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“I have won over $97,000 using the Power Baccarat Strategy.

“I play online three or four times a week and easily clear $9,000 to $10,000 a week.  I have never been as excited in my life.  It is like owning my own goldmine!

“Anyone who thinks that you can’t beat the casinos has never experienced what your strategy does to baccarat.

“This is an amazing profit producer!  Thanks for letting me in on this!”

Charles T. – Eureka, California



From:  C. Frank LaMarca

Subject:  Creating Your Own $5,000 a Day Profit System!


Dear Friend,

You are just minutes away from having a 100% tested and absolutely foolproof way you can use to make the kind of money others only dream of!


You are about to learn –

  • How to turn $52 into Net Profits of $37,897 a month!

  • How you can quickly and easily create a weekly income of $8,813 a week without leaving home and “working” less than two hours a day!

  • How you can take control of any baccarat or mini-baccarat game anywhere it is offered – even online – and turn this game into a powerful source of Instant Profits!

  • How my students, most of whom knew nothing about baccarat, are now bringing in large winnings every day they choose! (And, you will too with my Unstoppable Step-by-Step Plan!)


“Power Baccarat is the most powerful moneymaker I have ever seen!  It is easy to learn, easy to use and beats baccarat so easily that it is as if you were printing your own money.

“I play from home and average winning $5,497 a day.  This is a stunning performer.”

Stu R. – a professional gambler who lives in New York City.



The method I am going to show you has been tested, verified and proven to perform!

There is no guesswork or unproven theory here – Just Rock Solid, 100% Dependable Performance!



Benefits Others Only Dream of –

Turning the game of baccarat into a reliable source of profits offers benefits almost no other profit seeking venture can claim –

  • It is easy to learn and a snap to use.  (You’ll be up and running in less than an hour.)

  • It takes no particular skills to learn and use.  All you have to do is follow the complete winning plan I will send you.

  • It takes almost no money to set up.  If you can spare $52 you have enough to start bringing in an income of $8,813 a week.  And, your new income will be Very Reliable and Very Consistent!


This program is 100% Complete, Easy to Use and Guaranteed to Perform as Represented!

People just like you are easily setting up solid incomes of $5,000 a day or more using the techniques I will show you.

My name is C. Frank LaMarca.  I am a numbers kind of guy with a background in finance.  I am very skeptical of many of the wild and unproven claims others make about their money-making schemes.

I will not accept anyone’s claim of performance for any kind of money-making system unless it is backed up by irrefutable proof and I can experience it myself.  And, this goes double for anyone who claims to have a winning gambling system.


That’s why I am going to share complete information about this breakthrough new baccarat strategy that I have only shared with a few people up to now

You are about to gain the knowledge of how to turn the game of baccarat into a powerful source of cash on demand.  This knowledge is backed up by thousands of hours of real-world play that prove that it wins consistently and reliably against all versions of baccarat (and mini-baccarat) offered today!

To give you an idea of how this strategy works for real people just like you, I have posted many player success stories from players who have won fortunes using the same strategy I am going to share with you.


One fact is irrefutable –

Anyone can follow in the footsteps of these successful winners using a strategy that consistently beats the game of baccarat!



“LaMarca’s  Power Baccarat is an excellent winning system.  I was skeptical about making any money playing baccarat.  You showed me how to play mini-baccarat online and easily win over $1,000 an hour!

“I am up over $53,000 in the past three weeks.  I appreciate all of your help and support.”

Rob S. – Boise, Idaho




Playing Baccarat is Your Best Choice for Setting Up a High Income With Low Risk!

I don’t know how you feel about your job but for many years I have been searching for a better way to make money.

Please don’t get me wrong.  I have done very well as a financial consultant.  What I do consists of working with clients to provide them with the best financial advice and financial plans for their particular situations.  Without being immodest, I am really quite good at this, but while I taught others how to make lots of money, the thought was always in the back of my mind –

“If you are so smart, why don’t you find a foolproof way to make money quickly and safely!”

You see, as lucrative as my profession has been, I am still at the beck and call of others.  While I don’t have a single boss to answer to, you could describe my work as having lots of bosses as each client has a claim on my time.

And, to be quite honest with you, I am tired of someone else having control over my life!

For years, I have played baccarat, the casino game with the best odds for the player.  I have spent years searching for the system that will give me the edge to consistently beat the game!

