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From Greg Fletcher

Subject: New Limited Release of the Renzoni System – the Ultimate Winning Betting System!

You are just a couple of minutes away from learning about a 100% Proven, Foolproof Way to Win a Fortune off the Casinos!

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  • Why you don’t need any experience to start winning the first day you learn this powerful new way of betting and locking up profits!

My name is Greg Fletcher. If you are like me you are very skeptical about anyone who claims to have any easy way to make money – Especially if they are talking about a gambling system. Most of the systems offered today are simply rehashed versions of gambling systems that have been around over 100 years!

I am going to give you irrefutable proof that the Renzoni System, in its re-mastered form, is the superior way to play and win!

To back up this claim I am going to take you on a step-by-step tour of what is now called “the Ultimate Betting System!”

What’s more, you don’t have to take anything on faith! I am going to share with you completely documented proof that the upgraded Renzoni System is really the Absolute Best Betting System Ever Created!

In the next few pages I will lay out everything I can about the powerful, improved Renzoni System.  I’ll show you how you can join the small group of players who are pulling in huge winnings off casinos worldwide!


Tommy Renzoni, an old-time gangster and baccarat player, developed a winning system that worked for him.

He even wrote a couple of books about it.

However, until now, no one else could figure out how to win consistently with Tommy Renzoni’s system!

Now, the Results Are In!

We Developed a New Version of Renzoni’s System That Easily Beats the Games of Roulette, Craps, Baccarat and Mini-Baccarat!



The Upgraded Renzoni System’s Unique Betting Strategy Pulls in Large Wins with Amazing Consistency No Matter Where You Play!

This amazing betting system is unlike any strategy or system ever developed by making even-money bets in a casino! It is based on a unique way of using “Bet Positioning” that plays the trends that inevitably occur in casino games.

If you can picture yourself wining three, four, five or even more bets in a row, time after time, with each bet’s size increased “just the right amount,” then you can start to imagine the Full Power of Renzoni Betting!



Here’s Why Renzoni Betting is So Effective -

Most gamblers use a hit or miss approach in handling their bet sizes.

Some only increase their bets following losses. These players may have frequent wins but often suffer huge catastrophic losses

Others increase their bets following wins but don’t know how to time their bets or how to handle bet increases to ensure profitability. As a result, these players very seldom have winning sessions and often go home discouraged and broke!

The new perfected Renzoni System resolves the issues of when to raise bets after losses and when to raise bets following wins.


This unique system uses a new way of betting called “Position Betting” that perfectly times how you handle your bets.

With Position Betting you will jump on trends in a game. However, unlike most players you’ll do it safely and profitably using the Renzoni System’s powerful proven Bet Staging System.

When you are in a winning trend you will pull in winnings so fast that it is like printing your own money!

And, when the game is not trending you will set up just the right bets for this stage of betting.

One player called the Renzoni System the perfectly timed betting system.

I think you will agree!



Increasing Your Bets When You Are Winning is the Smart Way to Play – But Only If You Use the Renzoni Bet Timing System!

Increasing your bets when you are in a winning streak sounds like the smart way to bet.


But consider this –

Let’s say you are betting $10 a bet. You win three bets and then lose one.

If you are betting $10 each time you will have –


Flat Bets of $10 Each











Win or Loss





Amount Won





Cumulative Win






Making flat bets of $10 a round will net you $20 with three wins and one loss.


Let’s take a look at doubling your bet after each win. We have –


Double Bet After Each Win











Win or Loss





Amount Won





Cumulative Win





If we double our bets after each win, after winning three and losing one bet we end up with a loss of $10.


Here in a nutshell is the problem with doubling bets after wins. A single loss will wipe out one, two or three rounds of wins.


We tested, retested, revised, revamped and finally perfected Renzoni Betting. We discovered how to overcome this problem.

As a result we created a system whose win rate is 5.4 times its loss rate!

We sometimes double or even triple our bets after wins. However, we discovered a way to do this where we gain a 5.4 to one edge over the house!

And, with an edge this large we literally tore holes in the casino’s bankroll every time we played!



Let’s Take a Look at What Happens When You Turn this Perfected Renzoni Betting Strategy Loose on a Hapless Casino –

Because this strategy gives the player such a high edge over the casinos, this strategy is very safe!

When you use this strategy you know that you are going to win. The only real questions are your level of play and how fast you play.


Let me give you some examples of what our players experienced in thousands of games of real life play using this strategy.

As a $1 bettor (there are lots of $1 games online) you can play with just $30 and win a rock-solid $68 an hour!

You can quickly move up to $10 play online where you will average winning $708 an hour!


Just so we are clear –

We are talking about Net Winnings after deducting the costs of occasional losses, unlucky streaks and everything else that happens in real world play!

This it the bottom line – Your Take home Pay!


Furthermore, we are talking about real world play here. Anyone can set up a computer simulation to allow a system to win. The information I am sharing with you is based on real world play by real players!

Before we decided to give this system our approval our testers played 11,313 games in casinos all over the world including online casinos as well!

So when I tell you that as a $10 bettor online you will average winning $708 an hour, this is based on thousands of games played by real players in real casinos! It is a fact not just a supposition!


Let’s say you decide to start out as a $5 player in a land-based casino. I can tell you that in ten to twelve hours of play you can win $25,000!


Here’s how you’ll do it!

You will start out making $5 bets.  In less than two hours you’ll win enough to move up to making $10 bets.

In just a few more minutes, you can move up to $15 betting!

Now, continue this way growing the size of your bets as your winnings grow.

In just ten to twelve hours play you’ll turn $300 into $50,000!


Think what this means!

There are hundreds of roulette tables accepting $5 bets.

You can put this plan into effect in many different land-based as well as online casinos!

And, you aren’t limited to just playing and beating roulette.

The Renzoni System takes down baccarat like a perfected killing machine.

And, it rolls over craps like a bowling ball knocking down pins!

If you like $5 games you’ll love $10 games!

And, you’ll really like $25 betting. Most of our players kept increasing their bet sizes as their winnings sky rocketed.  As $100 betters in land-based casinos they averaged winning $3,540 an hour!

And, this system is just as lucrative online. Here, $25 betting will be your goal. You can start with as little as $30 making $1 bets. In about four hours you can move up to making $25 bets.


And, here’s a fact you can bank on –

As a $25 bettor playing online you are going to average winning $1,770 an hour!

