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Almost 140 Years Ago an English Engineer Named 
Joseph Jagger Broke the Bank in Monte Carlo.  
Most Accounts Thought That Was the End of The Story.


Then We Discovered That Jagger’s First Winning Run Was Just a Preview of an Even Stronger Winning System. . .


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Hal S. – Fort Wayne, Indiana


From Martin J Silverthorne 


We have a tendency to think that what’s new is best.  In some cases that may be true but not when it comes to winning at roulette.

Almost 140 years ago Joseph Jagger developed a system to beat roulette.  In his first foray against the world’s classiest casino, the Beaux-Arts Monte Carlo Casino, he won and kept over £3,000,000 (adjusted for inflation).

This is the feat that inspired the song “The Man Who Broke the Bank in Monte Carlo.”

But Jagger didn’t stop with his highly publicized win.  He developed another Secret Formula even more powerful than the first.

We discovered his secret Formula and decided to see how it would do against the modern roulette wheels.

The results are simply amazing.  Roulette play may never be the same again!


The Jagger Formula May Be the Best Roulette System Ever Devised!

We just completed seven months of testing the Jagger Formula against all versions of modern roulette.

We played the system against European Roulette and pulled in winnings so high that even Jagger would be impressed.

We played against American double-zero wheels and beat them cold!

We pitted the system against online roulette games and the software driven games didn’t stand a chance.


By the Time We Finished Our Testing, We Discovered –

  • Anyone who can spend a few minutes learning and practicing this system can win.

  • Anyone who can risk $36 has enough money to set up a lifetime flow of roulette winnings.

  • Anyone who can follow Jagger’s Secret Formula will be able to easily win $3,000 to $5,000 a day using one of the easiest and safest roulette systems we have ever seen!


We have just finished testing the Jagger Formula in 4,825 carefully documented roulette sessions and the results are clear –

The Jagger Formula is the new standard against which all roulette systems must be compared!



Here’s What the Jagger Formula Looks Like In Live Action -  

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The Jagger Story

In 1873 Joseph Jagger and his team showed up at the Beaux-Arts Monte Carlo Casino.  Jagger was an engineer who gained his experience working in the cotton manufacturing industry.  Jagger knew about machinery and he decided to apply this knowledge to the roulette wheels in Monte Carlo.

Jagger came prepared to do battle with the casinos.  He hired six clerks with each clerk assigned to one of the six roulette wheels in operation.  The clerk’s job was to record every number that showed on the wheels for several days.

After the clerks had recorded the results of thousands of spins, Jagger started looking for patterns that randomness alone couldn’t account for.

He found what he was looking for.  While five of the six wheels produced random results, nine numbers of wheel six were showing at a rate exceeding what probability would indicate.  Jagger sprang into action.

On July 7, 1875 Jagger struck and won the equivalent of £700,000 (inflation adjusted amount).  Over the next three days Jagger amassed the equivalent of £3,000,000. 

The casino was desperate to stop Jagger.  The casino first rearranged the wheels at night.  However, Jagger caught on by remembering some distinctive markings on his targeted wheel.

Counterattacking again the casino moved the frets, the metal dividers between numbers, around daily.  This changed the wheel bias every time the frets were moved.  These changes were unkown to Jagger.  He lost heavily for the next two days until he figured out that that something had changed.

However, instead of losing back his fortune he quit play with equivalent winnings of £3,250,000.  The standard story goes that he left Monte Carlo never to return.

He resigned from his job at the mill and invested his money in property.  And, that’s as far as the published accounts of Jagger go.

However, here’s the rest of the story . . .


Jagger’s Second Attack on Monte Carlo

Jagger learned more than just about biased roulette wheels when he took on and beat the games in Monte Carlo. 

He also learned about casino behavior.  When he was playing day after day and winning large amounts openly, it was like challenging the casinos.  They could not stand by and allow their bank to be openly broken.  Jagger understood that he invited retaliation with his style of play.   And he knew that the casinos were on to his methods of finding biased wheels.  That’s when he decided to try a different approach. 


Jagger’s Secret Roulette Formula

After Jagger returned to the village of Shelf near Halifax, Yorkshire, he continued to focus on roulette.

Jagger bought an old roulette wheel and installed it in his barn at his country home in Shelf.  At first he started recording roulette decisions like he had done in his successful run in Monte Carlo. 

However, this time he was looking for something different.

Jagger was looking for short-term runs of roulette outcomes that he could exploit.

While his original approach was based on long-term biases caused by unbalanced wheels he was now looking for what he called “the unnatural balance in any set of roulette decisions.”

By the time he had finished his observations and experiments he had developed a Secret Formula that would beat any roulette wheel, whether it was unbalanced or not!


“The Jagger Formula is very effective.  Before I used this system I didn’t believe that there was any system which could beat roulette.  I admit it.  I was wrong. 

“I have won $37,000 in the past three weeks.  Thanks again for your help.”

Cal N. – Laurel Hill, Florida



The Power Behind Jagger’s Secret Formula

Jagger observed that every roulette wheel generates a natural bias even in very short runs of play.

Roulette wheels always have unequal distributions of outcomes in any series of spins. 

For example, if you recorded 37 spins on a wheel with numbers 1 to 36 plus one zero you will always find that some numbers have multiple hits while others have no hits.  The law applies to roulette decisions that are computer-based as well as those from physical wheels.

Jagger designed a formula to profit from the constantly changing unequal distributions from any roulette wheel.

Jagger’s New Formula Had Numerous Advantages Over His Old System

1.  He could win making smaller bets.

2.  His bets were not obvious to casino bosses.  Instead of constantly playing the same numbers on a biased wheel, with his formula his bets changed.

3.  No bias was required to win.  The system worked on biased wheels, unbiased wheels and even computer-based games.

4.  No elaborate tracking and recording was needed.  The formula computed bets as he played.

5.  All roulette play become easy and virtually automatic.

6. The system was played for short runs against the casino.  Most sessions were won in less than 25 spins!




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After Extensive Play on His Personal Roulette Wheel, Jagger Felt Like His New Formula Would “Beat Any Wheel, Any Time, Any Where!”