After investing more money and having more failures than you can believe, I was finally successful.

Eight months ago, I discovered a betting combination that turns the baccarat game from just a superior game for players into a rip roaring, slam-dunk way to win thousands of dollars a day!

This powerful betting combo starts with using the unique Tracker Bet Selection System to determine where to bet.  

Then on top of this I discovered how to set up a Power Betting Formula that makes it almost impossible to lose.  As a result, this powerful combo is simply unstoppable at beating baccarat!


“Your $50,000 Plan works.  As crazy as it seems it really works.  I deposited $50 in one of your top rated online casinos.  I started playing mini-baccarat making $1 bets.  Then I followed your timing instructions.  In a little over 10 hours I won $51,904.

“This is the most impressive way to make money I’ve ever experienced.  Just to prove it wasn’t a fluke I repeated the whole experience and 10 ½ hours later I picked up another $50,000.

“Thanks for a fantastic system and an excellent money multiplying plan.”

Jess M. – Lincoln, Nebraska




Power Baccarat is the Only System to Use Tracker Bet Selection!

Tracker Bet Selection is a new way to picking where to bet.  With Baccarat you only have three choices of where to bet – banker hand, player hand or tie

That’s it.  Most players try to “follow the shoe” which is a simple way of betting that what has occurred will repeat.

Other systems try elaborate tracking systems.

Many systems just ignore the issue and suggest you bet banker which is slightly favored to win over player


After testing each of these systems for thousands of baccarat hands, I knew there had to be something better.

That’s when, almost by chance, I discovered Tracker Betting.



Tracker Bet Selection Is the Only Bet Selection Method That Nails Down Every Baccarat Variation!

Conventional bet selection methods don’t meet my standards of a winning system.  They just don’t win enough to be considered reliable.

This is true for every baccarat system I reviewed.


Some of these systems cost hundreds of dollars.

Many of them were computer-generated and quite complex.

But none of them work as well as Tracker Betting.

Tracker Betting is the only bet selection system that actually anticipates what the next decision will be. 

This puts it in its own unique category –

No other bet selection system comes close to its remarkable accuracy in picking where to bet!



Tracker Betting Uses Different Principles To Predict the Next Decision Better Than Any Other System or Method!

Tracker Bet Selection combines two prediction formulas into one and as a result has an uncanny way of predicting the outcome of each round of play.

It starts with a formula that predicts that the outcomes of baccarat will be variable.  This may not sound like much except that it flies in the face of nearly every conventional system developed in the last 100 years.

Simply stated, instead of predicting that what just occurred will repeat (or not repeat) it uses a system of predicting variable outcomes.


Testing this formula for millions of baccarat hands proved that it is the best way to predict baccarat outcomes 85% of the time.

Most players would be satisfied with 85% performance.  Most systems can’t even hit 50%.  This performance level is so far above other bet selection methods that they don’t even come close.

However, I wanted to close in on the final 15% of decisions.  That’s when I discovered –



The Flexible Betting Factor Completes the Tracker Bet Selection Formula!

While Variable Betting is good – in fact far better than anything else – it still was missing that final tweak.


That’s where the Flexible Betting Factor comes in.

It takes up where Variable Betting leaves off and provides for pure randomness.

The Flexible Betting Factor acts as an adjustment to Variable Betting when it is just not quite getting it right.

It jumps in and makes a correction in Bet Selection whenever it is needed.



Tactical Bet Selection Combines Variable Betting and the Flex Betting Factor in One Seamless, Perfected Bet Selection System!

Tactical Bet Selection is the result of combining Variable Betting and the Flexible Betting Factor into one easy-to-use system for predicting the outcome of the next baccarat decision.

As a result, it has the highest accuracy of any baccarat bet selection system!



  • It is not based on betting that the last winning bet will repeat.

  • It is not based on betting that the last winning bet will chop.

  • It has nothing to do with tracking winning or losing bets.


Tactical Betting ignores wins and losses except for an occasional adjustment provided by the Flexible Betting Factor!

As a result, it operates as a powerful self-adjusting bet selection systems that beats baccarat on its own.



Tactical Bet Selection Is So Good That Using It Is All It Takes to Beat Baccarat Consistently.

If you want to win at baccarat all you have to do is learn Tactical Bet Selection.

You can learn it in about ten minutes and you will be able to beat baccarat any time you like.