The Awesome Power of Trend-Reaction Bet Placement

How do most players pick where bet?

Let’s say you are a roulette player betting on red and black.

Do you bet on the last color that showed?

Is this the start of a trend?

Do you like to bet that a trend will continue?

Or, maybe you like to bet that a trend will end?


Players talk about trends but what are they?

If the color red shows three times in a row, most players would say the trend is for red to win. Then they place a bet on red and black shows. Sound familiar?

If you are in this situation what do you do?

Do you try betting red again?  Do you change to betting on black?  What about just pulling your hair out in frustration?

That’s just about how a lot of players feel.

Now there’s a better way.


It’s called Trend-Reaction or TR Betting.

It’s a different way of picking where you bet!

Instead of just betting that a trend may continue it goes way beyond that!

TR Betting picks up on patterns of bets that most players never see.

If the decisions are R R R R you’ll probably catch that.

Or if they are B B B you’ll notice.

But what about R B B R B R R?


Do you know how to pick the trend with these bet outcomes?

Most players would just scratch their heads. 

“Maybe if I could play with a computer you think!”

Yet you don’t need a computer to play and win at patterns like this. All you need to know is TR Betting.



TR Betting is a Powerful Pattern-Based Bet Selection System that Finds Trends in all Games with Even-Money Bets`

TR Betting has been called the most powerful bet selection system for roulette.

Baccarat players swear by it saying its almost like playing with a crystal ball.

And, if you love craps but are tired of losing you are going to love TR Bet Selection.



However, TR Bet Selection is Just the Beginning!

With TR Bet Selection we find trends where other players only find misery. It picks out winning trends that others never spot.

But, there is more to this system than knowing how to play trends!

The other part of the system is Scaling Your Bets to slaughter the casinos!

The Renzoni System is at its heart a system that thrives on streaks of multiple wins increasing its bets as it wins.


In order to do this it needs two components –

The first part is knowing where to bet.

The second part is knowing exactly how to set up the right size bets to consistently win!

TR Bet Selection shows us where to bet.

And Bet Scaling tells us how much to bet to consistently win!


With Bet Scaling we start with Position Betting.

Then, based on our wins and losses, we Scale our bets to match the trends.

Sometimes we win straight up. This is fun and it makes you feel super smart.

But, this is always the way things turn out.

Usually, the casino puts up more of a fight.


We increase our bets and grab some profits. Then we back off. We increase our bets again, lock up some winning and then back off.

This is the kind of betting that drives the casino bosses crazy. When they watch us playing they can’t figure out what we are doing.

Bet Scaling goes way beyond using a conventional betting progression.

We follow trends, pull in wins and then back off.

We have a couple of losses and quickly adjust.

Then we hit another win streak and pull in more wins scaling our bets up at just the right amounts.


Someone watching us play, who doesn’t know this system, will wonder what the hell we are doing.  But one thing they will notice –

Our winnings continue to build with the powerful combo of TR Bet Selection and Bet Scaling!  


Taming the Problem of “Up-As-You-Win” Betting!

My “day job” is trading stocks, commodities, exchange traded funds and derivatives. I use technical analysis of price behavior, trend forecasting, charting and market sense to make money.


In addition to my trading skills I have developed winning systems for both blackjack and baccarat. I thought it would be interesting (and highly profitable) to come up with a trend-following system for casino games.

Naturally, I went to Martin Silverthorne who is the current reigning expert on gambling systems.

I told him what I wanted to do.

Martin looked thoughtful. “You want to do what Tommy Renzoni did.”

I didn’t know who Tommy Renzoni was so Martin explained.

“Tommy cut his teeth in the casinos in Cuba before Castro took over and drove the casinos out.

“He moved from Havana to Las Vegas and got the first baccarat game going at the Sands Casino back in the early sixties.

“Tommy was not only a casino operator but he was a baccarat player as well. I’ve read both of his books and I suggest you read them.”

He handed me the books and continued. “I mention Tommy Renzoni because his system was a trend following system. And, he increased his bets as he won.


I looked at Martin. “It sounds like he solved the problem I want to solve a long time ago. How come I haven’t heard about his system?”

Martin smiled. “He talks about his system in his books. He even gives examples of his bets. The problem is, it doesn’t work as he described it.”

Martin pulled out a folder. “I’ve got a study here that shows that Tommy’s style of betting has about a 90% loss rate.”

My face fell. “That’s pretty bad. Someone with a 90% loss rate trading stocks wouldn’t last long.”

Martin nodded. “Exactly. Except I happen to know that Tommy Renzoni was a pretty big winner.”

I thought for a minute. “Maybe he’s not telling us something.”

Martin smiled. “Tommy never explained how to overcome the 90% loss rate built into his style of betting.”


I wasn’t sure what Martin wanted me to do. He told me, “Read Tommy’s books first. They are fun reads. Then tackle the problem of figuring out how to make his betting system work.”

I sighed. “Sounds like quite an assignment.”

Martin came back with, “It is. But it’s well work solving this puzzle. If you can figure out how to find trends, then increase your bets as you win without creating constant losses, you may have the best gambling system of all time in your hands.”

He gave me some suggestions and then told me, “Tackle the betting problem first. Maybe you can create a practical way to win with this system!”



Learning How to Play the Trends!

I read Tommy Renzoni’s books and I wasn’t much wiser than before I read them. The first problem I discovered is that Tommy never really described how to find the trend or defined what he meant by a trend.

I gathered from his books that he would just keep playing until a trend would finally appear and then he would go into action raising his bets and raking in the money.


Of course I knew that this wasn’t the way that gambling worked in the real world. Most games are choppy with very few playable trends using a system like Tommy’s. I decided my number one problem was to come up with a playing system that I could use while the game was chopping up and down and not lose money waiting for a trend to show.

I had some ideas based on position sizing that I had used with stock trading. I reviewed my notes, studied game patterns at roulette, baccarat and even craps, and I finally found a solution!



It’s Called Position Betting and It is the Perfect Way to Play Between Trends!

Position Betting is where you will always start your play with Renzoni Betting. It is sort of a neutral form of betting.

However, Position Betting also packs a wallop. You can make real money with Position Betting.

It’s main function is to set up transition bets to playing the trends.

Once a trend starts you will move into Bet Multiplication Mode!

This is the most exciting part of Renzoni Betting!



Taking Down the House with Bet Multiplication!

Bet multiplication sounds a little like something you had to memorize in fourth grade.

