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More On Doubling Down

Do you think you are ready to play blackjack for blood? 

Let's say you have acquired a winning blackjack strategy, such as the Automatic Blackjack Strategy that I use when I play.

Like most winning strategies, the size of your bet will increase under certain playing conditions.  Let's say your base bet has gone from $5 to $25 because of a winning streak.  What will you do if a doubling opportunity comes up?

Aggressive blackjack players sometimes press their bets to a level where they're scared to double down on promising hands. So they "double for less," hit, or stand on a soft 18, just when the casino is most vulnerable. They exceed their base bet before the deal, but are psychologically or financially unprepared to pounce when the cards tell them the moment has arrived.

Chance, of course, is always a factor. Standing on soft 18 versus six may win $25 when the dealer flips an ace and stops at 17, while doubling would lose $50 because the next card is an eight and would form 16. Or, maybe doubling nine against a four yields a weak 11, when drawing twice would have gone to 21.

Still, competent gamblers don't just assume they can do anything because luck can still determine how any hand turns out. The critical issues for those seeking to maximize profit don't involve how individual hands are resolved.  Rather, they are based on:

(a)     How much "expectation" is sacrificed with a non-optimal decision, and

(b)    How much the chance -- as opposed to the amount -- of a win increases by not doubling. The answers depend on the cards in question and the actions taken.

The Automatic Blackjack Strategy only calls for doubling when it raises expected return. So failing to double when ordained sacrifices theoretical profit, ultimately increasing the house advantage in the game.

The statistical cost of avoiding doubles is least with soft hands against "stiff" dealer up cards. For instance, standing on soft 18 against a dealer's three only cuts your expectation by under $0.03 per dollar of initial wager.

Hitting soft 17 against three forgoes a like amount. The bite worsens for higher stiffs because the dealer is likelier to break and the player more apt to win with a double. Against a six, for example, standing on soft 18 is worth $0.10 per dollar less than doubling and hitting soft 17 has an expectation nearly $0.13 less.

Penalties for not doubling are greatest with starting totals of 11, decreasing somewhat for hands of 10 and nine. Hitting 11 against six-up has an expected profit almost $0.34 per dollar of initial bet. Doubling offers theoretical earnings of $0.68. So hitting is like giving the casino $0.68-$0.34 = $0.34 per dollar. The effect is a bit less for lower dealer up cards. For instance, against a four, hitting 11 "costs" players $0.29 per dollar relative to doubling.

Against higher up cards, the forfeit declines faster but is still of concern. As an illustration, hitting 11 versus a nine is worth $0.07 less than doubling.

When the alternative to doubling is to hit, and only one card will be drawn regardless of its value, the chances of winning are equal either way. This happens with player totals of 10, eleven, or soft 17 against a dealer's four through six. Regardless of what card is drawn, the total
then calls for the player to stand.

In all other cases, chances of winning a round are decreased by doubling. To see why, say you have a 10 versus a nine. You double and are dealt anything from two through six. You'd take another hit if you could. Or consider starting with soft 18 against six. Of the 13 possible cards you could receive by doubling, four leave you at 18, three raise you to 19 through 21, and six drop you to 12 through 17. You're twice as likely to fall as rise. Doubling is preferred in these situations because of the extra money bet when eight out of 13 results will be favorable. But the sacrifice incurred by taking the next best alternative has been moderated by the improved chance of winning the initial bet.

Doubling for less -- making an second bet lower than your initial wager but being limited to drawing a single card --is the worst of both worlds. You're not getting the full benefit of the favorable situation. And, except on hands where you'd only draw one card anyway, you won't win as often as the next best option.

Using a Betting Progression, especially a dynamic one like the one used in the Automatic Blackjack Strategy can add to gambling excitement and alter the characteristics of a session. They can't reduce house advantage on how individual hands are played. That's left to using the correct playing strategy. And in blackjack, proper play means doubling and splitting when dictated by basic strategy. Elevated bets make little sense if players balk at the opportunities they present.

If this seems a bit confusing, please don't be put off by it.  If you are already using basic strategy when playing blackjack, my examples probably make good sense to you.

If you are a novice, fear not, you don't have to become an expert on blackjack playing strategy to beat the game.

The Automatic Blackjack Strategy is the easiest way I know to play and win at blackjack.

It is called "Automatic" because it is so easy to learn and use and there is no guesswork involved in learning how to play and win.   In fact, I will bet that you can download this strategy today and be playing and winning at blackjack by tomorrow.

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Yours for beating blackjack legally and consistently,

Russell Hunter


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