What’s more, you won’t have to –

  • Observe long strings of outcomes before you start playing.

  • Write down anything to use the system.

  • Make any calculations of any kind to win.


As powerful as Tracker Bet Selection is, it is the easiest method ever devised for predicting the outcome of each round of play.

You can win steadily hour after hour using nothing but Tracker Bet Selection.

However, your winnings will explode once you add Power Betting.



While Tracker Bet Selection Tells You Where to Bet, Power Betting Gives You the Exact Amount of Each Bet to Optimize Your Winnings!

Tracker Bet Selection tells you where to bet.  It has a better “hit rate” than any other bet selection method.

But, the Complete Power Baccarat Strategy has more than the world’s best bet selection system.

It also uses Power Betting – the world’s best bet sizing system.


Here’s how they work together - 

Tracker Bet Selection tells you where to place each bet.  Let’s say it points to a bet on Banker. 

The second part of the Power Baccarat’s winning strategy is knowing the exact amount to bet.


Power Betting is a new way of betting where the size of the bets are determined by a combination of where you are betting and your current win rate.


Here’s how it works -

If you have choppy wins with a win followed by a loss, Power Betting will set up bets where you will win even with chops.

If you are starting what could be a losing streak, Power Betting will immediately adjust your betting to prevent losses.

And, if you are beginning a winning streak, Power Betting will set up the perfect bets to take advantage of winning bet after bet!


No other system has the Win Power of Power Baccarat.  That’s because it is the only system to combine Tracker Bet Selection with Power Betting!



“I am making $14,000 a week playing baccarat online three times a week.  I am playing in three different online casinos that you recommended.  After each winning session I am withdrawing my winnings.  This way I get a check every other day.  It is like Christmas without the hassles!”

Lou F. – Chicago, Illinois








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Let Me Tell You More About Power Baccarat’s Amazing Combo-Betting System–

  • You will know where to bet each time using Tracker Betting – the most accurate bet selection system ever devised!

  • You will use Power Betting to determine the perfect size of each bet.  This unique flexible betting system times the size of each bet to perfectly match each baccarat game!

  • You won’t need any judgment at all on how to use this near perfect betting system.  My method ensures that you will make every bet immediately, without any hesitation, calculations or guesswork.

  • When you use the Power Baccarat Strategy with both Tracker Bet Selection and Power Betting you will gain an edge over every baccarat game offered today!


Just so we are clear here, Power Baccarat’s complete betting system has nothing to do with playing through baccarat shoes, making complicated calculations or keeping track of long strings of decisions or bets!

It is not some method where you have to time your entry to a game or delay making bets waiting for the right time.

It is not a system based on finding or tracking patterns.

You don’t have to know anything about previous decisions before you start playing.


With Power Baccarat, you can calmly sit down and start wagering from the next round of play on.  Online, you will immediately be able to start play without any hesitation or delay

Once you have the critical knowledge of the Power Baccarat Strategy you’ll be able to exploit both land-based and online casinos for huge profits – again and again!


“I am amazed at the accuracy of Power Baccarat.  It finds the right spots to bet and then bets the right amounts almost like magic.

“I understand the system, but I am still in awe of its performance.  I am up about $28,400 in the past two weeks playing mini-baccarat online.

“This is the best gambling system – period!  I congratulate you!”

Robert M. – Austin, Texas



Gain a $10,000 a Week Income for Life!

Imagine this.  You sleep in every morning.  After drinking a little coffee or juice, you log on to one of our recommended online casinos.  You are about to complete your workday.  You’ll do it in the next hour without any commuting or traffic issue

You set up the Power Baccarat Controller and set it for your level of play.  Then you start playing.  As a $20 bettor you’ll average winning $2,419 an hour.  You play until you hit $2,000 in winnings.  You check your watch.  It took you 51 minutes to reach your daily goal.  You set up a withdrawal of $2,000 and then log off the casino.


You’ve just finished another “workday” as a Power Baccarat player.  You’ll do this five times a week. Some weeks you feel like taking the whole week off.  When you do you’ll put in four or five hours play in one day and nail down your weekly profit all at once!


Whether you break your play into several short sessions or wrap it up in one day, either way you’ll get the same result –

You’ll win $10,000 a week.