But it is nothing like the multiplication tables you learned in grade school.

Instead, it is a revolutionary way of playing trends that allows you to increase your bets at just the right rate.


“Just the Right Rate” means you will increase your bets when winning but at such a rate that you won’t give back your winnings when the trend ends.

You’ll recall the player who doubled his bets when winning and ended up losing most of the time.

With Multiplication Betting, you’ll increase the size of your bets but at just the right rate to multiple your winnings safely!

With the development of Bet Multiplication I felt like I had pretty much solved the issues Tommy Renzoni failed to solve.

I emailed this enhanced version of Renzoni Betting to Martin Silverthorne. I got back a reply in about a week –

Martin Emailed Me Back – “You’ve Only Solved Half of the Problem!”

Martin didn’t mince any words.

“Your solution to betting seems pretty good. However, you still need to do some work on where you place your bets.”


He went on to explain that I really hadn’t resolved the issue of the Bet Selection System needed to catch and profit from trends.

“You still need to define exactly what a trend is and then create a way to catch these trends as quickly and easily as possible.”


We had several long phone calls after this. Finally he sent me a treatise on bet selection, something so complex that only a numbers guy like me could appreciate it.  However, it got me to thinking about trends.

I spent a couple of days just defining what a trend would be.

It started with the obvious “like string” of repeating decisions like Red, Red, Red or Black, Black, Black!

By the time I got finished I realized that there were many more playable trends.  You could play trends like R B R B or B B R B R or B B R B R R and so many more.

Once I knew the scope of the problem I set about creating the solution!


TR Betting is Created!

After much experimentation and lots of testing I created Trend-Reaction Betting. TR Betting is way beyond anything Tommy Renzoni described in his books.


With TR Betting all kinds of trends, and what I call anti-trends, can be profitably played.

Best of all, I created a simple formula to set up and keep track of TR Betting.

Unlike other systems which require keeping track of many, many decisions, with TR Betting you only have to know –

Where did you bet last time?

Did you win or lose?

That’s it. That’s all you have to know to use TR Betting. While others are setting up and trying to keep track of the outcomes of two, three or more decisions, all you have to know is how you bet last time and whether you won or lost!



Testing Renzoni Betting Combined with TR Bet Selection!

At this point I wanted to test the system. I signed onto my favorite online casino. On the first night I played roulette making $10 bets.

In two hours I won $1,290.


The next night I played baccarat for only a couple of hours and won $1,092.

I knew the system was good. Bet selection was just about perfect. I was able to play traditional trends as well as anti-trends and purely choppy outcomes.


However, I felt like my bet sizing still needed some refining. I sent everything to Martin again. This time he came back to me with –

“This is an Almost a Perfect System!”

However, you need to fine tune the Renzoni Betting System a little more.

All We Needed Was a Little Backup Betting!

Martin pointed out what he perceived as an area that needed improvement.

“Your weak area is with the Multiplier Betting. It steps up just fine when it is winning. The problem is when it loses too soon.”


He showed me the problem. After he pointed it out I had to agree with him: With my old style of play I had been giving up at least a couple of hundred dollars in winnings every couple of hours.

I had an idea right away. “Sometimes the best way to handle a losing trade is a bounce back trade.” I explained.

Martin was enthusiastic. I started working on a solution.  This one was fairly easy –

“The way to bounce back more quickly is to add a string of Backup Bets.

I mapped the bets out and detailed how they could be used. Then I decided to test this final version of the Renzoni System,


Testing the Integrated System!

I signed on to the same online casino again. I played roulette for two hours at the same bet level as my last test. However –

This time I won $1,472 in two hours compared to $1,290 the last time. 

Then I played baccarat, once again at the same level as the last time.

Results –

In my first test I won $1,092.

This time, I brought in an amazing $1,529.

I was impressed. I tested it some more then emailed my results to Martin.



Two Days Later I Heard from Martin Again

After two pages of analysis and comments he hit me with,

“Why don’t you come out next week? I’d like to play this system with you!


We Pull in Nice Wins at Our New Headquarters – Silverton, Las Vegas’s Best Kept Secret!

Per Martin’s suggestion I flew into Las Vegas the following week and checked into Silverton, which Martin called Las Vegas’s best kept secret.

Located south of the famous Las Vegas Strip, Silverton has luxurious guest rooms featuring dark hardwood furniture, leather couches, pillow-top mattresses and gorgeous tile bathrooms.

Martin explained when he met me there that –

“Silverton also has great restaurants from the Sundance Grill, where we’ll meet to take our breaks, to the Twin Creeks Steakhouse which is as good or better than any of Las Vegas’s famous chophouses.”

Even though Martin lives in Las Vegas he decided to check into Silverton. He explained,

“I wanted to experience what any gambler might experience who visited Las Vegas and used the Renzoni System!


We started our play at Silverton. I wanted to try the Renzoni System at baccarat. Martin decided to give the system a tryout at roulette.

I found a mini-baccarat table which suited my tastes and started playing making $25 bets.

Twenty-five dollar betting is a good betting level for Las Vegas Mini-Baccarat as nearly all of the tables in town accept play at this level.

I started out with Position Betting and on my second bet I got a signal to change my betting to Multiplication Betting – the bets used to profit from trends.

I got three quick wins followed by a loss. I switched back to Position Betting and waited for the next trend signal.

It didn’t take long. I quickly changed back to Multiplication Betting. This time I got a signal to switch to Backup Betting, the bets that quickly offset any losses.

I tracked my bets by referring to a small Betting Strategy Card I carried with me. This card showed all of the bets used at this level of play. With the Betting Strategy Card at hand, foolproof play was easy!

I took a break from play and met with Martin.


He was making $50 bets playing roulette. He told me, “I just won six bets in a row. This system is just killing the roulette game.”

We continued our play for the rest of the day – about five hours of play  We played at a leisurely rate. As Martin put it, “These tables are open 24 hours a day. There is never any reason to bet in a hurry.

We finished our play and then met at Twin Creeks Steakhouse and compared notes.

I had won $5,090 making $25 bets. I figured anyone who wanted to could play at this level five days a week and easily bring in $50,000 a week.

Martin, playing roulette at the $50 betting level, won $9,648. He said, “I could have won ten grand but I took too many breaks. However, this is easily a $50,000 a week system.

We talked about play for the next day and called it a night.



We Beat SLS Las Vegas for close to $60,000!

