Knockout Craps

Turn $60 Into Winnings of 
$2,252 an Hour Without Fail!

"Knockout Craps is the Best New Craps System in the Last 50 Years!"


“Knockout Craps – Best New 
Craps System in the Last Fifty Years!”

Anyone who can follow a few simple betting rules can learn how to turn $60 into a Blistering $2,252 an Hour income as solid as the Rock of Gibraltar!


Knockout Craps uses an ingenious combination of bets that turn every craps game into a player favorable game.

Even players who have never played the game are quickly learning how to win $5,000 a day at craps!

And, they are doing it with a system that is so good that it has never lost!



Urgent Message to My Friends and Clients:  Knockout Craps is So Good That Anyone Who Uses It Is Going to Win a Fortune Playing Craps!



From:  Martin J Silverthorne


Knockout Craps is now the number one craps system!

It’s easy to see why-

Anyone who uses it will easily beat every version of craps offered today.

It doesn’t matter whether you play craps online or in a land-based game.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a $1 bettor of a $100 bettor

What I can tell you is that once you learn this fantastic new way of playing craps, you are going to win a lot!



If You Have $60 You Have Enough to Win $2,252 an Hour Playing Craps!

We just finished six months of grueling testing of Knockout Craps.  Here’s just part of what we discovered –

It doesn’t take much money to win a fortune playing craps!  You can get started with just $60!

While $60 is not much money it doesn’t matter –  We’ll show you how to turn $60 into $2,252 an hour in winnings – in just 13 hours

You can easily win $25,000 a week playing craps part time.  And you can win much more if you turn pro!

Using Knockout Craps you will dominant every craps game – no matter what the dice are doing!


Forget everything you think you know about craps play.  Winning the game is not about lucky shooters, placing and pulling bets, timing your bets or casing tables.

When you use Knockout Craps you will be using the deadliest craps system ever devised. 

The casino bosses hate it and there is not a thing they can do to stop players from winning every time they play!

Start Out By Gaining an Advantage Over the Game On Every Dice Roll!

Do you know where the best bets in the casino are?

They are on the craps table.


Only craps offers Free Odds Bets

These bets are remarkable because they offer the chance to play with no house vig!


However, most players don’t know how to take real advantage of these bets.

You’ll see pass line players back up a pass line bet with odds or sometimes even double odds.

Once in a while a don’t pass bettor will lay odds.  These players usually bet larger amounts and are usually very quiet because they are betting against the majority of players.

These are two ways of playing odds bets.

And, both of them are wrong!



Casinos Are So Confident That Players Don’t Know How to Really Make Odds Bets That They Now Offer Double, Triple and Even Five Times Odds.

Chances are you walked by a craps table that was offering five or even ten times odds.

Or, you played online in a game offering at least double odds.

But, most players don’t really know how to use these bets to full advantage and the casino bosses think they are safe. 

While players may look for a table offering five times odds they are clueless as to how to take full advantage of the casinos’ generosity!



Advantage Betting Turns Odds Betting Into a Way of Gaining and Keeping a Permanent Edge Over the Casinos!

The foundation of Knockout Craps is setting up Advantage Bets on every round of craps play.


What are Advantage Bets you wonder?

They are a unique combination of bets that use odds bets to gain an edge over the house every time they are used!

These Advantage Bets are almost never seen at the craps table.

Yet, for the few players who know how to make them, they offer the key to turning what was previously a high-risk game into a source of constant profits.

In fact, once you learn how to set up the Advantage Combo Bet you will never lose at craps again!



With Advantage Combo Betting, Every Bet You Make Is Always Favored to Win!

Advantage Combo Betting is based on using the Free Odds bet – the only wager in the casino with no house edge

It sandwiches this bet in a unique three-bet combo!  And, it takes full advantage of multiple odds!

The result is that once you set this bet up, you will always have an edge over the house.

And, I am not talking about a theoretical edge!