You check your watch and see that it is now 9:07 am.  You’ve got plenty of time to shower, dress and head to lunch.  Today you’ll be meeting a very special person in a restaurant popular with the jet set.  Lunch might set you back $200.  You’re not concerned.  You win this much every five minutes you play. 

After lunch you’ll meet some friends on the golf course.  Later you have a date.  You and your special friend will be taking a drive up the coastal highway for a weekend getaway.


This can be your life.  In fact, you don’t have to stop at winning $10,000 a week.  You can easily win $20,000 or $30,000 playing online.

Or, if you like to travel, becoming a baccarat pro will grant you entrance to the finest hotel-casinos in the world.  You’ll be treated like a prince with the casino paying for everything.  And, you’ll walk away with thousand of dollars that used to belong to the casino.

If you are worried that you might get tired of this life – don’t.  With $10,000 or more coming in every week you can pursue just about any hobby or interest.  Have you always wanted to be a wildlife photographer?  Go ahead.  Your baccarat winnings will pay for just about anything you want to do.



“When I read about Tracker Bet Selection and Power Betting I was intrigued but I still didn’t believe that this system would really work.  I took a chance and ordered your course.

The manual was so easy to read and the examples were so clear that I knew I had to try your system.

“I am glad I did.  I just came back from three days in Las Vegas with $67,000 in winnings.  Your system is remarkably good.”

Brad K. – Los Angeles, California


Here’s Just Some of What You Will Be Able to Do Once You Gain the Unstoppable Edge of Power Baccarat –

  • Beat baccarat or mini-baccarat any time or any place in both land-based and online casinos!

  • Turn $52 into an income of $8,813 a week working less than one full day a week!

  • Play online less than an hour a day and win $10,000 every week without fail!

  • Set up bets perfectly timed and placed with just the right amount wagered to demolish any baccarat game offered today.

  • Gain an edge over the house every time you play baccarat or mini-baccarat!

  • Go from zero to $50,000 in just ten hours (I’ll show you exactly how to do this!)


“Power Baccarat is the most ingenious way to play baccarat.  I made $34,000 my first month and I am up $43,000 my second month.

“I just ‘retired’ from my job.  I am looking forward to working less than five hours a week and winning at least $10,000.  My experience so far has proved that this is not only possible, but easier than I ever thought.

“Discovering your system is the best thing that has ever happened to me.  Thank you!”

Leo O. – Independence, Missouri



Here’s How You’ll Play and Win Automatically!

Even though you will master LaMarca’s Power Baccarat in about an hour, I have taken another Huge Step to make winning with this system 100% foolproof!

Using valuable feedback from players who helped me test and perfect this strategy, I created
the Ultimate Power Tool to help you win!

It’s called the Power Bet Controller!


Let me tell you more about it –

The Power Bet Controller is an ingenious bet controller you can take with you when you play.  It automates every bet you make!

Incredibly it will tell you where to place each bet and exactly how much to bet!

The result

When you use the Power Bet Controller winning at baccarat is so simplified that even if you don’t know a thing about baccarat, you can play and win.


You don’t even have to learn much about baccarat or mini-baccarat to win.  All you really have to do is let the Power Bet Controller tell you where to place each wager and how much to bet!

This is the easiest way to play and win ever developed!



Here are just a few of the Power Bet Controller’s benefits to you –

  • The Power Bet Controller is portable, flexible and legal.

  • The Power Bet Controller automatically controls the length of games and even tells you when to quit.

  • The Power Bet Controller will show you when you have reached your Profit Goal.

  • The Power Bet Controller makes playing and winning with the Power Baccarat Strategy simple and automatic!


After using the Power Bet Controller for several days, Pete R. from Portland, Oregon told me –

“Your Power Bet Controller makes winning at baccarat so easy I almost feel guilty taking the casino’s money.

“This controller makes play very relaxing.  You don’t have to keep track of anything.  Just check the controller.  It will tell you where to bet, how much to bet and even tell you when you’ve won enough.

“Power Baccarat is really good.  Playing using the Power Bet Controller makes it perfect!”

Pete R. – Portland, Oregon



Tell Me the Size of Your Bets and the Speed of Your Game and I’ll Tell You How Much You Will Win!

Most players have no idea what will happen when they play a casino game.  They might win, they might lose.  If you told them that as a Power Baccarat player they could actually plan how much they would win they might look at you like you are crazy.

