like to average $442.26 an hour, day after day, as your share of the incredible payouts being made by the online casinos?

And, what if you could make this kind of money consistently and with almost no risk of losing?

And, what if I added that you will only need $50 to get started online ($63 if you decide to play in land-based casinos)?

·        Dudley M. from Springfield, Virginia, regularly makes $500 a day with "almost no effort."

·        George B., from Greenfield, Wisconsin, made $150 in his first thirty minutes using this strategy.

·        Diane L., who used to play slot machines exclusively, now averages over $1,000 a day playing craps.

Here is the really exciting part -

This strategy is so easy to learn and use that I am 100% certain that you too can use this foolproof strategy and make "Windfall Level Profits" every day you choose. 

I want you to forget what you have heard about how risky the same of craps is and let me share with you some of the most important news you will ever receive.

This dynamic and 100% proven method for creating an "All Cash Income" is as close as your nearest computer.

It is the most convenient way I have found to pull in $500, $1,000 or even $2,500 a day with great consistency.  Best of all, because of its proven effectiveness in beating the online casinos, you don't even have to leave home to set up what has been called "a remarkably consistent source of ready cash."

Here's what you can expect when you try this unique strategy -

·        You will easily make $147.26 an hour making minimum bets in land-based casinos, hour after hour, day after day, and week after profitable week!

·        You can consistently make $442.34 an hour playing on the Internet making just $5 wagers.

·        You will be able to create a reliable source of income that is very, very dependable.  (One of my associates, Ross M., calls it "the quickest source of cash short of robbing banks.")

·        And, you can easily build up your bankroll to higher and higher levels that multiply your "earning rate" even higher.  

If you want to win at an even faster rate, you can play in online casinos and you will more than triple your hourly win rate for land-based play!

Once you take me up on a "Risk-Free" Trial, you will receive the same 100% Proven Step-by-Step Plan that you can use to create your own Rock-Solid All Cash Profit Generator!

Please don't worry if you don't know beans about the craps game or playing online.  The bonus books I will send you will give you complete information on the craps game.  I'll even send you a special report revealing the very best and safest online casinos. 

Once you have this complete information package, you will be able to quickly start winning large amounts of Cash Profits without even leaving home!

Just click through to this Special Online Report to discover just how easily you too can put this powerful moneymaker to work for you!

Additional Thoughts to Consider . . .

·        The Power Craps Manual with complete examples and everything you need to get up to speed quickly and easily.

·        The Bonus Manual How to Make $10,000 a Week Using the Power Craps Strategy.  This fact-filled manual reveals exactly how you can rapidly increase your hourly winnings with this strategy.  The result?  You'll quickly turn your play into a regular dependable source of large winnings.

·        In addition, you'll get two Bonus Strategies for winning at slot machines and blackjack. Each of these manuals contains a complete winning system ready for your use.

·        Your Toolkit also includes three bonus books revealing not only the "Top Ten" but the "Safest Internet Casinos."     

·       This a limited offer. What's more, I have pulled out all stops to include everything you need to quickly and easily set up your own "craps profit machine."

This information is rounded out with our exclusive report on the best "High-Roller" Online casinos.

·        Finally, as a Special Extra Bonus, you'll get the manual "Ten Steps to Beat the Craps Game." If you have any concern about your inexperience at craps, this book will answer your questions.

If you don't act now, you may permanently lose the chance to become a Power Craps Casino Prospector and set up your own "Powerful All Cash Profit Stream."



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