You can show this bet to any mathematician who understands craps, and once he analyzes the bet he will agree that you will always have an edge over the house!



You’ll Not Only Play at an Advantage Over the House, You’ll Play With a Sizable Advantage.

Craps is a math game.  You may not have realized it, but the mathematics of the game has a lot to do with whether you win or loose.

Smart players know the good bets from the bad ones.  For example, making a Field Bet with its vig of 5.5% is not as good a bet as making a Pass Line bet with a casino edge of just 1.41%.

Expert players avoid the higher vig bets and yet they still have a hell of time of beating the game.

While the small differences in the house advantage are important, they pale in comparison to the edge that Advantage Bets give you!



While an Edge of Just 1.41% is Good, You’re Still Giving the Edge to the House!

Conventional craps strategy talks in terms of how low the house edge is.  Thus, giving the house an edge of only 1.41% is considered pretty good.

However, with Advantage Betting the concept of house edge is turned upside down!


Here’s why I say this –

With Advantage Betting, you will gain a consistent edge over the house.

Instead of talking about how much you give up to the house, you will be talking about how large an edge you gain over the house!


Now think about this-

With conventional craps play expert players have a decent chance of winning when they keep the house edge against them under two percent.

However, even making the best bets they are still going to give up an edge to the house on every bet.



Now, Let’s Analyze What Happens With Advantage Betting!

With Advantage Betting the house won’t have an edge.  The edge shifts from the house to the player.

The size of the advantage to the players varies by how the Advantage Combo Bet is set up.

How it is set up is determined by dice rolls which aren’t controllable.

But, even though we don’t know what our advantage will be in advance of setting up our bets, we do know that we will always have an edge over the house.



Our Lowest Edge Over the House Is Still a 16.67% Advantage!

The lowest house edge we will have with our Advantage Combo Bet is 16.67%!  Let’s compare this with a Pass Line Bet which only gives up 1.41% to the house and is considered a great bet.

With our lowest house edge of 16.67%, we will still have an edge almost 12 times greater than what the casino has with a Pass Line bet.


But, we can do even better than this –

A different Advantage Bet Combo will give us an edge of 33.3% over the house.  This edge is almost 24 times larger than the house edge on a pass line bet.


But, the best is yet to come –

Our final Advantage Combo Bet give us an edge of 50% over the house.  This is not a misprint.  We will have an edge 48 times greater than the house edge of a pass line bet


Advantage Bets Always Gain an Edge Over the House!

Advantage bets use a unique three-bet combo to gain an edge over house. And, once you set up this bet 

You are guaranteed to have an edge over the house with each bet!


What’s more 

When you use Advantage Betting you will have the odds in your favor with every dice roll

Your advantage will range from 16.67% to 50% over the house with every Advantage Bet!




Let Me Tell You a Little More About This Bet –

This bet does not use any hedge bets.

No long-shot single-roll bets are used.

You won’t be making hop bets or any kinds of proposition bets as part of the Advantage Bet Combo.


Advantage Betting is not a variation of the pass line plus odds system.

Nor is it a lay bet system.

It doesn’t use any come bets.

Or don’t come bets.

It doesn’t rely on making place bets.

Or field bets.

You won’t be making put bets.


You won’t have to give the dealer elaborate instructions to make these bets.

You’ll be able to place the chips for each bet yourself!

The bets you will make are not particularly exotic or unusual.

However, the way you will make them is very unusual.

I have played craps for thirty years, and I have never seen anyone make an Advantage Combo Bet.

But now the Advantage Combo Bet is a fact of life.  And, it is a fact that the casinos would prefer to live without!



It Took Someone Who Was New To Craps to Create the Advantage Combo Bet!

I’ve been a craps player since I discovered the game on a business trip to Las Vegas over thirty years ago.

Craps has been my favorite casino game for a long time.  It is more intriguing than other games and offers many different ways to win.

Eight Months ago Lee F. came to my house for a party.  After the meal we got to talking about craps.  Two years ago I had showed Lee how to play craps on my home craps table and now he wanted to show me his new bet.