But, it’s true.  Power Baccarat is so dependable that I can tell you how much you will win in a given session.

I need to know the size of your bets, say $5 or $10 base bets.

And, I need to know the approximate speed of the game.  For example, land-based games of mini-baccarat will have 90 to 100 decisions per hour.

That’s all I need to know to tell you how much you will win.

Power Baccarat has been tested so thoroughly for so many thousands of games that you can literally plan how much you will win dependent on your level of play and the game speed.



Online Play is the Speed King for Fast Winnings!

Online play is very fast.  If you want to win large amounts using small bets, then online baccarat may be your first choice.


Here are some examples –

A bankroll of $52 is all you need to make $1 bets and pull in $121 an hour.  While this may sound almost unbelievable, it is a fact -  $1 bettors average wining $121 net per hour of play.

If you can afford to “invest” $156, you can become a $3 online bettor.  At this level of play you’ll pull in $363 an hour in net winnings.  Three hours a day will net you bettor than $1,000 a day!

For really great online profits you should try $5 online play.  As a five-dollar bettor you’ll pull in $605 an hour. 


If you like $5 play, you’ll love $10 play.  A move up to $10 betting online will net you $1210 an hour.  In about two hours a day you’ll net $2,500 a day.  Players at this level are easily winning $10,000 a week.

My favorite level of play is making $20 bets.  At this level I win an average of $2,419 an hour.  A little over two hours play will net me close to $5,000 a day.  However, you may want to move up to –

$25 betting!  As a $25 bettor you’ll bring in $3024 an hour without fail!  The numbers speak for themselves – Play ten hours a week at this level and you’ll win move than $30,000 a week!



In Land-Based Casinos There is Almost No Limit to Your Winnings!

While online games are faster, land-based games offer much higher betting limits. If you really want to hit the big time you will want to play baccarat or mini-baccarat in a land-based casinos.  Mini-baccarat is the faster game and unless you want to play for bets higher than $100, you should stick with this game.  If you are a $500 to $1,000 a hand bettor you can move up the full-sized table version of baccarat and play behind special roped off areas.


You’ll love the documented net rates for mini-baccarat play  

As a $25 bettor you’ll bring in $756 an hour.  There is no question that this level constitutes professional level play.  If you play 20 hours a week you’ll net over $15,000 a week!

Fifty-dollar betting is a sweet spot with winnings of $1,512 an hour!  You can do the math – 20 hours a week will net you a very sweet $30,000 a week!

Black chip play is very lucrative for Power Baccarat players in land-based mini-baccarat games.  As a $100 bettor you’ll win $3024 an hour.  And, $200 betting will pull in a rock solid $6,048 an hour. 



You Won’t Find This High-Powered Proven Strategy in Any $20 Book!

Let me ask you a question.

If you really knew how to consistently win at baccarat (or any other casino game), would you write some book and reveal your secret to the world?

I think not!


I personally guarantee you are not going to learn about Tracker Bet Selection, Power Betting or get the Power Bet Controller in any bookstore!

These are the parts of a perfected winning baccarat strategy that my students and I use to win thousands of dollars every day!


It took me many years of trial and error, testing and re-testing to create the complete Power Baccarat Winning Program!

I spent over eight months just testing and perfecting the final version of Power Baccarat!


There is one thing I’ve learned over the years of advising other people how to set up profitable financial plans –

If everyone knows about an investment, then it is past being effective!

This is true for investing in stocks, futures, mutual funds and even winning at baccarat!

That’s why I have kept the number of people who know about this strategy small.  And, even though I have decided to invite you to join my small group of high-paid winners, I haven’t compromised my principles about keeping this information restricted and limited.

I am strictly controlling who gets access to LaMarca’s Power Baccarat Strategy.   I reserve the right to refuse to sell this package to anyone who may pose a threat to our ability to continue to win large amounts with this strategy!

That’s why I am strictly limiting the number of copies I will release and controlling who gets access to them.  Because of these restrictions, I may close this offer at any time.  I want you to know that even though  you currently can gain access to the Power Baccarat Program, it may not be open even later today!


“So far I have won $47,400 with Power Baccarat.  I love using the Power Bet Controller.  I set it up next to my laptop every time I play online.  This is as close to a perfect money making system as I have ever seen.”

