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Should You Play Blackjack Solo or With Others?

There are a variety of games and playing situations available for blackjack play.  Each player has his own preferences. Some players like to play at full tables; others prefer to play one on one.  The way the games are dealt can affect the player's expectation sometimes more than rule variations. 

I will run through the options of playing alone or with others,, giving you the pros and cons and telling you the options which are best for the blackjack player with a proven winning strategy.

Playing alone has its advantages.  By playing one-on-one against the dealer, I can get in more hands per hour.  I also don't have to worry about some other player commenting on my
play because I drew some card instead of standing, or stood instead of hitting, or otherwise offended him.  I also avoid obnoxious players by playing alone.

The other side of the coin is that I am more visible when I play heads up with a dealer.  My play is more likely to attract casino surveillance, especially when I am playing with black  ($100) chips.

Is there a compromise?  Yes there is.  Bring a companion with you, preferably one of the opposite sex, who can act as your accomplice or cohort in your mission to relieve the casino of
some of its stash.

The perfect gambit is for a fun loving couple to sit down and play a little blackjack, especially if they are friendly to the dealer and floor personnel. 

Of course, you will only want a faster game if you have a proven winning strategy.  Most blackjack players would be better off playing at full tables so that they will at least lose at a slower rate.

However, it you are using an effective winning strategy, such as the Power Blackjack Strategy, then you will want to play as fast as possible since this will increase your winnings per hour.

It is not necessary that your partner know the Power Blackjack Strategy.  I recommend that he or she at least learn the Down and Dirty Playing Strategy presented in chapter 4 of the Power Blackjack manual.   This strategy can be learned in less than half an hour.  If your partner only
learns this strategy, he or she should make small wagers.   

On the other hand, becoming a skilled Power Blackjack player can substantially increase your earnings as well as your partner's.  If you are married, your spouse is much more likely to become an enthusiastic supporter of your gambling activities if he or she is involved.  If you are a single man, I can think of worse ploys than to invite an attractive female companion for a trip to Las Vegas.   Women love conspiracies, and if you let her in on your little secret (that you beat the casinos) and ask her to act as your co-conspirator, who knows what might transpire.

If I don't have a playing partner, my next preference is to play at a table with one or two other persons.  Another player or two is enough to provide some cover for my level of skill without my having to tolerate crowded playing conditions.

The number of players at the table will definitely affect the number of hands you play per hour.  The table below shows how the hands played per hour will vary with the number of players.

Number of
Players at Table
Average Number of Hands Per Hour
7 55
6 65
5 75
4 90
3 110
2 150
1 250


I had my staff conduct a survey of Power Blackjack players not too long ago.  We found that the average person using this strategy regularly is winning a solid $1,373.53 a day!  

If you are willing to play two to three hours a day for five days a week, you can count on winning an average of $6,865 a week.

What's more, even making the smallest wagers at fairly slow tables will net you $154 an hour.  To increase your winning rate, all you have to do is play at a faster table. 

An easy way to increase your blackjack winnings per hour is to play against Internet casinos.  Not only is this convenient, since you don't even have to leave home to play, it is easy to win over $700 an hour using the same bets that might net you only $154 an hour in a land-based casino.  The faster game can really pay off!

The Power Blackjack Strategy has been called "the most reliable blackjack strategy ever created."  Isn't it time you added it to your repertoire of winning systems?

If you would like to find out right now what this strategy can do for you, you need to grab the free report - How to Make $10,000 a Week Using the Power Blackjack Strategy.  It's available for download at no cost here.

Yours for learning the $1,373.53 a day strategy,  

Russell Hunter



P.S.  One of my associates said, "This is the closest thing to a magic bullet ever created.  It is the ultimate reliable way to consistently win at blackjack."  Grab your copy of the Free Report right now!  

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