Because I’ve played craps so long I wasn’t prepared for what Lee showed me.

He placed chips in spots A and B.  He rolled the dice.  Then he set up a bet in spot C.

I looked at the bets. “This is interesting.  Let’s roll the dice.”

We rolled the dice and the bet won.  We set it up and it won again.  And again.  Finally, he lost the bet.

“Now what?” I asked.


“Watch,” he said.  He set up another three-bet combo to recoup the loss from his last bet.  He quickly won again.

We played for over an hour.  Lee won close to $1,000.  Of course we were playing for fun, but we were playing according to real rules on a real craps table.

I asked Lee if he had used his bet much in real casinos.



Lee Told Me The Rest of the Story . . .

Lee is a computer programmer and it seems to me that he has always done pretty well.

That’s why I was shocked when he told me he had quit work.

“I quit about three months ago.  My company couldn’t get any money to expand and without growth there wasn’t much left for me to do.  So I resigned.”

I nodded expecting him to tell me about another high tech company where he was working or even some kind of free lance work.  What I wasn’t expecting is what he said next.

“I have been playing craps for about three months now.  I’ve been using the same system I just showed you.”


It took a while for this to soak in.  

Then I started asking him questions.

Lee had been playing craps in two different local casinos about four or five days a week.

“My goal has been to clear $10,000 a week.”


I asked him how he had done.

“I have won over $10,000 a week for twelve straight weeks.”


He talked more about his play.

He explained how he liked to play in the early afternoon when the tables were uncrowded and the games were fairly fast.

He would generally wrap up his work about 4:30, have a beer in the casino lounge, then call his wife and see if she wanted him to pick up anything on the way home.

I shook my head.  “It sounds like you’ve set up your craps play just like a job.”

He nodded back.  “You’re right.  And, it’s the best job I ever had.



Lee and I Worked Out a Deal

Lee and I worked out a deal to our mutual advantages.

I would test his system, make sure that it held up over long-term use and then release it to my best clients if the system passed all of the tests.

Lee would keep control over the distribution and share in the profits.

It seemed like a fair deal.  I had just assembled a team of testers when I had a surprise –



I Discover the Power of Roving Betting!

I had just gotten my players set up testing Advantage Betting.

Then I got a call from one of my long-term players.  Jess T. started playing craps over ten years ago.  I used to see him in the casinos, then I sort of lost track of him.


Jess brought me up to date.

He had gotten interested in playing craps online.  I couldn’t imagine why anyone would pick online craps over the excitement of a live game.

Jess explained.  “Enjoying the game had nothing to do with my decision to specialize in online craps.  It was strictly based on profits.”

I told him he had said the magic words and he had my full attention.



Jess Had Discovered That Online Craps Has a Flaw in the Game

When Jess first started playing online craps, he was frustrated because it seldom had long winning streaks like live craps.

I commented.  “This is another way of saying that hot tables are hard to find online.”

He agreed.  “Exactly.  At first I couldn’t win as often as I wanted then I got to thinking that there has to be a way to take advantage of games that don’t often develop long trends.

I leaned forward because I had studied the same issues.  “So what did you do? 

“I developed a new way of betting.  I use two bets which bounce all over the place.  However, in the end they always win!”



I Learned About Jess’s New Way of Beating Craps Using Roving Bets.

“Roving bets are bets which automatically adjust to any conditions at craps.”

“So they work well in choppy games, right?”

He nodded in agreement.  “Exactly.  And, that’s just what I wanted -  A betting system that would beat the choppy online craps games.”



I Was Floored By Jess’s Demo

Even though I had just launched testing for Advantage Betting I was not going to let another way of winning slip by.

Jess gave me a quick demo of Roving Betting.

Jess played eleven quick games online.


His score –

11 Solid Wins

0 Losses


I asked him if he had ever lost.

“About once in every 98 games,” He grinned.  I thought he was kidding.  Later on I learned that his system could easily be turned into a 100% No Loss System.