The next day we moved to the north end of the Strip playing in the SLS Las Vegas.  This was previously the home of the legendary Sahara Hotel and once the bastion of the Rat Pack, Louis Prima and Keely Smith. It’s been transformed into a sleek new venue. Palm trees around the perimeter suggest a West Coast skyline and the casino is perfect for our style of fast “Hit and Run” gambling!

Today I decided to try my hand at craps. I was anxious to see how the Renzoni System held up against what many consider the most insidious game in the casino.

Martin said he felt like taking on baccarat and he headed off to a high-limit baccarat game.


With craps the main thing to do is to not get distracted by all of the crazy bets you can make all over the table.

The first time I set up a Pass Line bet the dealer asked me, “Odds sir.” I turned him down. “Just stick to the basics,”  I thought.

I had decided to play craps making $100 based bets. I set my Betting Strategy Card for $100 Betting in the tray at the top of the rail where the player’s chips are kept.

Soon I found that winning at craps was just as easy as beating roulette or baccarat. Just stick to the basics.


Position Betting was my starting betting mode. It wasn’t long until I was into a win streak using Multiplier Bets and watching my winnings grow like wheat under a hot Kansas sun.

I found that using the Renzoni System at craps was actually relaxing. While other players scattered bets all over the layout and hoped for the best, I just calmly played my trend beating system and racked up the wins.


By the time I quit play I had pulled in a nice $14,891 win. Martin, making $250 base bets at baccarat, had a bonanza-sized win of $43,371!

We compared our play later. Even though we were both looking for flaws in the system or areas we could improve, we couldn’t come up with any areas needing attention.

I told Martin, “I think we’ve got this system tuned just about right.”

Ever cautious, he said, “We’ll see. We still have some higher level play to do tomorrow.



We Win $124,000 Playing at the Palms!

When most players think of the Palms they think of the nightclubs and lounges. However, as Martin explained to me it also has a large casino and offers great gaming!


Today we decided to change games. I was to play roulette and I had decided to gin the system up and make $200 bets.

Martin admitted that craps was still his favorite game and he headed to the craps pit. He decided some $500 a bet craps play was just what he needed!


I found a roulette table catering to higher-level players, exchanged cash for chips and started playing.

I found my favorite spot mid-table where the colors red and black were right in front of me. I used casino chips rather than the colored roulette chips as these are easier to track. I pulled out my Betting Strategy Card for $200 Bets and I was ready to go.

There is really little difference between using the Renzoni System at roulette vs baccarat except for the zeros on the roulette wheel. The zeros don’t present much of a problem with this system. At the worst, you might have to use Backup Betting a little more often than with baccarat.

The table where I was playing stayed mostly empty which was fine with me as the dealer played faster. In general, casino managers like faster games. Since most players are losers, then a faster game just helps them lose faster. And, of course the house wins faster.


However, a faster game played right into my hands with Renzoni Betting. With its rapid-fire system of changing bets to match the table it was perfect for a faster game, and I won a little faster than I might have otherwise.

A $200 roulette player does attract a little attention. A casino boss watched my play for a few minutes then seemed to lose interest. At roulette the casino’s greatest fear is a player hitting numbers straight up paying off at 35 to 1. I guess my play on even-money bets didn’t concern them.

However, I was quite pleased at my win rate.  I figured I was winning about $7,000 an hour using this system.  And the casino bosses had no idea that I could win this amount hour after hour with no real fear of a sizable loss. It was like playing a rigged game, but one rigged in my favor and not theirs!

I took several breaks and when I felt I had put in enough play I met with Martin. We didn’t feel like dining fancy so we headed to Silverton’s Sundance Grill for dinner.


We compared notes. I had won $37,365 playing roulette, a personal high. I told Martin about one game where I hit a nine-bet winning streak and ran right into the house limit on bets.

He listened patiently until I asked him how the craps play had gone. He shrugged his shoulders then handled me his game summary. The total for the day read: $87,312 Win.

I looked at him almost in awe. “I’ll take care of the dinner tab,” he grinned.  Calmly and without any hassles whatsoever, he and I had won $124,000 playing at the Palms.

I said, ”I know a nightclub where can toast the Renzoni System after we eat.”



The Next Day We Met at Martin’s House, Sat Out by His Pool and Discussed Our Play

We slept in the next morning. We had scrambled egg burritos and mimosas for breakfast courtesy of Martin’s lovely wife Diane.

Martin handed me a summary of three days play.

I studied it still not quite believing that we had won close to $200,000 playing about five hours a day each for three days.


Martin told me, “You know this puts this system among the highest winning systems of all time.”

I questioned his statement. “There are systems out there that the whales win millions with. We didn’t win millions of dollars.”

He gave me sort of a sardonic smile. “But we could have. We weren’t betting $10,000 a round like some whales. I think this system can equal or beat any other system. If you want to win more just bet higher!”


Summary of Three Days of Play




Hourly Win Rate































Before We Went Any Further I Felt Like We Had to Make Using the Renzoni System a Little Bit Easier!

The Renzoni System is really not hard to play. It has a natural flow where you are easily able to transition from each different style of betting while at the same time tracking where to bet.

Martin and I had played the system fairly easily just carrying pocket-sized Betting Strategy Cards with us. We had set up a Betting Strategy Card for each level of betting. So, it didn’t matter if we wanted to make $5 or $100 bets. All we had to do is carry the Strategy Card with us and refer to it occasionally.

Martin thought the system worked pretty well, but I wanted to see if there were a way to make it even easier to use.

I contacted a friend of mine who specializes in using software to automate stock trading programs. 


I contacted Remy (yes, that’s really his name) and gave him all of the information.  Martin helped him with simulation programs he could use for the casino games.

I turned him loose and then waited to hear back.

Remy got back to me six weeks later. He had developed a prototype for bet tracking.

It took two more months to finally get the Renzoni Bet Tracker completed.

I couldn’t wait to try it out.


Gambling with the Renzoni Bet Tracker

The Renzoni Bet Tracker is really easy to use. You just set it up for your level of betting. Then all you have to do is follow the suggested play shown by the Bet Tracker.

I first tried out the Renzoni Bet Tracker online. I set it next to my laptop, logged on to my favorite online casino, and started playing roulette.

The Bet Tracker performed flawlessly. All I had to do was glance at the Bet Tracker before each round of play. It showed me where to bet and how much to bet.

I played roulette for a little over an hour and I had to admit that playing with the Bet Tracker was not only fun but made playing just about completely automatic.