By the time Jagger finished testing his Secret Formula he was confident he could beat the casinos almost at will.

He added a Special Formula-Based Betting System to his system based on unequal roulette outcomes and set up a plan to beat Monte Carlo even more soundly than he had on his first run.

However, this time he would not venture into the casinos himself.  He felt like he was too well known and that his notoriety would impair his ability to win.

He recruited three of his original clerks and set up a team. This time he would stay in a hotel in Nice, France, and have his clerks report to him. 

And then his record stops.



Eight Months Ago I Was Contacted by One of Jagger’s Living Relatives and Asked If I Had Any Interest in His Old Papers

I have had an interest in old gambling systems for a long time.  Many of the old systems were quite good and some of the best ones have been forgotten or lost.

That was the case with Joseph Jagger’s Secret Roulette Formula.  I discovered it in his journal after I acquired his papers.

It took some real sleuthing to find the new Jagger Roulette Formula.  His notes were not organized or even in chronological order.  However, he was methodical in recording his tests and observations and finally I found was I was looking for –


I Discover Jagger’s Lost Secret Roulette Formula.

There had been rumors about Jagger returning to Monte Carlo and winning even more than his successful original run, but his papers were the first hard evidence of it.

Everything was there up to his planned second trip to Monte Carlo.  Then his records stopped.  I have to believe that the rest of his papers were missing.  However, the critical part of his Secret Formula was revealed!



Once I Found Jagger’s Secret Formula I Couldn’t Wait to Try it Out

Jagger has quite a reputation among roulette players.  His Secret Formula proved that he deserved this reputation.


Two hours after I finally put together all of the pieces I decided to try it in an online casino.

I keep several online accounts open so trying out the system was really easy. I picked an account that had been dormant for a while.  I had left a balance of $92 in the account and that was enough to get started.


I started playing using the Jagger Formula.

My first observation was how easy it was to use.  There was no tracking or writing down decisions required.  I just started playing and watched his formula automatically adjust to the ever changing short-term biases.

Using his easy-to-follow betting rules, I won my first session in less than five minutes.  I started another one and quickly won again.  To say I was impressed would be an understatement.  I was thrilled and delighted to be able to win so quickly and so easily!

By the end of two hours play I was up over $1,188.   While my winnings were very impressive, what impressed me the most was how easy and safe this system was.

“Your money back guarantee is safe.  I thought the Jagger Formula would be just another losing system.  Boy, was I wrong.  Using the Formula to play roulette is like turning a tiger loose on a rabbit.  The casino doesn’t have a chance.

“I am up over $53,000 in three weeks!  Facts speak louder than words!”

Arnold T. – Sumner, Washington


The Power of the Formula –

While Jagger’s original success depended on finding a biased roulette wheel, his Secret Formula was nothing like that.

Instead of having to track wheels his Formula automatically determines where to bet and how much to bet.

One player called it “the intelligent way to beat any roulette game without having to write down a thing!”



The Power of EBRO!

Jagger discovered that roulette is constantly developing and changing. 

His ability to beat the game using a Formula is based on Jagger’s discovery of the Evolving Bias of Roulette Outcomes or EBRO.


Here are some examples of how EBRO works –

In five decisions of roulette one outcome or set of outcomes could dominate the series.

In ten decisions it is even more likely that on outcome or a set of outcomes will dominate the series.

In 25 spins of the wheel it is virtually certain that there will always be outcomes that dominate.

This is a principle that holds true on any set of roulette spins.

It doesn’t matter whether the wheel is a real wheel sitting in Monte Carlo or the Las Vegas Strip or a computer created version existing in cyberspace.

The principles of EBRO guarantee that in any run of 20 to 25 decisions certain outcomes will dominate!

Because this principle is universal and every version of roulette is governed by EBRO principles, every version of roulette can be beaten by the Jagger Formula!

“This is the greatest roulette system.  I have been playing roulette over twenty years and the Jagger Formula is the one that stands above all others.

“It is so good that it even beats the double-zero wheels. It is the best.”

Greg M. – Baton Rouge, Louisiana




The Jagger Formula Works Like a Self-Adjusting Machine!

Unlike other systems which take advantage of bias in roulette wheels, the Jagger Formula is self adjusting.

There is no need to record spins or analyze anything.

The formula does it “on the run.”

In other words, the Formula itself contains a way to constantly discover and then adjust to changes in dominant outcomes in roulette.


To understand this you might want to think of a compass.  Even though it is a simple device, it is invaluable to navigation in that it always points north without any input from the person using the compass.

You don’t have to feed data into a compass, it will point north automatically.

Likewise a gyroscope has the ability to stay upright.  This is a fantastic invention and is used in ships, aircraft and even on the Hubble telescope.  Like the gyroscope, the Jagger Formula has the ability to maintain a stable position in the midst of constantly changing forces. 

Like a compass or a gyroscope doing its job, the Jagger Formula has the ability to use EBRO principles to automatically determine the dominant outcomes and then focus on a solution!

Just like a gyroscope staying upright, the Jagger Formula will find the current bias in any roulette game.

And when you use this system you won’t have to observe, track or scout for the right roulette table.  Just start playing.  The Formula will guide you from the first bet on.


Jagger’s Betting Breakthrough!

The Jagger Formula combines the power of EBRO bet placement with a unique betting formula based on natural flows and shapes.

Being an engineer Jagger understood mathematical priniciples used to determine efficient flows which are often used in many shapes and forms found in nature.  Jagger created a betting system perfectly matched to EBRO bet selection.

He called it a “Self Balanced Betting Schematic that wins using the smallest number of wagers matched to the variability of outcomes.”


What This Means Is –

When you use Jagger’s betting system you will be able to keep your bets small and still beat the casinos.

No System can predict 100% of the outcomes of roulette.  This is not possible on biased wheels or using a self-adjusting system like EBRO.

However, it is possible to design a series of bets that match and follow a controlled flow of wins and losses.

In a nutshell this is what Jagger’s EBRO system does.  And, his betting system perfectly meshes with his bet selection so that you can win large amounts making small bets!