The Next Day I Decided to Try Out Roving Betting in a Live Craps Game.

While Jess was explaining how Roving Betting worked, I couldn’t help but think that if it worked online it would work just as well in a live craps game.


This was my thinking –

Even though live craps may develop stronger streaks than online craps, it is almost as choppy. Over the long haul I didn’t think there would be much difference for a system which would automatically follow any trend.


I bought in for $500 and played craps for an hour using Roving Bets.

This is a really easy system to use.  You will only make two bets and the bets will change as the table conditions change.

It is simple to use because there is no bet tracking, table casing or evaluation of shooters.

All you have to do is set up the bets and wait.  The outcome will tell you how to bet next.


I easily won $223 over the next hour.

This system seemed just as solid as Jess had represented.  I decided it needed a long-term test.



Roving Betting is a True Powerhouse System!

Roving Betting is just as unconventional as the Advantage Bet Combo.  This system is designed to automatically adjust to choppy tables.

However, it does just as well on strongly trending tables.


To use it is as simple as just observing what happened on the last dice roll.

The dice rolls will tell you how to bet.

You won’t have to write anything down.

Or skip bets.

Or evaluate shooters.

The dice will tell you everything you need to know.

Then all you have to do is set up your bets and start winning!


Roving Bets Always Find 
the Trends in Craps and Then Win!

Roving Bets consist of two Key Bets with special timing and sizing rules.

These bets win on every type of table!

If the shooter makes his point, this system wins.

If the shooter sevens out, this system can win.

If the table is choppy, this system will win.

Even though this system is very powerful, it is easy to learn and use since it consists of making two simple bets!

These Key Bets open the door to unlimited craps profits in every game offered today!  




Roving Betting Is Not Your Father’s Craps System

Roving Betting falls into the category of being a scientific system.

Instead of using a predetermined betting system, it lets the table tell you how to bet.

Because it follows what the table is doing not what the player wants it to do, it wins on every kind of table.

It is great on choppy tables.

But, it is also a winner on trending tables.


In fact, no matter what the dice do this system will catch the current trend and make money off it.

It is not like any craps system you have ever seen!

It is not an old timer’s system.

In fact, it was developed to defeat online craps which didn’t exist twenty years ago.

And, even though it was created for online craps it works just as well in land-based games.


It is not a system based on a Martingale progression. 

It is not a variation of d’Alembert or the Cancellation System.

It does not require tracking decisions.

And, without tracking or casing or skipping bets it wins at craps 100% of the time!



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where as max1957@aol or max1957 are INCORRECT)




Even Though Roving Bets Beat the Tar Out of Craps, They Are Very Easy to Learn and Use!

Many systems which try to follow dice trends get very complicated.

They require you to change betting modes or use some special series of bets if certain events happen.  

Roving Betting is nothing like that.

It never changes modes.

It doesn’t change from one betting style to another.

And, even though it rolls over every craps game, it is really easy to learn.

I taught this system to a 12-year old who caught on in ten minutes.


However, even though it is easy to learn it is not a conventional craps system –

It is not based on making Pass Line or Don’t Pass bets.

It doesn’t rely on taking or laying odds.

It doesn’t use lay bets or field bets.

It doesn’t rely on any one-roll bets.

It doesn’t use Hardway or Any Craps bets.

You will never make a Place Bet with this system.


There is no unusual betting combo needed – just two critical bets.

It is not a system requiring you to make and pull bets.

It is not based on using any hedge bets.

You will never have to qualify a shooter or case a table.

It has nothing to do with finding hot tables.

Or, finding cold tables.


It uses two Key Bets which always track the craps game. 

What’s most amazing is that these Key Bets open the door to unlimited craps profits in every craps game offered today!



I Set Up Testing for Both Advantage Betting and Roving Betting

After I recognized the solid win potential of Roving Bets, I immediately changed several Advantage Betting testers over to testing Roving Bets.