I tried craps next and then finished off with some baccarat play.

All in all I was very satisfied with the Renzoni Bet Tracker.

I thought, “Some lucky players are going to kick some serious ass using this Bet Tracker!”



The “Test and Verify Project”

Since I had worked with Martin before I knew what the next phase was.

“I think its time to test and verify the Renzoni System, don’t you?”

Martin looked at me funny then smiled. “You’re starting to sound like me.”

I had eleven or twelve people I had worked with before that I could contact to test this system.

Martin told me he had a lot of veteran testers but he wanted to try something different.

“I want to get a number of testers who have never even gambled before. I think it will be more interesting and maybe even a better test.”


Martin is a whiz at online advertising and he set up a series of announcements to recruit new players.

And recruit we did. By the time we combined his group of players with my group of players we had a total of 51 players.

“Now if we can just get 25 validated games per player we’ll have a statistically valid test.”

“That seems like a lot of work,” I commented.

“It is, but I’ve got a man who will stay in contact with the players and keep track of their play”

I met Max, the person Martin thought would be good at coordinating the Test and Verify Project.

We worked out the details.  

We made sure that each player had complete information for winning with the system.

Each player got:

·        Information on how to play roulette, craps and baccarat.

·        Information on playing in both land-based and online casinos.

·        A list of preapproved online casinos.

·        A Player’s Manual showing them how to play the system.

·        A Video Course giving step-by-step examples of how to play

·        Complete access to Martin or me if they had any questions.


We trained them then turned them loose on the world’s casinos!


Jim P. Wins a Fortune Playing Roulette in Las Vegas!

Jim P., who lives in Phoenix, Arizona, played in Las Vegas. He said:

“One of my objectives was to only play on single-zero wheels and I found my best play was at Mirage on their $25 to $100 minimum wheels.

“I started at the $25 level and played at this level long enough to get an accurate measure of my winnings. I averaged winning $883 an hour making $25 bets.

”I gradually increased the size of my bets as my bankroll grew. I ended up making $350 bets playing in the high-limit room. At this level my winnings averaged $8,838 an hour 

“Even though I beat them badly, the Mirage was a good sport about it and never hassled me. I ended up winning $117,390 over the course of three weeks.

“I am going back in three weeks. I’ve got a comped room and free meals. What is there not to like?”



James T. Was an Online Player, Winning $78,491 his first month!

James T. played in one of our recommended online casinos - Bovada Casino. He primarily played baccarat and is a big fan of the Renzoni System Bet Tracker. He says:

“The Renzoni System is the perfect system for online baccarat. Baccarat tends to develop long winning streaks and this is the system to use. My longest winning run was eight wins straight, which carried my bet size right to the house limit.

I played in games ranging from $5 betting (where I averaged winning $357 an hour) all the way up to $25 bets – good for winning $1,826 an hour!

“This is one fantastic system. I have decided to turn pro. I gave my notice at work yesterday.

“I am heading to Las Vegas next week to turn this system loose on the higher limit baccarat games.

“By the way – I love the Renzoni Bet Tracker. It makes beating the casinos so simple I almost feel like I am cheating!”



Chris S. Soundly Beats the casino in Niagara Falls!

Chris S. lives in Massachusetts and decided to take a holiday just across the U.S. border in Niagara, Ontario, Canada.

He ended up playing mini-baccarat in the casino for two weeks with a net win of $211,915. 


Here’s what he told me:

”This experience has been more fun that anything I can think of (other than Becky Sue in fifth grade, ha ha).

“The employees in this casino were super nice. I started out making $50 bets where I averaged winning $557 an hour.

”I worked my way up to $300 bets winning over $11,000 an hour at this level.

“I never thought I would win over $200,000, but the system is so strong I just kept playing and winnings.

“I extended my stay nine days longer than I had planned, but who can complain when you are making money like this.”



Rick A. Takes Down Mystic Lake Casino in Minnesota

Rick likes craps. He took on the craps game at Mystic Lake Casino. Here’s what he told me:

“I used the Renzoni System to just make shambles of their craps game.

”Making $100 bets I averaged winning $2,458 an hour. However, I had one game with a seven win streak where I won $9,027.

“I gradually moved up to $500 betting. At this level I got the full attention of management although they didn’t interfere with my right to play. I kept track of my play at this level – I won $15,893 an hour!

“They told me they didn’t get many craps players of my caliber and actually invited me back with a slew of freebies.

“I’ve got to hand it to you guys – this system just rocks!”

Dean S. Takes Online Roulette to New Levels!

Dean had a tremendous run playing European Roulette at Silver Oak Casino. Dean says,

“I can’t say enough good things about the Renzoni System. I played it three or four times a week for three weeks and won $58,375.

“Tracking my play I found I averaged winning $194.58 an hour with bets ranging from $3 to $5.

“Considering I started with just a $100 deposit this is just outstanding.

“I am taking your advice and adding some other online casinos to my play list.

“Thanks for your help and for the best winning system I’ve ever seen!”

Kent N. Dug a Big Hole in the Hippodrome’s Bankroll!

Kent was another roulette player. He played on the single-zero wheels in the Hippodrome in London.  Kent was very enthusiastic about his experience:

“My bets ranged from £10 to £500 minimum bets where I averaged winning from £471 to £23,908 an hour!

“I played off and on for three weeks until they told me my play was a little too good for them and suggested I try another casino for a spell.

“I guess I can sympathize with them – I hit them for £723,000 [$969,000 USD].

”Fortunately there are many other casinos in London and even more in France. I am looking forward to bringing in some more heavy hauls!”



Jonathan F. Defeats Planet Seven Casino!

Jonathan F. was another baccarat player. He played at Planet Seven Casino and won “bunch of money.” Here’s what Jonathan said:

“This is all new to me so I appreciated your help in picking a good place to play online.

“Baccarat was a natural choice for me since it offers the best odds and is really easy to play.

“My minimum bets ranged from $10 and $50. As a ten dollar player I averaged winning $718 an hour.

“Fifty dollar play was my favorite level with average winnings of $3,480 an hour.

“I won a total of $32,839 playing here and I am setting up other accounts in other online casinos.

“You may say I won a bunch of money and enjoyed every minute of it!”



Hans Z. Beats the Casino Cosmopol in Stockholm, Sweden!