Joseph H. – Portland, Maine



No More Commuting, No Bosses and Very Little Stress

I like to wrap up my workday in less than two hours.  My daily goal is to win $5,000 a day and when I play online I am done before 9:00 am.

Some days I will skip “working” at all. 

I like to travel and playing baccarat to win fits in with this very well.  I travel to casino venues four or five times a year.

On each trip I have a great time and manage to win a bundle playing baccarat.  On my last three-day trip to Las Vegas I played with $100 or larger bets the whole time.  As a result I won $89,000!


I am not bragging, I am just letting you know how learning to play and win at baccarat has benefited me

There is no reason that you can’t do the same thing.

Where you want to travel, retire, or just make a bundle on the side, you can do it with the Power Baccarat Strategy!


If you decide to try this proven, low stress way of winning thousands of dollars a day, here’s just some of what I will teach you.  You’ll learn –

  • How to win from $121 to $3,024 an hour online (your winnings depend on your level of betting).

  • How to play every round without having to track the decisions, write down outcomes, track cards or do anything out of the ordinary -  With Power Baccarat you will just sit down and play!

  • How to consistently beat the baccarat big tables as well as mini-baccarat!

  • How to win in both land-based and online casinos!

  • How to start with just $52 and quickly build a bankroll of over $50,000!

  • How to play baccarat anywhere and know exactly how much profit you will make before you bet a single dollar!

  • How to play baccarat without stress winning game after game the “relaxed way.”

But there’s much more.  What I have waiting for you is a whole lot more than a book describing a system.  You’ll get –

  • Complete examples on how to use this system to win!

  • A step-by-step, virtually foolproof plan to start with wagers as low as $1 and grow your bankroll to the point that you will routinely be playing with black hundred-dollar chips and winning thousands of dollars per session!

  • Examples of real games we played in real casinos.  You’ll discover exactly how my students rack up huge wins, game after game, day after day!

  • A complete manual which covers everything you need to know to turn this strategy into your own complete profit plan you can use for life!

  • Complete information on how to use Tracker Betting – the most accurate bet selection system ever created!

  • Complete instructions on how to use the Power Betting System to always bet the right amount at the right time!

  • The Power Bet Controller.  This powerful controller will put your play on “Automatic.”  And, it is 100% legal to use in land-based casinos.  It also makes online play virtually effortless!

  • A Complete Set of Custom Player Cards.  You’ll get a Player Card for each level of betting from $1 to $500 bets. 

  • A proven system for multiplying your profits using a “Winnings Multiplier” that you can use to quickly increase your winnings to the mega-bucks level!


If you have read the comments from some of my students you know just how easy and effective LaMarca’s Power Baccarat is.


“You have set the new standard for winning systems with Power Baccarat.  I live in Reno, Nevada, and play mini-baccarat at least three times a week.

“I have been winning from $9,000 to $11,000 a week.   This is the most consistent system I have ever used. 

“Thanks for letting me in on this.”

Aaron T. – Reno, Nevada



How Much Will You Pay to Gain $4,000 to $5,000 a Day for Life?

What is a system worth that gives you everything you need to make serious money off the casinos anytime you choose?

How much would a “$5,000 a Day System” be worth to you?

If we were talking about a stock trading system that made this kind of money, you might have to pay from $10,000 to as high as $25,000 for the system.


If I could avoid my years of frustration and losses developing this strategy I would be way ahead of the game to pay $25,000 for it!

Think for a minute.  Let’s assume that you only win $2,000 a day.  If you play four days a week you’ll play about 200 days a year.  That’s works out to a win of $400,000 a year!  If you were willing to work a little harder you could win much, much more!  Even a price of $5,000 would be very fair for this system since you could pay for it with two and a half days of winnings!


Fortunately, I am not going to charge you anywhere near $5,000 for the Power Baccarat Strategy even though it is clearly worth at least this much!

If you truly want to learn how to turn $52 into $50,000 in just ten hours and want a Complete Turn Key Winning Program I am willing to do something that I wish someone had done for me!

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I am going to include an extraordinary set of bonuses specifically designed to help you get rich playing baccarat!  When you combine Power Baccarat with these extraordinary bonuses, you will have the Ultimate Casino Crusher.  If you act immediately you’ll get –


Bonus #1 – The Power Bet Controller (an $80 Value 

The Power Bet Controller is an ingenious controller you can take with you when you play.  It automates every bet you make!