At this point I was so enthusiastic that I really wanted to test both systems at the same time.

I contacted all of the players who had agreed to help test the system and reorganized the test so that each system would get a fair workout.  However, something unexpected was about to change my plans –



Two Free Lancers Screwed Up My Testing!

Rick was supposed to be testing Advantage Betting.  Jana was a Roving Bet tester.  Rick was to play in land-based games.  Jana was to play online.

Simple huh?

Well it should have been.  Except that Rick starting using Advantage Betting online.  Then he talked Jana into trying Roving Betting in a land-based game.


By the time I talked to them they were three weeks in their own improvised testing.

In fact, they had started testing both systems at the same time in the same game. 

They would play several games online. 

Then they would hit a local casino.


My first reaction was that I would have to throw out all of their testing.  Then Jana pointed out something –

“You don’t have to throw out anything.  Since each system uses different bets, you can see how well each system did by looking at the results of making different bets.”

Rick added, “That’s right.  If you want to see how each system performed you can easily determine that.”  He handed me the written results of their testing.


As I looked at their games I realized that everything was there.  I could still determine how well each system was performing.

But, then as I reviewed their games, it occurred to me –



Why Worry About Testing Each System  Separately?  It Looks Like They Were Never Losing When They Were Played Together!

As I studied Rick and Jana’s games, I started chuckling.

“You two may have come up with the greatest craps system of all times.”

Rick acted like he knew that all along.  Jana sort of stammered and said,  “Well that would be good, wouldn’t it?”

I answered.  “That would be good all right.  It would be better than good.  It would be stupendous!”


The Truth About Advantage and Roving Bets

They can be played together or as separate systems! 

But together they never lose!




The New System Was Better Than Good!  It Never Lost

After meeting with Rick and Jana I modified the test.  I decided to allow for players using both systems at once.  After all, if I changed my mind I could always back out the data.  But a strong hunch told me that I would like the combined results even better than each system’s individual performance!

My hunch proved to be true.  We ended up running the longest test we have ever run.  By the time we wrapped up our testing our players had played 6,304 games.

And while they won a lot of money and proved that each system was a strong performer, they made another discovery along the way –


Combined, Advantage Betting and Roving Betting never lost a single session!

Not even in 6,304 carefully documented games!



Knockout Craps Is Born!

Rick was the one who gave this new Super System its name!

He was helping me review thousands of games.  He was looking for losing sessions and he just wasn’t finding any.

Finally, he commented, “This system just knocks out craps.”

I looked up.  “I think you just named the system – Knockout Craps!"




Never Lose Again!

Advantage Betting has a really high win rate.  It is a superb winning system.  In fact you can win a fortune using just the unique three-bet Advantage Combo Bet!

Roving Betting is a totally new way of betting and beating craps.  Even though it was originally created to beat the online craps games, it rolls over land-based games and has an extraordinary high win rate.

Like Advantage Betting, Roving Betting will soundly beat any craps game.

So why have two systems?


Here’s why-

We discovered when we combine these two systems to create Knockout Craps that we ended up with what one player called the “Craps System of the Century!”

Knockout Craps has never lost a single session!

Not even one in 6,304 documented games.

We think these results speak for themselves.



Turn $60 Into Winnings of $2,252 an Hour!

If you’ve got $60 to risk and are willing to spend 13 hours playing craps, I am going to show you how to set up a permanent income playing craps!


I know this must sound a little crazy to you.

One of the most basic rules in investing or even speculating is that you have to have money to make money!

That may be true with other ventures, but once you have the power of being able to play craps without ever losing, you are going to be able to build money at a ferocious rate!

In fact, if you are willing to follow in our footsteps we’ll show you exactly how to turn $60 into a rock solid craps income of $2,252 an hour in just 13 hours!



This is Not Speculation But a Solid Plan That Has Worked Over and Over!

When people want to show that something is really risky they’ll refer to as a “craps shoot.”

As in – “That’s as risky as a craps shoot.”