Hans played on the single-zero roulette wheel in Casino Cosmopol. He wrote me:

“I just finished two weeks of playing roulette here in Stockholm. My bets ranged from $25 Krona to $2,000 Krona [$1 US equals 8.6 Krona].

“My winnings averaged from $105 to $8,345 an hour.

“I wrapped up my play yesterday with a nice win of $1,080,842 Krona (about $125,680).

“I am totally impressed with the Renzoni System. It is an obvious winner at roulette!”



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where as max1957@aol or max1957 are INCORRECT)



How Much Can You Expect to Win?

One of the reasons we like to test a system using real players in real world casinos is that their experiences give us a much better idea of how other players will do when they use the system.

Our record keeper, Max, kept meticulous records of our players’ win rates so that we could offer you very good insights into how much you can expect to win using the Renzoni System.

The table below shows the win rates of play ranging from $1 bets up to $100 bets.


Renzoni System Winnings per Hour

Base Bet

Game Bankroll

Land-Based Hourly Winnings (100 spins per hour)

Online Hourly Winnings (200 spins per hour)























































While your play rate can vary from this table, it will still give you an idea of what to expect.

Let’s take online play for instance. Here, you should have a bankroll of $60 to start play at the $1 level. However, you can “cheat” and use the online casino’s signup bonus as part of your bankroll. Many online casinos offer 100% bonuses for signing up. You could deposit just $30 and with the $30 signup bonus have the $60 bankroll.

Here, playing at about 200 spins per hour, you will win $68 an hour. Play for an hour and you will have enough to move up to making $2 bets.


As a $2 bettor you will average winning $136 an hour!

Play a little longer and you can move up to making $3 bets and winning $212 an hour!

You can see how this system works. As your winnings build you will increase the size of your bets and give yourself a raise.

Online you can quickly move up to $25 betting and bring in $1,770 an hour.

Remember, these amounts are based on actual performance of real players. There is no reason you shouldn’t do just as well or even better!



There Is Almost No Limit to Your Winnings in Land-Based Casinos!

In land-based play you will probably start at the $5 betting level. This is a comfortable level of play where you can win $177 an hour.

You can quickly increase the size of your bets as your winnings grow.

As a ten-dollar bettor you’ll average winning $354 an hour!

And, making $25 bets you’ll win $885 an hour!


It really gets interesting when you move up to making higher bets.

As a $100 bettor you’ll win an average of $3,540 an hour.

Move up to $500 bets and your winnings will average $17,700 an hour (I know this sounds almost unreal but we have players doing this).


If you have ever wanted to become a genuine “high-roller” (what the casino bosses call a “whale”) this is the best system for it.

With its ability to follow up on winning streaks by increasing bets as the streak continues, there is no real limit to how much a player can win!

We have had some players win over $32,000 an hour using the Renzoni System!

There is no reason that you can’t do this too!


Here’s Proof That You, Too, Can Pull in Thousands of Dollars a Day Using the Renzoni System!

·        The Renzoni System has been tested and proven to beat roulette, craps, baccarat and mini-baccarat!

·        It is easy to learn and gives you a tremendous 5.4 to 1 edge over the casinos!

·        This is not just my opinion but a fact proven by 11,313 documented games played by real players!


The Renzoni System Easily Beats Every Version of Roulette, Craps, Baccarat and Mini-Baccarat offered today!

·        It beats both single and double-zero versions of roulette!

·        It beats the weird California version of roulette!

·        It beats all versions of American and European roulette!

·        It beats the roulette games in land-based casinos!

·        It beats roulette games offered online!

·        It beats electronic versions of roulette found in smaller casinos!


But, the Renzoni System Does More Than Beat Roulette in Every Form! It Also Offers Full Player-Advantage Baccarat Play!

·        The Renzoni System beats all versions of mini-baccarat!

·        It beats the full size versions of baccarat offered in high-bet limit rooms of luxurious casinos!

·        It beats all versions of online baccarat!

·        It has been proven to be such a fantastic baccarat system that we have a record number of players opting to become Baccarat Pros!


And, The Renzoni System Offers Player Advantage Craps Play!

·        The Renzoni System works with all versions of craps except Crapless Craps (which is found in only a few casinos).

·        It is an excellent system for online craps which can be played super fast turning it into a favorite for online players!

·        It is the best trend following system for land-based versions of craps.

·        Our play has proven that if you want to beat the casinos then you only need to learn the Renzoni System!




Talk About Versatility, We Won at Every Level Where We Played!

·        We easily beat $1 games offered online and turned them into mini-money machines!

·        We won game after game when we played with $100 minimum bets!

·        We consistently beat the casino games worldwide – from Las Vegas to London!

·        We beat the games in the high-bet limit rooms in plush Las Vegas casinos!

·        We beat the games in the rough and tumble Tunica Mississippi casinos 

·        We easily beat the games in Native American casinos from Connecticut to California!

·        We just rolled over the games in Australia, Macau and South Aftrica!

·        We gained maximum advantage playing online using the awesome power of the Renzoni System Bet Tracker!

·        We proved without any doubt that anyone using this system can run their bankroll from $30 to $50,000 in less than a week!



No Experience is Needed to Instantly Learn How to Use the Renzoni System to Win Wherever You Like to Play!

The Renzoni’s System proven ability to consistently beat casinos worldwide is truly amazing!

You may be thinking that you are reading about the exploits of a highly trained group of professional gamblers who trained for months to develop the skills needed to win.

If you have watched any of the movies on blackjack teams, you’ve seen how the players drilled, re-drilled, practiced and polished their skills for months before they were able to play and win at blackjack!

It might make a more interesting story if I could recount our hours and days of rigorous practice.

But, that is not what happened and everything on this site is dedicated to revealing nothing but the truth about using the Renzoni System.


So, even though it may not be as exciting as practicing for months in secret, here’s what actually happened –

Most of our players were, at best, rank amateurs when it came to playing casino table games!

Many of them had never played a casino table game before joining the Renzoni System Test Team!

Some of them had technical backgrounds like accounting or engineering but most of them didn’t.

Our players were of all ages from age 22 to 86.

Both sexes participated, although there were more men then women.

But the most critical aspect for you to keep in mind is that each of our winning players received the same training you will receive when you download my course.

Each player learned about how to play the games of roulette, craps, baccarat and mini-baccarat.

Each player received my course on how to use this strategy. This course includes a Player’s Manual as well as a Complete Video Course!