“The Jagger Formula has been a life saver for me.  I have been unemployed for the past ten months.  This is the first time I haven’t been working since I was 16. 

“I had just about exhausted my savings when you showed me the Formula.  In one month everything has changed.  I am now playing roulette four to five times a week and easily clearing $8,000 a week  

“Like I said – You have saved my life!”

Jay R. – Longview, Texas



Running The Wheel!

Jagger noticed a phenomena he called “Wheel Running.”  By wheel running he meant that the wheel goes into a pattern of repeating outcomes which are higher than random.  You and I might call this “catching a winning streak.”  Jagger called it Wheel Running and he added a special provision to his Formula to take advantage of running the wheel.

While many systems try to double up bets during winning streaks, Jagger recognized that these systems were risking too much and that a single loss could wipe out five or six winning bets.

Instead of using a conventional “doubling up” system Jagger developed a system that wins and locks up winnings as it goes.

This Could Be You Winning at Roulette!

See the Jagger Formula in Live Action!





He Called This System His Wheel Running System and Here Is How It Works – 

The Jagger Formula recognizes an upcoming winning streak and sets up Wheel Running betting.

This is a departure from his standard formula and is designed to maximize the profits from any winning streak without giving back winnings.

Like everything else used in Jagger’s approach to winning, Wheel Running is automatic.


As you play, you will know when a Wheel Running set up has occurred.  Then all you have to do is follow the special bets used in this mode of play.

Each bet is designed to add to your winnings at the fastest possible rate without running the risk of losing back your winnings.

Think of this like climbing a set of steps.  Instead of trying to leap to a second story in a second bound you take it a step at a time and get there efficiency and safely.

That’s how Wheel Running works.  While you can win unlimited amounts when the wheel is running, you will constantly be locking up profits as you go.  This is what Jagger called “a sane way to win a fortune.”


“I want to congratulate you on the Jagger Formula.  It is hard to believe that this is an old system because it just tears up online roulette. 

“I play in three of your recommended casinos, rotating play.  I have won $87,000 so far.  My daily goal is now $6,000 and I hit it every day with two hours play.”

Don V. – Spring Valley, California




The Power of the Quick Win!  

Jagger was well aware of what could happen if his team played too long.  That’s why he built automatic stopping spots into his system. 

While his original system used long runs of wagers to win, the Jagger Formula used short strings of highly refined bets.

As a result, his team members were never locked into playing for a long time.  If they felt any casino heat at all they could quickly wrap up a winning sequence and calmly walk away from the table a net winner before the bosses paid them much attention.

The ability to win with short runs of smaller bets is one of the strongest features of the Jagger Formula!

When you use this system, you will never get trapped into playing a long session.  In fact, it is highly unusual for any game to last more than 25 spins of the wheel.



Hitting and Locking Up Wins

The good news is that when you use the Jagger Formula you are going to win very fast.

The bad news is that as a result of winning super fast sometimes the games seem too short.

A perfect example of this is playing roulette online.   It is not unusual to complete a winning game every three to four minutes.  I don’t know about you, but I am not usually ready to quit after less than five minutes play.


The Jagger Formula has the perfect answer to this problem –

Anytime you win a game you can practice the procedure of Lock, Reset and Play On.

Here’s how this works –

Every time you hit Jagger’s recommended stop point for play, you will use a special procedure to Lock Up your profits.  Once you do this there is no risk whatsoever that you will lose them back to the casino.

That’s your first move.  You next move is to Reset the Formula to start position.  This is easily done. Then all you have to do is keep playing.

I have used this procedure many times and it is highly effective.  I have won as many as 18 games an hour playing online, barely pausing between winning games and locking up my profits as I played!


“I got the Jagger Formula package a week ago.  I have been playing using the player cards and the Automatic Bet Tracker.  And, I have been keeping a record of my play like you suggest. 

“So far, so good.  I have played 87 games.  Record – 87 wins, no losses.  Winnings = $14,953.”

Mike D. – Evansville, Indiana



Play Without Ever Losing Again!   

Here’s a fascinating fact that you can take to the bank!

In 4,825 documented roulette sessions using the Jagger Formula we never lost even one time!


This record was so good that we wondered if this would hold for even longer term play.

I asked a professor I knew to take at look at the system and at our win record.  His expertise is in statistics and probability theory, and I knew that he would give the Jagger Formula a thorough review.



Here’s What the Professor Found –

This system should lose about once every 10,000 plays.


Here’s how this works out for real world play –

The average number of spins to complete a game was just 22 spins.

If we calculate what the professor’s analysis could mean in actual play, we find that –

Theoretically, we should be losing one in every 455 games!


I think I can live with that.

However, I don’t think that we should ignore that this is a theoretical loss rate.

In actual play, our loss rate is zero.

Either way, the conclusion is the same –

Playing roulette using the Jagger Formula is the strongest winning proposition available today!


“The Jagger Formula is the best roulette system.  Over the years I have tried them all and nothing compares to this system’s performance. 

“Yesterday I played two hours and won $4,672.   And, this is typical.  I have not lost even one time with this system.”

Mace T. – Akron, Ohio




One Hour and 49 Minutes Online. . .

The Jagger Formula is a fast winner, especially when you play online   It is not unusual to wrap up a winning game every four minutes online!


Two nights ago I decided to see how long it would take me to play 25 games online. . .

I signed on to one of my favorite online casinos and starting playing. 

I started out making $25 bets which is our players’ most popular level for online play.

When you see how I did you will understand why so many players like to play at this level.

It took me one hour and 49 minutes to win 25 games.   I played against the European version of roulette, which only has one zero on the wheel and offers better odds than the American double-zero wheels.

Here’s what I did –

I played each game until I hit the recommended Profit Goal for this level of play or until I received a signal that I had played long enough and it was time to quit.

I kept careful track of my play so that I could review it later.

These games are summarized below –


Twenty-Five Games of Online 
Roulette Using the Jagger Formula



Amount Won

Cumulative Amount Won










































































































When you look at these games you will notice that I didn’t have any losses.  This is typical when you use the Jagger Formula.  Losses become a thing of the past.