Or, “Don’t turn retirement into a craps shoot.”

Sound familiar?

Craps play is normally considered so risky that it is often used as an example of a high-risk endeavor.

And, that’s a pretty apt description for players looking for the hot shooter or using some half-baked hedge system that doesn’t work at all.


Here Are The Facts!

Right now, players just like you are making from $4,000 to $5,000 every day playing craps. 

  • They aren’t doing it making Pass Line bets. 

  • They don’t make Come bets with Odds. 

  • They never even consider making Field Bets. 

  • They don’t make hedge bets like Any Craps or Yo-leven. 

  • They don’t make Place Bets! 

  • They don’t make Lay Bets or Hardway bets!

They use a system that is so good that anyone can win $5,000 a day playing craps (we’ll even show you how)!

It’s called Knockout Craps and it’s now being released on a limited basis.

Instant Access to Knockout Craps



Now the Tables Are Turned on the Casinos.

With Knockout Craps, craps play is no longer a high-risk proposition.

In fact, we have developed a system that performs like a solid investment plan.

Knockout Craps is so dependable that you can actually use craps play as a way to set up a permanent income of $2,252 an hour for life.


Facts About Knockout Craps –

It is the –

Best system to take advantage of multiple odds bets

Best system for players who want to win consistently

Best system for professional gamblers who want to play craps for high stakes

Best all around system to gain an edge at craps


What’s more –

It doesn’t require any hedge bets or single roll bets

It is not hard to learn and use.

It is deadly effective against craps!

Knockout Craps is Unbeatable with its combination of setting up Advantage Bets and Roving Bets and then tracking and winning with every table trend!



Here’s How You’ll Become a $2,252 an Hour Winner!

You are going to need three things to set up your own $2,252 an hour permanent craps income!

1.  You will need a starting bankroll of $60.  That’s all you need to set up a permanent income playing craps.

2.  You’ll need to download the course – Knockout Craps – The Ultimate Craps Strategy!  This is the course we developed after proving that Knockout Craps never loses.  It will show you exactly how to play and win.

3.  You’ll need a plan.  When you download the Knockout Craps Kit you’ll also get
How to Turn $60 Into $2,252 an Hour with Knockout Craps!

That’s all you need to set up an income of $2,252 an hour.

First you will learn the system.  The manual is filled with lots of examples and even has a Craps Game Tracker you can use when you play.  If you are like most of our players you’ll master this system in a couple of hours.

Now, read the plan.  All you have to do is follow the step-by-step plan in How to Turn $60 Into $2,252 an Hour with Knockout Craps!

It will take you just 13 hours to grow your bankroll enough to set up a permanent craps income of $2,252 an hour.



How Ken Set Aside His Skepticism and Become a $25,000 a Week Winner!

I know that you are skeptical.  You are having trouble believing that you really can play craps without losing.

And, while you would like to win $2,252 an hour, in the back of your mind you are thinking, “Is this one of those things that sounds too good to be true!”

Well, that’s exactly the way Ken felt before he learned this system.


Ken is a civil engineer.  As an engineer he is used to dealing in hard facts.  Show Ken a detailed set of drawings and specifications for a bridge and he will give it his full attention.

He knows how to analyze and interpret complex subjects and quite frankly he didn’t believe that craps could be beaten or that any plan would ever work to beat craps consistently.

I couldn’t blame him.  As a CPA, I too am a numbers guy and a skeptic of get rich quick schemes.  Most of them not only don’t work, but end up costing you a bundle.


Ken and I were having lunch when I brought up the Knockout Craps testing project.

He laughed it off until I explained –

We were using the same type of controlled testing that is used in any scientific experiment.

The only difference was we were testing a system against a casino game instead of testing some aspect of construction or a structural standard.


He got real interested once I told him about the testing.

In fact, he got interested enough that he volunteered to help test the system.

I welcomed Ken as a tester.  He is smart and inquisitive and I have no problem with people who are skeptical of gambling systems.