Every player received the critical tool for their success – our Renzoni System Bet Tracker! You’ll get your own Bet Tracker when you order the course!

Each of our players got our Insiders’ List of Pre-approved Online Casinos! These are the casinos with fair games and are the same casinos our players played in and won!

Each of our players got information on how they could practice online for Free. They also got lots of examples of how to play and win!

Our players didn’t have any advantages that you won’t have. You will have access to expert help by email 24/7! In fact, you’ll have an edge our players didn’t have because you will have the benefit of the 11,313 games we played to evaluate and perfect this system!


Online Player Wins $7,468 in One Day!

“Last week I moved up from making $10 bets to making $25 bets playing online. I played in four different pre-approved online casinos.

“My first day as a $25 bettor was just spectacular. I played about five hours in my four favorite casinos and won $7,468! This is just fantastic. I am going to set up a playing schedule so that I can win $50,000 a week!

Len S. – Plano, Texas

Here’s What You Can Expect Using the Renzoni System . . .

·        You’ll be able to learn this system quickly, even if you’ve never been in a casino!

·        You’ll be able to practice it for free in an online casino that allows free practice with no strings attached!

·        You’ll be able to get started with almost no money. Thirty dollars is all you need to start playing and winning online!

·        You’ll really be able to win from $68 to $3,540 an hour, depending on where you play and your level of play!

·        You’ll be able to beat the casino games of roulette, craps and baccarat in land-based, online games and even the electronic versions of the games!

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·        You’ll be able to win very quickly.  Our average land-based game only took 13 minutes. And, online was even quicker – each game took less than seven minutes!

·        You’ll get a complete set of pocket-sized Betting Strategy Cards you can take with you. There is no need to memorize anything!

·        You’ll be able to play flawlessly using the Renzoni System Bet Tracker. Our record using the Bet Tracker is just amazing. You’ll be able to do just as well!

·        You’ll be able to turn pro once you have this course. You’ll have everything you need to consistently win and take out huge profits every day!

Are You a Little Nervous About Playing in a Casino With a Group of Strangers? Don’t Worry. We’ve Got You Covered!

When I shared the Renzoni System with some of my friends I discovered that a few of them were pretty anxious about playing with a bunch of strangers.

This is probably like stage fright. Since the idea of playing to win and actually consistently taking money from the casinos was something new to them, they were concerned about making foolish mistakes. And, they didn’t know how people would react when they sat down and saw the Renzoni System Bet Tracker on the table.

I want you to relax. You don’t have to play with a group of strangers to win a fortune with the Renzoni System!


Some of our most successful players specialize in Online Play!

Playing in one or more of our Pre-Approved Online Casinos our players have won millions of dollars safely!

The Renzoni System is perfect for online play. And we give you everything you need to know to become a highly paid online winner!


Let’s take a look at some of the advantages you will have playing online –

·        You’ll be able to play and win without leaving home!

·        You’ll be able to set your own hours of play!

·        You won’t need much money to play - $30 is all you need to get started!

·        You can practice for free! You’ll only play for real money when you are ready!

·        No one will be watching your play.

·        You will play at your own pace!


And, as a Special Bonus, the Renzoni System Bet Tracker is perfect for online play!


But, there are even more advantages to playing online!

·        Because online games are faster than land-based games you will win at a faster rate!

·        Many online games are more “player favorable” than land-based games!

·        It is easier to manage your money playing online!

·        With online play you can take a break whenever you want!

But there are even more reasons why online play offers unique advantages!

·        We’ll tell you exactly where to play so you can win and get paid just like our other players!

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You Can Also Win a Fortune Playing in Land-Based Casinos!

·        Land-based play offers the advantage of much higher betting limits!

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Here’s Just Some of What’s Included with the Renzoni System Course. You’ll Get -

·        A complete Player’s Manual. This manual shows you how to use the Renzoni System to play and win at roulette, baccarat and craps. It will be the key to your success in beating the casinos!

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The Renzoni System Turnkey Winning Package will give you everything you need to easily win $5,000 a day!

·        If you want to use this knowledge to make frequent trips to a gambling destination such as Las Vegas or London five or six times a year, you can do so!

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I can truly say, without any immodesty, that this is one of the finest courses I have ever seen!  This is truly a Turnkey Winning Package set up to give you every advantage to becoming a highly paid winner!

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In short, we have done everything humanly possible in ensure your success using the Renzoni System!


The Renzoni System is much more than a gambling strategy. It can become the key to a better way of life with more money available than you have ever had before!

If you just want a fun way to win $5,000 anytime you like, that’s fine, you can do it with the Renzoni System!

On the other hand, if you need a complete program that shows you how to make $5,000 today, and again tomorrow and the day after that, this program will be perfect for you!

I know that this course is easily worth $5,000! From my viewpoint, I really don’t care if I sell it or not. At my level of play, I can easily make from $25,000 to $35,000 a day while having a blast!

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But, it is for Martin Silverthorne. He was the one who pushed me in the right direction to develop this winning system and I must bend to his wishes.


That’s why we are offering you the deal of a lifetime –



The Standard Price for the complete Renzoni System Turnkey Winning Strategy Course is $500! This is really a great deal! As a $10 bettor playing online you can win this amount in just 43 minutes!

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Bonus #1 –  How to Play and Win at Online Roulette! (a $40 Value)

Online roulette play offers blistering profits. This manual takes you through all of the rules of online play for both American and European roulette.  You’ll learn everything from how to make corner and neighbor bets to how to place a Voisins du Zero wager. 

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·         You'll learn which online versions of roulette you must play!

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·         Complete information on variations in baccarat rules.



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Online Blackjack

Online Craps

Online Roulette

Online Baccarat

Online Video Poker

We’ll even give you a complete record-keeping guide you’ll use to keep track of your online winnings!

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You'll get -

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We started looking for a comprehensive directory of craps games in Las Vegas and we couldn't find one.  That's when we decided to put together our own Ultimate Craps Directory for Las Vegas.

If you want to know anything about the craps games offered by casinos in Las Vegas and the surrounding area, we've got it here!

We include complete information about the craps games available in every casino including minimums, maximums, table odds, proposition bets, and our insider notes and insights about the games.

This is the critical insider info you need to know to play and win at craps in Las Vegas!



Bonus #7 – The Ultimate Guide to Las Vegas  Baccarat! (a $40 Value

Las Vegas has more baccarat and mini-baccarat tables than any other city in the world.  This guide will show you where they are.  The locations of the best baccarat games are revealed.   