Without the setback of losing games, my winnings advanced steadily.  I won $300 the first game and just kept adding to this amount as I completed game after winning game.

By the time I completed the last game I had won $5,380.  Since I played one hour and 49 minutes (109 minutes) this works out to winning $4.94 or about $5.00 a minute.

My hourly win rate was $2,961 an hour, which is terrific no matter how you look at it!

Just so we are clear on how I won $5,380 playing less than two hours – 

I played online in one of our favorite casinos (I’ll give you the name when you download the course).

I used $25 base bets the whole time.  If I had increased the size of my bets I could have won much more.

I played at a fairly fast rate which is typical for online play.  If anything, my play rate was a little slower than normal because I recorded every spin so that I would have a complete history of these games.


The critical point here is that – 

I wasn’t doing anything unusual.  I was playing roulette on a single-zero wheel in an online casino following the Jagger Formula.

In fact, my play was pretty much automatic.  If you had played against the same roulette spins at the same level of play, you would have won the exact same amount I did!


“Easiest money I ever made.  I play online roulette daily using the Jagger Formula.  My goal is to win $2,500 a day and I have never failed to reach it. 

“Thanks for a truly super system.”

Harry R. – Quincy, Illinois




How Fast You Win Depends on the Speed of the Game

Because there is no guesswork involved, the Jagger Formula delivers predictable winnings.

These winnings are so predictable that all you have to tell me is your level of betting and the speed of the game and I can tell you approximately how much you will win.

Land-based play is slower than online play.  In an American roulette game you can expect to have about 60 spins per hour.

In a slower European game you might have 30 spins per hour.


Online play offers much faster play rates.

Most of our players play at the rate of about 300 spins per hour online.  This may sound pretty fast, but once you experience how easy and automatic this system is you’ll quickly reach this speed.

As a rough measure, you can say that online games are four to five times faster than land-based games.


For blazing fast play you can’t beat online play.

And, if you like playing in live casinos, you’ll love consistently beating the roulette wheels using the Jagger Formula!


“I just came back from a trip to Las Vegas.  Thanks for giving me the information on where to find the single zero wheels.  I was there three days and came back $27,000 richer. 

“This is after paying for everything. I cleared $27,000 in profits.  Thanks for sharing the ‘formula’ with me.”

Larry R. – Santa Rosa, California




You Don’t Have to Bet Big to Win Big!

Have you got $36 to invest in a lifetime of winnings?

If you have $36 and are willing to follow the proven Jagger Formula, you have what it takes to win big!

With a $36 investment you will start out playing online games with minimum bets of 25¢.  Don’t scoff at this low betting amount. You won’t stay at this level more than an hour before you’ll be moving up to higher bets.

As a 25¢ player, you’ll bring in a tidy $29.51 an hour.

This is not a fortune, but it’s not bad either.

If you want to stop there you’ll have a nice side income. 

But, you probably won’t want to stay at this level very long.

As soon as you move up to making 50¢ bets you’ll get a raise to $59.02 an hour.


If someone offered you a part time job paying $60 an hour you’ve have to consider it, wouldn’t you?

Especially if your job was easy, legal and loads of fun!

But, you are not likely to be satisfied at this level when you can make so much more just by betting a little higher.

With online play, here’s what you can expect to make per hour as you increase the size of your wagers


Hourly Win Rates for Online Play

Base Bet

Hourly Net Winnings






















Now, you might be wondering how you can get up to the $1176, $1764 and especially the $2940 an hour win levels.

I’ve got you covered!


“The Jagger Formula is outstanding.  I have been using it for three weeks and I have not lost a game.  The profits just keep growing and growing. 

“I followed your step ladder plan in local casinos.  This week I moved up to $100 play and three hours a day is good for $7,000 to $8,000 daily profit.”

Mark B. – Waterloo, Indiana




The Jagger Formula Course Comes With a Complete Plan Showing You How to Start With As Little as $36 and Quickly Become a $2,940 An Hour Winner!

Many systems kind of ignore bankroll requirements when they are talking about how much you can win.

I recall reading one book on blackjack that explained how you might win as much as $2,500 a month.  This sounded pretty good until I read the fine print –

You would need a bankroll of at least $50,000 (and $100,000 was strongly recommended) to win this much!

If you were talking investing, then a return of $2,500 a month on a $100,000 investment would be a fair return.  However, as a return for playing roulette you can do much better!

All you have to do is follow a proven step-by-step plan that I will give you to turn $36 into an income of $2,940 an hour!


You can start out making 25¢ bets with a bankroll of $36. That’s your first step!

Then as your winnings build, just follow the steps to success!



Your first step will be to move up from making 25¢ to 50¢ bets.

Then you’ll move up to making $1 bets.

By now you will thoroughly understand the routine.

You can sit back and enjoy the ride as your profits grow like wildfire!

In what will seem like no more than a blink of the eye you’ll be making $2 bets and bringing in $235 an hour!


Then you’ll move up to making $3 bets and next $5 betting.  You may want to linger at the $5 level where you’ll average a highly desirable $588 an hour in net winnings.

But, if you are like most other players, you’ll want to complete the plan.

You’ll move up to $10 betting and pull in $1,176 an hour as easily as reading this report.

If you play three hours a day, you’ll net over $3,500 a day!  At this level you could “work” just three days a week and net over $10,000 a week!

But, since the plan has worked without fail so far, you decide to move up one more level and enjoy the fruits of your labor.  As a $15 bettor you’ll make $1,764 an hour!

[Please note that these winning amounts are based on long-term play and are very reliable.  While your short term winnings at this level might be $1725 to $1811 an hour, there is no doubt whatsoever if you follow Jagger Formula’s automatic winning system you will win close to $1,764 an hour as a $15 player!]


The next step will take you to $20 an hour betting where you’ll break the $2,000 an hour barrier and net a very neat $2,352 an hour.  Ten hours a week of play at this level will bring in over $23,000 a week! 


But, as much as you are enjoying this, destiny calls.  You must take the last step to enjoy the full benefits of the Jagger Formula.

