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  • The Take Down Blackjack Manual.  This manual has everything you need to win a fortune riding the blackjack waves.  You'll get a complete professional level system that is fully explained with lots of examples of how to use the system to beat the casinos!

  • Take Down Blackjack Playing Strategy Cards.  This is a powerful new version of Basic Strategy that you can learn in less than 30 minutes.

  • A Complete Set of Take Down Blackjack Betting Cards.  Each card has all of the bets, the profits goal and a strategy summary for each level of play.  These cards cover all wagers from 25 cents to $500 a hand.  Just pick out the card that matches your level of play and start playing and winnings!

  • The Take Down Blackjack Playmaker.  This powerful Playmaker will totally automate your blackjack play!  Using it is as simple as setting up your level of play and then tracking and placing each bet in a game.  This is the proven way to play flawlessly.  What’s more, it is legal to take with you and a snap to use! 


Plus, you’ll get all of these terrific bonuses  

Bonus #1 – The Directory of US Casinos (a $40 Value)  

Bonus #2 - The Best Online Blackjack Casinos for Take Down Blackjack (a $40 Value)  

Bonus # 3 - How to Play Blackjack Like A Pro (a $40 value)  

Bonus # 4 - How to Pick an Online Casino (a $40 value)

Bonus #5 – How to Beat the Online Blackjack Games (a $40 Value) 

Bonus #6 – The Take Down Blackjack Player's Guide to Winning in Las Vegas (a $40 Value) 

Bonus #7 – High Limit Online Casinos (a $40 Value)  

Bonus #8 – The Best Online Casino Sign-Up Bonuses (a $40 Value)  

Bonus #9 – The Number One Online Blackjack Casino (an $80 Value)  

Bonus #10 – Take Down Blackjack Win Plan 1.  Turn $25 Into $10,000 in Seven Hours Online (a $40 Value)  

Bonus #11 – Take Down Blackjack Win Plan 2.  Win $50,000 Your First Week Playing Blackjack! (a $40 Value)



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This program comes with my complete "No Questions Asked" One Year Guarantee. Instead of your typical 30-day money back guarantee you have up to a year to use this powerhouse package any way you want –

You can play blackjack from home, follow our plan and in two days be making $5,000 every day.  All it takes is $25 and a little time to set up this infallible plan!

You can play blackjack in any land-based casino, follow our plan and be making $5,000 a day every day at the end of your second day of play!

You can vacation in Las Vegas and pay for everything out of your blackjack winnings.

There is really no limit to how much you will make once you gain the power of Take Down Blackjack!

You can use this strategy any way you like for a FULL YEAR.

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If you don’t win at least $25,000 as a Take Down Blackjack player just email me and I’ll send you a complete refund!

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So that’s the deal. Just give this revolutionary new way of taking down blackjack a fair chance.

If you don’t make at least $25,000 or are unhappy with it for any reason, just let me know and I will make sure that you get a prompt and courteous refund!  




On the basis of receiving all of your program plus the Eleven Valuable Bonuses at a Special Price of just $99.97, I am ordering this package for an Instant Download.

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