Incredibly, it not only tells you where to bet, but how much to bet and even tells you when you have hit your profit goal.


My students are using this amazing controller every day to win thousands of dollars automatically!

One student said, “Playing baccarat with the Power Bet Controller is like taking candy from a baby.”


Bonus #2 – Custom Player Cards (a $20 Value)

I bent over backwards to deliver the best possible winning program for my students.  They asked for simple, but complete reference cards they could carry with them.

I developed a Custom Set of Player Cards giving complete betting and playing information for all levels of play – from $1 to $500 betting.

To become an instant expert all you have to do is take the Player Card set up for your level of play.  It will give you everything you need to use the Power Baccarat Strategy flawlessly!


Bonus #3 - How to Beat the Online Baccarat Games (a $40 Value) 

Are you eager to get started using the Baccarat Attack Strategy online? If you have any questions about how to play baccarat and win online, we’ve got them covered in this complete manual for winning online baccarat. You’ll learn –  

  • Everything you need to know to get started playing online safely and profitably!  

  • How to pick the best online baccarat games.  

  • Specific information for US players about playing online.  

  • Online payment methods available for US players as well as players outside the United States.  

  • How to keep records of your online play

  • Complete information on variations in baccarat rules.


Bonus #4 – Power Baccarat’s Online Casino Picks (a $40 value)

This is our special insiders’ list of the very best online baccarat casinos.  These are the same casinos where my players and I pull in profits every day with no hassles and great support.

These top-notch casinos -  

  • Are easy to work with.

  • Are still available to US players.  

  • Offer the best versions of baccarat.  

  • Have reputable software standing behind them.  


  • Are easy to contact and are available 24/7.  


But, more importantly, these are the casinos where we use Power Baccarat to win large amounts day after day!   

With this information, you will know exactly where to play online and rapidly build your own baccarat fortune!  


Bonus #5 – A Beginner’s Guide to Online Casino Bonuses (a $40 Value)

When you use Power Baccarat, there is no question that you will win playing online. We have proven it with thousands of online games we have played.

Playing online is not only more convenient that playing in a brick and mortar casino, it offers a huge incentive - Cash Bonuses for your play.

Combining online bonuses (some casinos pay unlimited bonuses) to your already potent baccarat winnings is an easy way to pick up another $2,000 a week in pure profits for almost no effort.

This current guide to playing for online bonuses will get you up to speed very quickly so that you don’t miss out on what can easily be another $100,000 a year in income from baccarat!  


Bonus #6 – The Absolute Best Online Baccarat Casino (a $40 Value)


This casino will become your number one choice of where to play and win at online baccarat. 

Here’s just some of what you’ll find when we share our number one pick –


·       This casino offers the best online odds for baccarat and is backed by one of the best online software companies. You won’t find any online baccarat games that are fairer or that offer better odds of winning than these.  

·       This casino offers no-hassle practice games. You don’t have to register or download anything, just click on your browser and start playing. And, you can always practice more, with no money risked, even after you start playing for real!   

·      This casino offers the best online support – bar none! Not only can you reach the casino personnel easily by email, they answer their phones quickly. And, here is a critical point – they don’t out-source their support. Here, the in-house staff is knowledgeable and understands gambling and baccarat.  You will be delighted with the first class service!    

·       This casino not only accepts US players, it welcomes them. And, this casino is not in some third world country – it is headquartered in Canada. If you live in the US and are frustrated by restrictions on US customers – try this one – I know you will like it!   

·       You’ll get a 10% signup bonus when you decide to play here. And, there is no limit to the size of the bonus. If you want to deposit $10,000, you’ll get a $1,000 bonus. And, when you play baccarat using the formidable Power Baccarat Strategy, all of your play counts towards you earning your bonus. This is a straight-forward and out-and-out great bonus program!  

·       The casino is full service. It offers the best of casino games and of course, superior roulette.  But, it also has a world renowned sportsbook. And, if you like poker, you will love their online poker rooms. What’s more, one deposit and one account is all you need to participate in all of these activities.  

·       This casino offers higher betting limits for baccarat.  Play here and you will easily make $1080 an hour making $25 bets!  And, when it comes time to withdraw your winnings you’ll get paid safely and quickly!