You’ll move up to $25 betting and discover to your delight that everything I have told you is 100% true.  You will average winning a head spinning $2,940 an hour at this level!

Now, you may be thinking that there is some catch to this plan.  Maybe it will take months to accomplish this or your bankroll may go up and down.


Here’s the good news!

Because players using the Jagger Formula don’t lose, the odds are heavily in your favor that you won’t lose a single game on your climb to success.  

Without having to worry about losses pulling you down, you can complete this plan in just two days.



Let me repeat this so that it is absolutely clear –

Using the Jagger Formula you can start out with $36 playing online.  Then all you have to do is follow our proven Step-by-Step Plan to Success.  In two days you will have achieved a rock solid income of $2,940 an hour playing roulette online.


Perhaps, you just thought of the final possible catch –

What if you can only achieve this plan in some obscure online casino that no one knows about?

Relax.  You can win with the Jagger Formula in any of hundreds of casinos just waiting to be beaten!

What’s more, I will share with you, on a confidential basis, the names of the online casinos where we play and win extraordinary amounts without fear of losing!


We’ve got all of the bases covered.  The only way you can fail to succeed with this plan is to not try it.

And since your only risk is $36 to win $2,940 an hour, you will certainly want to give it a try!


“I made the decision yesterday to turn roulette pro.  That’s after using the Jagger Formula for the past five weeks.  My winnings hit $93,000 yesterday and that was the turning point.  I gave my notice at work and I have never felt better.  I am looking forward to high pay and the time to enjoy it.”

Vic S. – Lincoln, Nebraska




This Is Your Best Chance to Make a Whole Lot More While Working a Whole Lot Less!

Someone said that most people are too busy making a living to make any real money.

Does this sound familiar?

Does it seem like no matter how much you make it seems to just fritter away every month so that life feels like you are on a never-ending treadmill?

Even if you are able to put aside a little bit each month, you have to ask yourself “Is this as good as it gets?”

I have some good news for you

Your situation is just about to get a whole lot better!

One thing that is always true is that everyone can use more money.

And, that’s what playing roulette using the Jagger Formula is all about –

Making money in the safest and easiest way possible!


Are You Ready to Learn How to Win $3,000 an Hour?

If you’ve read enough and are ready to Get Started Instantly, Just Click Here!



Here’s How You Can Upgrade Your Life In the Fastest and Easiest Way Possible . . .

Money may not be the source of happiness, but the lack of money can sure cause a lot of misery.


Whether you need $2,000 or $25,000 a week more, here is the solution –

Just try the Jagger Formula.  You can try it on a No Risk Trial Basis and prove that is really works.  There is really nothing else you could try that comes close to the performance of this strategy with so little downside!



Here’s a bet I’ll make with you –

Once you experience the thrill of winning at roulette with NO LOSSES I know that you will be 100% sold on this strategy just like I am.

If you like, you can immediately start making $25 bets online and pulling in $2,940 an hour.

But, as you just saw, you don’t need to risk much to get going.  Like other successful players you can turn an investment of just $36 into an income of $2,940 an hour in just two days!

Even if you only reach the $10 betting level, you’ll win $1,176 an hour.  If you put in 15 hours a week of “work” at this level, you’ll net $17,640 a week!


“The Jagger Formula exceeds all expectations.  I have yet to lose a single game with this system.”

Mel M. – Parker, Arizona



Here’s What to Expect When You Use the Jagger Formula –

The comment I hear over and over from players using the Jagger Formula is how relaxing it is to play roulette using the formula.

This is not the kind of comment made by most gamblers.  Most gamblers experience emotional highs and lows and the last word they would ever use to describe the experience is “relaxing.”


However, let’s take at look at what you will be doing using the Jagger Formula –

You will be playing with a tested and proven system developed by one of the most recognized “roulette geniuses of all time.”

You will be able to play automatically with no hesitation about making the right play for every single bet!

You will have a system developed to control risk and prevent losses that works so well that we have never experienced a loss using this system.

And, unlike other systems which require large bankrolls to win small amounts, you will be turning a tiny bankroll into huge winnings using a Formula that has never failed!



Here’s What You’ll Get When You Download This Amazing Winning System!

  • You’ll get the complete theory behind this strategy so that you will understand why it is such a powerful winner.  You’ll get lots of examples of how this strategy is used to play and win at roulette.

  • You’ll get a lot more than one person’s opinion of how to win at roulette!  You’ll get a complete winning system which has been used by real people to win real money in real roulette play!

  • You’ll discover how you can start playing and winning without having to observe, track or write anything down.  You won’t have to look for special situations.  With the Jagger Formula’s ability to adjust on the run all you have to do is start playing.  The Formula will automatically direct your play after that!

  • You will able to play and win wherever roulette is offered.  This system has been tested against both online and land-based games.  It has beaten both single and double zero wheels. It has won at all betting levels from 25¢ to $500 betting levels.  We can say with complete confidence that you will be able to win wherever you play!

  • You won’t need much money to play and win!  You can get started with just $36 and in two days be winning close to $3,000 an hour!   We even include a Step-by-Step plan showing you exactly how to do this!

  • You won’t take long to master the Jagger Formula.  Even though it is a sophisticated self-adjusting system, it is not hard to use.  The course comes with a complete set of Player Cards covering betting levels from 25¢ to $500 betting levels.  To win all you have to do is take the card with you and match your play to the instructions on the card!


“Until I got your system I had always played slots.  You showed me how easy it is to win at roulette and I decided to try it.

“That was two weeks ago.  I am up over $17,000 and now I see how silly I was to waste all that time and money playing slots.  The Jagger Formula is truly amazing.”

Connie L – Marshfield, Wisconsin



Here’s How One Beginner Did Using the Jagger Formula

Lee is not a gambler.  As he has told me on more than one occasion he works too hard to risk his money gambling.

However, recently Lee shared a problem with me.  He had fallen three months behind on his mortgage.  He had gotten a foreclosure notice in the mail.

He started out asking me if I had any ideas about how he might make money online.  He knows that I have run an online business for years and like so many people he has gotten the idea that making money with an online business is really easy.