I am too, and as I explained to Ken, “It is people just like you or me that I need to test this system.”



Ken Wins $10,572 Getting His Feet Wet

I had a little free time so I invited Ken to go to a local casino with me.  This casino offers five-times odds and is perfect for Knockout Craps.


We arrived in early afternoon.  Two craps tables were open.  We joined the table that was only partially full.

The players were quiet and there weren’t that many bets on the table.  I leaned over to Ken, “This is a slow table.  Probably not too many points are being made.  Let’s set up our bets and see how we do.”

To start out I handled the Advantage Bets and Ken did the Roving Bets.  The Roving Bets are easier to learn and this was a good place for Ken to start.

We played about thirty minutes.  I was up $652 and Ken was up $568.  I suggested we take a quick break because I wanted to talk to Ken.

Once we were away from the table I told Ken what I had in mind.  I had to go to a meeting and I asked Ken if he wanted to stay and play the whole system.

I gave him a set of Player Cards to keep his bets straight. I stayed with him another fifteen minutes until I was sure he had the bets down.  Then I went to my meeting.


I called Ken a couple of times on his mobile but he wasn’t picking up.  Finally about 10:00 Ken called me.

The first thing I asked him was how he did.

“I’m up over $9,000 at this point.

“You mean you are still playing?” I asked, somewhat amused.

“Yeah.  But I am going to wrap it up when I hit $10,000.”

“Don’t get over confident,” I warned.

“Don’t worry.  I am sticking to the rules.  This system performs like a well oiled machine.”

I laughed.  “Now you sound like an engineer.”

He came right back, “Maybe there was a craps player deep inside me all along.”

“Call me when you get finished.  I’d like an update.”


I was just getting ready for bed when Ken called.

“I hit $10,572.  I’m out of here.”

“What do you think of the system?” I asked.

“It’s better than good.  It’s fantastic.”

“So I can count on you to help with the testing.”

“Only if I keep all of the winnings.”

“You’ve got it! I responded.



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This expose reveals where insiders in the know play craps in Las Vegas.

Casino A - $2 Craps Tables with 10X odds.  This local’s favorite is a tidy and clean casino and the single craps table features a clean layout with fairly new gaming cheques. There is an attractive cocktail lounge within listening distance of the craps table, often featuring country and western music. There's also a small sports book and cocktail service area on the south end of the casino.

Casino B -  There is no Downtown casino that can match the table offerings at this casino. 
The craps pit here features three clean tables, experienced dice crew and generous 20X table odds. The table minimums are $5 and maximum are $1,000. These are perfect playing conditions for Super Craps Players!

Casino C - The best craps deal in all of Las Vegas is located right in the middle of the world famous Las Vegas Strip!
 The Craps Pit here features two full-sized tables and a sit-down crap shoot. The two full tables feature a $3 minimum and a $500 maximum on flat bets with a $2,500 maximum on Free Odds, which are a super-generous 100x, the absolute best offering in the Las Vegas area, even better than downtown.

Casino D -  This Best Boulder Highway Casino is now offering $3 and $5 minimums on weekdays and posting 100X Free Odds
. There are two tables, normally running weekends and Holidays, one table usually running on weekdays and during graveyard shifts. The 100X Free Odds posting is matched in Vegas only by our number one choice for play on The Strip. The facility also features an attractive cocktail lounge and often posts up attractive entertainment with a no-minimum requirement on cocktails.

Casino E - Here is another solid option in Las Vegas on the Boulder Highway.
  The craps pit here features five tables. 20x Odds. $5 Minimum, and $3,000 Maximum. Maximum on odds is $5,000. The casino was remodeled in early 2000. For sports bettors there are nice 32" TV screens directly over two of the craps tables. This is the best overall craps deal on The Boulder Highway.



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We started looking for a comprehensive directory of craps games in Las Vegas and we couldn't find one.  That's when we decided to put together our own Ultimate Craps Directory for Las Vegas.  

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