Bonus #7 Power Baccarat’s Select High Bet Level Online Casinos (an $80 Value)

There are a few High Limit or “High Roller” online casinos which offer baccarat games with $500 or even higher betting limits.  We have several of our players who regularly play in these casinos and consistently win from $14,000 to as high as $23,000 every week.

Let me give you an example of why this information is critical if you want to move up to professional level online play - 

In an online game allowing $500 maximum bets you can make $2,701 an hour with Power Baccarat!

This is obviously the big time as far as baccarat play goes.  Once you have this exclusive insider information these kinds of winnings will be as close as your home computer.   Once you know the names of three of the top rated High Roller Casinos I am going to reveal to you, you can easily move up to the $25,000 a week income levels.

One of these casinos will match your deposits 100% up to a maximum of $5,000.  Playing here is the easiest way I know to pick up a quick and easy $5,000!


Another of these casinos will accept wagers as high as $5,000 for baccarat.  Play here and you can easily win $50,000 a week using Power Baccarat!

The third casino is a favorite with US players because it offers generous bonuses and accepts just about any kind of action you like.

Best of all, all of the casinos are large enough that you can play and win with virtually no heat because you are a winner!

We are only offering this VIP Bonus Report for orders received by   Grab your copy now!



Bonus #8 – Why Online Casinos Can Be Beaten! (a $20 Value).  

Would you like proof that you, too, can play online and win consistently?  This manual lays it all out for you.  You’ll discover the little known secrets that will turn online play into a red-hot source of profits that can make you rich!  Get the inside information on how to pull thousands out of online casinos every day!



Bonus #9 – How to Turn $52 Into $50,000 in Ten Hours With Power Baccarat (an $80 Value

All it takes to get started with Power Baccarat is $52.  This is the bankroll required to make $1 bets.  We got curious how long it would take an average player following our Profit Multiplying Plan to turn $52 into $50,000.

I asked several of my students to help me out.  I divided them into two groups – the land-based players who actually started with $265, the amount needed for $5 play and the online players who started with just $52 making $1 bets.


The instructions were simple –

Play prudently using Power Baccarat’s Profit Multiplying Plan. 

Keep track of your results.

Then send in your reports.

We’ll be waiting to see how you do.


It didn’t take long for the reports to start coming in.

The first ones arrived from the online players the next day.

By the second day I was hearing from both online and land-based players.

And, these weren’t progress reports or requests for support.

These were reports on their final results!


These were from students who had completed the assignment and either turned $52 (for online play) or $252 (for land-based play) into $50,000!

We waited till everyone had reported in.

Then we analyzed the results.


We discovered that it only takes ten hours to turn $52 into $50,000 in online games!


And, in land-based games, anyone can turn $252 into $50,000 in just –

Are you holding your breath?

15 hours of land-based play!


So, take your choice –

You can win $50,000 in ten hours playing online, or

Win $50,000 in 15 hours in a land-based game.


Either way, no other system can match the speed and reliability of Power Baccarat.

Are you ready to win $50,000 in 10 to 15 hours?

We’ll give you the Complete Step-by-Step Plan in How to Turn $52 Into $50,000 in Ten Hours With Power Baccarat!




This program comes with my complete "No Questions Asked" One Year Guarantee. Instead of your typical 30-day money back guarantee, you have up to a year to use this powerhouse package any way you want –

You can play baccarat as a home-based business and easily set up as much as $25,000 a week in reliable profits.

You can play baccarat in any land-based casino and pull in huge profits, session after session!

You can vacation in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, London and Paris or take a cruise and easily pay for everything out of your roulette winnings.

Feel free to use the strategy any way you like for a FULL YEAR.

Now comes the truly amazing part of this No Nonsense Guarantee –

If you don’t win at least $25,000 using the Power Baccarat Strategy, just email me and I’ll send you a complete refund.   I will stand behind this no matter how much you make off of the strategy.



If you only make $24,999 please ask me for a refund. But, I’ll go one step further –

If you don’t feel that you’ve gotten at least ten times your money’s worth with this amazing rock-solid profit producer, just ask me for a refund.  


I can make this strong guarantee because – I know that if you only give this moneymaker a chance, you will be delighted with the results.

So that’s the deal. Just give the Power Baccarat Strategy a chance to show what it can do for you.  If you don’t make at least $25,000 or are unhappy with it for any reason, just let me know and I will make sure that you get a prompt and courteous refund! 




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