I listened to some of his ideas for a while and then I stopped him.  I had just completed our extensive testing of the Jagger Formula and I had experienced first hand the power of the strategy.

I mentioned playing roulette online as a business opportunity.  He started out by stating his objections to gambling.  However, I continued to talk and answer his questions.


By the time I had finished I think that Lee had gotten a grip on his two major fears about gambling –

He didn’t know how to play most games and he didn’t want to look foolish and

He really had a fear of losing money.

I explained why gambling online using the Jagger Formula would be perfect for him.

I told him how he could play in free practice mode and learn how to win with no money at risk.

Then I showed him how he could get started with just $36 and quickly move up to winning close to $3,000 an hour.


He was still hesitant.  Finally, I tricked him into playing.  I handed him two twenties and told him I wanted him to do some additional testing of the Jagger Formula.

This seemed to change his attitude.  Once it became a business deal where he was doing a little work for me and he could keep all of the winnings while I put up the front money, he really couldn’t come up with any more objections.


So he put the plan to work

That was a eight days ago.  I meet with Lee for coffee yesterday to see how he had done.

He proudly showed me the work he had done, recording his play in a log book I had given him.


However, my real interest was in how he had done.  So I asked him,

“Did you make any money testing this strategy.”

Lee shook his head and said “Not too much,” then pulled out a check he had just received.

He handed the check over to me.  It was for $21,300 from one of the online casinos I had recommended.

He was smiling now and he stuck out his hand. “Thanks for getting me into this.  You have just saved my life.”

I nodded, sipped my coffee and then asked him.  “I know you don’t like gambling.  Are you going to play any more or is this a one time thing?”

He looked at me like I was crazy.  “Why would I stop when I am just getting going?  Of course I am going to keep playing.”

When the waitress came Lee took the check.  I didn’t argue with him.


“The Jagger Formula is the best.  In the past month I have moved from $5 to $100 betting.   Two hours play nets me $5,000 for the day. Best of all, the casino is showering me with comps.  If you need a room at the Peppermill just call me.”

Will G. – Reno, Nevada



Here’s What You’ll Get When You Download the Jagger Formula  . . .

Once you decide to discover the thrill and high rewards of No-Loss Roulette Play using the Jagger Formula, here’s what I’ll send you –

The Jagger Formula Manual.  This manual has everything you need to turn the Jagger Formula into your personal Fortune Builder!  It is set up so that beginners can easily follow it.  However, it reveals all of the advanced play to turn you into an Instant Winning Roulette Pro!

A Complete Set of Player Cards.  This course comes with a set of Player Cards for levels of play ranging from 25¢ bets all the way up to $500 bets.  To play flawlessly, just pick out the card for your level of play and set it next to you when you play.  All of our players use these cards and they guarantee flawless play from your first bet onward!

The Step-by-Step Fortune Builder.  This is the same plan our players have used over and over with 100% success.  To use it all you have to do is put up $36 in total risk money and follow the steps to success.  You will start out making 25¢ bets and quickly move up to making $25 bets and winning $2,940 an hour.  This is the best way ever created to quickly and safely get on the path to winning a fortune!

The Jagger Formula Automatic Bet Tracker.  As easy as it is to use the Jagger Formula, the Automatic Bet Tracker makes it even easier.  All you have to do to play automatically is set the Automatic Bet Tracker for your level of play and then start playing automatically.  One player said, “Using the Jagger Formula Automatic Bet Tracker makes winning so easy that you almost feel sorry for the casinos.”

But, there’s even more –


If You Order by , You’ll Get These Incredible Bonuses –


Bonus #1 Jagger Formula Playing Cards (a $40 Value).

The Jagger Formula Winning Program includes a complete set of Jagger Formula Player cards!

Each Player Card will give you all of the information you need to play and win at that level of play.

You can take these pocket-sized cards with you when you play.

This makes winning as easy as glancing at your card for the next wager!


Bonus #2 – The Jagger Formula Automatic Bet Tracker (an $40 Value).

Your first step before beginning play will be to set the Automatic Bet Tracker for your level of play.  Once you do, the Automatic Bet Tracker will –

·         Keep track of each of your Formula Bets.

·         Give you the exact amount to bet on each spin.

·         Show you where to place each bet.

·         Keep track of your winnings.

·         Show you when it's time to lock-up another win!


Bonus #3 How to Play Roulette Like a Pro (a $40 Value). 

You’ll learn the ins and outs of roulette play including extensive coverage of both the American and European versions of roulette. 

Every roulette bet is covered in detail including how to make the bet and what the payoffs are. 

Even if you are a roulette pro, you will find this manual an invaluable source of roulette facts!  


Bonus #4 Ultimate Guide to Las Vegas Roulette! (a $40 Value).  

Las Vegas has more roulette tables than any other city in the world.  This guide will show you where they are.  

The locations of the best roulette games are revealed. 

This guide will give you the information you need to find and play the most profitable games in Las Vegas!


Bonus #5 Worldwide Locations of Single Zero Roulette Wheels (a $40 Value)

Whenever possible you should play on single-zero wheels instead of American double zero wheels.

Single-zero wheels are easy to find online and in Europe.  However, do you know where to find single-zero wheels in Las Vegas?

What about Reno?

Or in Indiana?

Or Louisiana?

Or Mississippi?

Or even New Mexico?

We’ll show you where the single-zero wheels are hidden in the US, Canada, the Bahamas, Malaysia, New Zealand and a whole lot of other locations!

This is the same insider information that the pros use before they play.  You’ll use it too!


Bonus #6 – Jagger Formula’s Best Online Casinos (a $40 Value)

This is the Ultimate List of where we play and win using the Jagger Formula!

These casinos are not only the most profitable ones, but also the ones that are the easiest to work with!

If any of our players had had any problems whatsoever with the casino, we cut it from our list. 

We took at hard look at the type of software used in each casino.

We determined which software offered us the best chances of winning. 

We even compared notes on what it was like to deal with each casino.  

Could we get in touch with a real human being if we had a problem or a question?  

How fast did they answer emails?    

Could we talk to someone on the phone?


In addition to winning in these casinos we also took a look at the “Quality” of our wins. 