This guide will give you the information you need to find and play the most profitable baccarat games in Las Vegas!

Playing Baccarat using the Renzoni System is like minting your own money!  Here is the info you need to beat Las Vegas Baccarat!



Bonus #8  The Renzoni System Players’ Favorite Online Casinos (a $40 value)

I contacted every one of our players and asked them to rate each of the online casinos where they played using the Renzoni System!

Our first and foremost criterion to be included on this exclusive list was profitability.  We have played in and won in each of these favorite online casinos.

But, there’s even more.  Besides being profitable, the casinos on this carefully chosen list:  

·         Are easy to work with.  

·         Are available to US players. 

·         Offer the best versions of roulette. 

·         Have reputable software standing behind them.  

·         Are easy to contact and are available 24/7.


These are the Same Casinos where we use the Renzoini System to win thousands of dollars every week.  With this information, you will know exactly where to play online with the best chance of winning!



Bonus #9 – The Number One Online Casino!  (a $40 Value

This casino will become your number one choice of where to play and win using the Renzoni System. Here’s just some of what you’ll find when we share our number one pick –

This casino offers the best online odds for roulette, craps and baccarat!

What’s more it is backed by one of the best online software companies.

You won’t find any online  games that are fairer or that offer better odds of winning than these.

This casino offers no-hassle practice games. You don’t have to register or download anything, just click on your browser and start playing. And, you can always practice playing with no money risked, even after you start playing for real. 

This casino offers the best online support – bar none! Not only can you reach the casino personnel easily by email, they answer their phones quickly. And, here is a critical point – they don’t out-source their support. The in-house staff is knowledgeable and understands gambling and roulette.  I know you will appreciate the difference.

This casino not only accepts US players, it welcomes them. And, this casino is not in some third world country – it is headquartered in Canada. If you live in the US and are frustrated by restrictions on US customers – try this one.  I know you will like it!

You’ll get a 10% signup bonus when you decide to play here. And, there is no limit to the size of the bonus. If you want to deposit $10,000, you’ll get a $1,000 bonus. And, when you play roulette using the Renzoni System, all of your play counts towards your earning your bonus. This is a straight-forward and out-and-out great bonus program.

The casino is full service. It offers the best of casino games.  But, it also has a world renowned sportsbook. And, if you like poker, you will love their online poker rooms. What’s more, one deposit and one account is all you need to participate in all of these activities.

I thought I would save the best for last. You can pick up $3,000 Free at this casino.

What a great way to get started as a Rezoni System entrepreneur. Just sign on here, win a bundle using the Renzoni System and pick up an extra $3,000 for your trouble. We’ll show you how!


Bonus #10 – Renzoni System’s $50,000 a Week Win Plan! (a $40 Value)

Can you use an extra $50,000 this week?

What if you could win this amount in just 17 Hours?

And, what if all you needed to make this plan work was $30?

Sound impossible?

It’s not. In fact, this is a real plan followed by real players using the Renzoni System!

It has been used in both online and land-based casinos!

And it works!


We decided to reveal the plan in this “tell-all” book.

We’ll take you step-by-step from starting out with just $30 to winning $50,000!

And, you can do this in as little as 17 hours!


I can’t think of a better way to get started with the Renzoni System than winning $50,000 your first week!

Grab this amazing win plan now!



 his program comes with my complete "No Questions Asked" One Year Guarantee. Instead of your typical 30-day money back guarantee, you have up to a year to use this powerhouse package any way you want –

·         You can play roulette, craps or baccarat from home and instantly set up as much as $5,000 a day in reliable profits.

·         You can play in any land-based casino and simply blow the game away.

·         You can vacation in Las Vegas and pay for everything out of your gambling winnings.


Feel free to use the strategy any way you like for a FULL YEAR.

Now comes the truly amazing part of this No Nonsense Guarantee –

If you don’t win at least $25,000 using the Renzoni System just email me and I’ll send you a complete refund of your purchase price. 

I will stand behind this no matter how much you make off of the strategy.

If you only make $24,999 please ask me for a refund.
But, I’ll go one step further –

If you don’t feel that you’ve gotten at least ten times your money’s worth with this amazing rock-solid profit producer, just ask me for a refund.


I can make this strong guarantee because –

I know that if you only give this moneymaker a chance, you will be delighted with the results.

So that’s the deal. Just give the incredible Renzoni System a chance to show you just how much money you can make.

If you don’t make at least $25,000 or are unhappy with it for any reason, just let me know and I will make sure that you get a prompt and courteous refund!




Perhaps the Most Exciting Part of Becoming a Highly Paid Renzoni System Player is Making $2,000, $3,000 or $5,000 Your First Day!

I have shared with you the incredible advantages you will have with the Renzoni System!

·        You can get started with almost no money! We’ll show you how to get started playing with just $30 and quickly move up to winning $5,000 a day!

·        It is an easy system to learn.  You’ll not only get a Player’s Manual but a Complete Video Course showing you how to play and win!

·        You’ll learn the best betting system for catching a trend and then running up your winnings increasing bets as you win!

·        You’ll be able to win huge amounts of money off all casinos – land-based and online!


You May Have Forgotten the Most Important Part of this Turnkey Winning Plan –

This Package includes the Renzoni System Bet Tracker. This makes playing and winning super easy!  Your Bet Tracker will show you –

·        How much to bet when you get started making Position Bets.

·        When to move into the higher paying Multiplier Bets.

·        When you need to recoup making Backup Bets.

·        The size of every bet.

·        Where to place each bet.

·        When to lock up your profits and call a game finished.


It Has Never Been Easier to Make $5,000 a Day Every Day You Choose!

We have done all of the hard work of developing, testing and perfecting the Renzoni System!  All you have to do is download the course, watch the Video Course, set up the Renzoni System Bet Tracker and start playing and winning!

We’ve got one Renzoni System Turnkey Winner’s Kit waiting for you!

Yours for winning $5,000 a day with the Renzoni System!


Greg Fletcher


P.S. This is a very Special Offer!  We have one copy of the Renzoni System waiting for you. However, this is a Limited and Restricted Offer! If you don’t Act Now I may have to release your Winner’s Package to someone else!

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That’s why I am offering the Strongest Guarantee Ever! You have a Full Year to play and profit from the Renzoni System! And, I feel so strongly that this system will work for you that I guarantee that you must win at least $25,000 using it

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