Were we able to win consistently?

How large were our wins?

And finally, we asked the million-dollar question –

When we won, how hard was it to get our winnings paid to us?

We didn’t cut the casinos any slack.  Only the casinos which met or surpassed our requirements of high profitability, friendliness and absolute integrity are included in this handpicked list!

What's more, because my players and I have played there before you and have won and been paid, you can be very sure that when you play and win, you will be treated fairly and quickly have your winnings sent to you whenever you request them.   

This is like no information ever compiled about online casinos before. It is a brutally honest review from the viewpoint of persons who must rely on these casinos to be 100% fair and honest in all of their dealings with players.  

This information is priceless. But, it is my gift to you to make sure that you only play in the best online casinos!

Bonus #7 –
Jagger Formula’s High Limit Online Casinos (a $40 Value)

There are a few High Limit online casinos that offer roulette games with $500 or even higher betting limits.  We have several of our players who regularly play in these casinos and consistently win from $14,000 to as high as $37,000 every week!  

Let me give you an example of why this information is critical if you want to move up to professional level online play – 

In an online game allowing $500 maximum bets you can make $1,764 an hour using the Jagger Formula!

And in casinos accepting $2,000 maximum bets you can win as high as $5,880 an hour!


This is obviously the big time as far as roulette play goes.  Once you have this exclusive insider information, these kinds of winnings will be as close as your home computer.  


Once you know the names of three of the top rated High Roller Casinos I am going to reveal to you, you can easily move up to the $40,000 a week income levels. 


One of these casinos will match your deposits 100% up to a maximum of $5,000. 


Playing here is the easiest way I know to pick up a quick and easy $5,000!

Another of these casinos will accept wagers as high as $10,000 for roulettte.  Play here and you can easily win $100,000 a week using the Formula!


The third casino is a favorite with US players because it offers generous bonuses and accepts just about any kind of action you like.


This is pro level information that you can use to win a fortune playing online!


Bonus #8
The U.S. Casino Directory (a $40 Value)

This Directory includes the major casinos in the United States.

Our select picks include casinos in –

·       Atlantic City • Chicago  • Detroit • The Gulf Coast • Iowa  • Lake Tahoe  • Downtown Las Vegas • Locals’ Casinos in Las Vegas • Las Vegas Strip Casinos • Laughlin • Missouri  • Native American casinos in the Midwest • Native American casinos in the Northeast • Native American casinos in the South and West • New Orleans • Reno • Shreveport-Bossier City • Indiana • Tunica and Vicksburg

If you want to play roulette in a land-based casino in the United States, this is the number one guide showing exactly where to play!


Bonus #9 – The Absolute Best Online Roulette Casino (a $40 Value)

This casino will become your number one choice of where to play and win at online roulette. Here’s just some of what you’ll find when we share our number one pick –

·         This casino offers the best online odds for roulette and is backed by one of the best online software companies. You won’t find any online roulette games that are fairer or that offer better odds of winning than these.

·         This casino offers no-hassle practice games. You don’t have to register or download anything, just click on your browser and start playing. And, you can always practice more, with no money risked, even after you start playing for real!

·         This casino offers the best online support – bar none! Not only can you reach the casino personnel easily by email, they answer their phones quickly. And, here is a critical point – they don’t out-source their support. Here, the in-house staff is knowledgeable and understands gambling and roulette.  I know you will appreciate the difference.

·         This casino not only accepts US players, it welcomes them. And, this casino is not in some third world country – it is headquartered in Canada. If you live in the US and are frustrated by restrictions on US customers – try this one – I know you will like it!

·         You’ll get a 10% signup bonus when you decide to play here. And, there is no limit to the size of the bonus. If you want to deposit $10,000, you’ll get a $1,000 bonus. And, when you play roulette using the formidable Jagger Formula, all of your play counts towards you earning your bonus. This is a straight-forward and out-and-out great bonus program!

·         The casino is full service. It offers the best of casino games and of course, superior roulette.  But, it also has a world renowned sportsbook. And, if you like poker, you will love their online poker rooms. What’s more, one deposit and one account is all you need to participate in all of these activities.

·         You can pick up $500 Free at this casino. I thought I would save the best for last. What a great way to get started as a roulette entrepreneur. Just sign on here, win a bundle using the Jagger Formula and pick up an extra $500 for your trouble. We’ll show you how!


Bonus #10 – The Roulette Ladder – How to Turn $36 Into an Income of 3,000 an Hour! (an $80 Value)

Have you got $36 you can risk?

If you do and are willing to follow a proven plan you can turn $36 into a $3,000 an hour income!

You’ll do this by following the Roulette Ladder!

We have set up a series of steps you can take that will lead you quickly and safely to making $3,000 an hour!

In fact, we have two complete plans waiting for you!

You can follow our Online Plan to Riches and easily turn $36 into an unstoppable $3,000 an hour income in One Day!

This is the fastest wealth plan we have ever seen!

What’s more, there is nothing theoretical about.

All you have to do is pick one of our top online casinos and then follow the plan.

If you are about average you will grow your bankroll to the level where you can win $3,000 your first day.

Then, from the next day on, you will be able to win $3,000 an hour as long as you like.


We Also Offer a Proven Plan for Land-based Play.

Because land-based play is slower this play will take you a little longer – about 15 hours playing time.

Our land-based plan assumes that you start out as a $5 bettor and then just climb our bankroll ladder as you win.

Fifteen hours after you start you will be able to win $3,000 an hour in land-based play!

Are you a little skeptical that these plans really work –

Here’s what David S. from Norwalk, Connecticut experienced -

“I just completed your Step-by-Step plan.  I started with $50 and followed the steps.  I took me time and in three days I was at the $25 betting level.

“Surprise, surprise.  Your plan really does work.  And, I really am winning $3,000 an hour.  Thanks for delivering the real thing!”

Many players have been successful climbing our Roulette Ladder. There is no question that it works!  I have no doubt that you will be just as successful setting up your own $3,000 an hour income!  


Special Extra Bonus!

Red-Hot Online Gambling Expose!

Online Gold!  Beat
the Online Casinos!

(an $80 Value)


You’ve heard that online gambling casinos can be beaten.  We show you exactly how to not only beat the online casinos, but to win a fortune quickly and safely!

You’ll start by learning how to pick the best online casinos.

Then you learn about the best online games to play.

You’ll discover how to turn online bonuses into a powerful source of cash that will be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to you!

Then we'll reveal the same casinos where we play and win.


But, there’s more!

We’ll reveal everything you need to know about –

Online Blackjack

Online Craps

Online Roulette

Online Baccarat

Online Video Poker

We’ll even give you a complete record-keeping guide you’ll use to keep track of your online winnings!


But then we take the ultimate step –

We reveal the Top 25 Online Casinos picked by winning players!

These are the same casinos where we play and win. 

This information alone is worth is weight in gold because these are the casinos where you can safely use the Jagger Formula to win and keep thousands of dollars.


But, we’re still not done!

We unlocked the best group of Secret Codes for picking up thousands of dollars in Extra Bonuses from our Top 25 Casinos!

You’ll get the code you can use to pick up an extra $777 just for asking.

We’ll give you the $600 bonus code at another top ranked casino!

We reveal the secret instructions you can use to pick up another $1,000 absolutely free! 

But, this isn’t all –

You get the Secret Code to yet another Top Picked Casino that will be worth $4,000 to you!

Then we’ll reveal the Hidden Bonus Code that will be worth $7,777 to you!


But, we’re still not done –

You’ll also get the Secret Code that will be worth $10,000 to you!


Altogether these Codes will be worth over $50,000 in Instant Bonuses!

And, you’ll get our Secret List of the Top 25 Online Casinos Where You Can Safely Play, Win and Prosper.

You can use this information to Instantly Start Winning Thousands of Dollars a Day using the Jagger Formula in our Top 25 Casinos!

Don’t even think about gambling online until you have Online Gold!  Beat the Online Casinos!

Instant Access to 
Online Gold!  Beat the Online Casinos!



How Much Is a $3,000 an Hour System Worth?

We really don’t know how much more Joseph Jagger made on his second run against the casino in Monte Carlo using his Secret Formula. 

If this run were like his first run he must have made millions in additional winnings.

What we do know is that even though the Jagger Formula is close to 140 years old it is still one of the most powerful ways ever developed to beat every version of roulette tested today.


What’s more, we never lost even one game in 4,824 games played against real casinos!

Based on an analysis made by a statistics and probability expert we calculated that we might lose once in every 455 games.  But, the reality is we haven’t lost yet!


Once I saw how effective the Jagger Formula is I decided to keep this system to myself.

Why should I go to the trouble of setting up a web site and releasing copies of this system when I can win $3,000 an hour as easily as reading email?

I got the answer from my friend Lee.  After showing him the system he was so grateful that he bought me a painting I had admired and wanted for years.  He knew I wouldn’t accept money from him, but that I might accept his gift.

I did accept his gift and I read the note attached to the painting –

He thanked me for helping him get back on his feet and at the end he wrote –

“Don’t forget that there are others who need help just like I did.”

That struck a chord with me.  That’s when I decided to share the Jagger Formula.

And, I am not going to charge anywhere near what it is worth.

I have decided to release the complete Jagger Formula Program for just $499.97. (See Below).  This is thousands less than what this program is worth.  But, for a Limited Time, I can offer you an even better deal –


I am going to give you the chance to get the most amazing roulette strategy available today at a huge 80% discount!

If you order by , you can get the Complete Jagger Formula Package for Just $99.97!



This program comes with my complete "No Questions Asked" One Year Guarantee. Instead of your typical 30-day money back guarantee, you have up to a year to use this powerhouse package any way you want –

·         You can play roulette from home and instantly set up a daily income of $5,000 a day!

·         You can play roulette in any land-based casino and simply blow the game away.

·         You can vacation in Las Vegas and pay for everything out of your roulette winnings.


Feel free to use the strategy any way you like for a FULL YEAR.

Now comes the truly amazing part of this No Nonsense Guarantee –

If you don’t win at least $25,000 using the Jagger Formula, just email me and I’ll send you a complete refund of your purchase price. 

I will stand behind this no matter how much you make off the strategy.

If you only make $24,999 please ask me for a refund. But, I’ll go one step further –

If you don’t feel that you’ve gotten at least one hundred times your money’s worth with this amazing rock-solid profit producer, just ask me for a refund.

I can make this strong guarantee because –

I know that if you only give this Unique Winning Formula a chance, you will be delighted with the results.

So that’s the deal. Just try out the Jagger Formula and discover how easy it is to turn $36 into an income of almost $3,000 an hour!

If you don’t make at least $25,000 or are unhappy with it for any reason, just let me know and I will make sure that you get a prompt and courteous refund!




I Am Confident That Once You Get the Jagger Formula You Too Will Quickly Be Making $3,000 an Hour Playing Roulette!

There is really no downside to trying this strategy.  Getting the Jagger Formula is like getting the key to the casino.

Joseph Jagger did the research almost 140 years ago.

Then we discovered his secret system and tested it against all versions of modern roulette.

There is no doubt whatsoever that this system will work for you,` too!


And, you can try it out without risk.  This superb program is100% guaranteed to perform and is even backed up by my $25,000 Performance Guarantee!

The only way you can lose with this strategy is to miss your chance to try it.


Yours for gaining the unstoppable edge of Jagger’s powerful Self-Adjusting Power Formula,

Martin J Silverthorne



P.S.  Here is your chance to gain a proven roulette strategy that has never lost a single session!

If you act by ,  you’ll get the complete program, including an outstanding set of bonuses with complete instructions on how to win $3,000 an hour, all for the REDUCED PRICE of just $99.97!



P.P.S.  This is one of the easiest ways to win a fortune I have ever seen.  It works exactly  as presented in this report.

You can use this strategy without fear of losing and literally win at fortune by following the Jagger Formula.

Even though this is an old strategy, it is one of the slickest ways ever created to beat modern roulette.

It is tested, perfected and ready for your use.  Now it is up to you.  All you have to do is try it!




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