Channel Betting!

Blackjack Channel Betting Beats Every Version of Blackjack Dealt Today!

If You Can Spare $25 You Can Become a 
Blackjack Pro Winning $3,763 an Hour!

Channel Betting is the Breakthrough Way of Playing Blackjack That Has Changed the Game Forever!

Sixty Years ago the Casino Bosses were worried about card counters!

Now, they are terrified of players using Channel Betting!


Instead of tracking cards it identifies trends and times its bets.

As a result, it wins 94.44% of the time without any of the misery or drudgery of card counting.


One Player said, "Channel Betting is the ultimate way to play hit and run blackjack.  It is so good that the casinos bosses are scared to death that this system may spread!"


“I am thrilled with my success using Channel Betting.  It is easy to use and wins very quickly.

“Best of all is its low bankroll requirements.  In nine days I moved up from $5 betting to making $50 minimum bets.

“As a $50 bettor I have been winning $1,011 an hour.  Break out the Champaign!”

George J. – Saint Louis, Missouri



From:  Greg Fletcher


Subject:  How to Win from $590 to $3,760 an hour using the most powerful blackjack betting system yet!


Dear Friend,

Think you know blackjack?

I thought I did.  I had mastered three card counting systems and regularly used two different betting progressions.

While I had long ago given up on card counting, I thought I was doing pretty well with my progressions.

Then I discovered something new.

What I discovered is the biggest breakthrough since card counting was revealed in the 1960s.


However, unlike card counting this system is not difficult to learn

And, it doesn’t take much money to use.

If you can spare just $25 you can get started today consistently winning at blackjack and building your own fortune!


Win $50,000 in your favorite land-based casino in just 23 hours!


You are about to learn – 

  • How you can start out making $1 bets online and quickly move up to winning $2,950 an hour making $25 bets!

  • How you can quickly find playable trends in any blackjack game and then turn that game into a source of fast, safe profits!

  • How you can beat blackjack like a pro even if you’ve never played before and don’t know a thing about card counting!

  • How you can dominate any land-based game and win $3,760 an hour making $100 bets!

  • How to turn just $13 into $10,000 in less then seven hours playing online!

  • How to win $50,000 in your favorite land-based casino in just 23 hours!

  • How our players are winning fortunes at blackjack using Channel Betting!


“The Channel Betting System is outstanding.  I had never realized how profitable blackjack play could be until I tried this system.  I play a couple of days a week in a local casinos and easily net over $7,000 a week.”

Ray S. – Davenport, Iowa---



Channel Betting Is Overturning the Way Experts Look at the Game.

First there was basic strategy.  That defined the way each hand should be played.

Then, there was card counting.  In its day it offered a viable way to gain an edge over the house.

Then there was the discovery that timing bets using simple progressive systems can win at a higher rate than card counting systems.

Now, there’s a new way of playing blackjack that leaves all of the old systems in the dust.


Channel Betting
wins 94.44% of the time without any of the misery or drudgery of card counting.


Its based on using a simple trend following system that beats every blackjack game!

It is well known that blackjack is trendy or “streaky.”

Short-term trends dominate the game

Unfortunately, losing streaks are the longest dominate trends in blackjack.

Normal play (even winning blackjacks, doubles and split hands) can’t offset the terrible effects of losing streaks.

Blackjack is one of the worst games to use a simple Martingale type of betting system because frequent long losing streaks will wipe out your bankroll.

This is one of the major reasons blackjack experts have given up on using anything other than card counting to beat the game.

The reasoning goes that by card counting you can identify winning trend in blackjack.

Yet seasoned card counters will tell you of the many times that they lost thousands of dollars raising their bets because of a high count and losing hand after hand.

Only safe way to play is Channel Betting.

Channel Betting adjusts your bets to match the trend.


In studying blackjack trends, I discovered a special trigger that never fails to predict downtrends and protect you from devastating losses.

“If You Can Count to Three You Can Beat Blackjack!

I had never been in a blackjack tournament before.  However, since I am a pretty good blackjack player I decided to see how well I could do in the Golden Nugget’s world famous Bada Bing Blackjack Tournament

I had business on the west coast and almost on a whim I had decided to see how see I could do in the Las Vegas tournament.  With a $50,000 top prize the incentive was definitely there

However, I didn’t win the top prize.  I settled for fifth place with a prize of $3,500.  After the tournament I started talking to the winner and we compared notes about playing.


The winner went by the name of  “Wild Bob.” He had a handlebar moustache and dressed like a Wyoming cowboy complete with the hat and boots.  After we had talked for a few minutes he told me he needed to get out of this ridiculous outfit and suggested we meet at Vic & Anthony’s, Golden Nugget’s world-class steakhouse. 

“However, you may not recognize me. I don’t have a moustache and I’ll be wearing a light blue sports coat.”

A few minutes later a man walked up who only slightly resembled Wild Bob.  “Hi, my name’s Evan Thomas aka Wild Bob.”


Evan explained that he long ago learned to wear disguises since he started playing in blackjack tournaments

“Quite frankly I win too many of them and I don’t like to be pestered by players who want to know my secrets.

I was amused. Do you always play as Wild Bob?” 

He motioned the waitress over and ordered drinks.

“Depends where I play. In some casinos I play as the Professor who has gray hair and wears those glassed that slip down to the end of your nose.”


I sipped my drink and said, “Well I guess we are here to talk about blackjack.  Why did you decide that you wanted to talk to me?

“I guess I just wanted to talk to someone who looked like a serious player and talk shop.  What system do you use?

I told him about a betting progression that I had used fairly successfully for years. Then it was his turn.  




“Channel Betting is truly amazing.  It is very good at finding and exploiting the trend of any blackjack  game.

“I have been playing blackjack for close to 20 years and no other system wins as fast with less money at risk than this one.”

Oscar C. -  Elizabeth, New Jersey



Evan revealed that he played blackjack professionally and entered tournaments just for fun

“I make my money playing blackjack a couple of days a week.

I figured he must be a card counter and I asked him where he was finding decent games since most of the Las Vegas casinos were death on card counters.

He smiled and ordered another drink. “With my system I don’t count cards.  I count winning and losing hands. If you can count to three you can beat blackjack!”  

Channel Betting is “the ultimate way to play hit and run blackjack.  It is so good that the casinos bosses are scared to death that this system may spread!"



Playing Blackjack’s Channels

We ordered our steaks and Evan continued to talk about his strategy

“Card counting is pretty much a waste of time.  It is much too slow for my tastes and the win ratio just sucks.”


“So you don’t count cards.  You said you count winning and losing hands.  How does that work?

“Blackjack has multiple personalities.  Sometimes it is easy to win and that’s when you win more hands than you lose

“Most the time you will lose more hands than you win.  That’s where the player’s edge of blackjack, doubling and splitting helps even things up.”


“When blackjack offers a reasonable chance of winning I play with what I call “Straight Up Play.

He shows me a series of bets ranging from $5 to $50 he would use.  “These bets or a multiple of them are good enough to win about 80% of the time.

“The progression seemed a little shallow.  It seems like you would need to make bigger bets to kick up your wins.

“Very perceptive. This only works for one Blackjack Channel.  I use different bets for different channels.

“Tell me what you do about losing streaks.”


The only safe way to play is Channel Betting. Channel Betting adjusts your bets to match the trend.


Neutralizing Losing Streaks

Blackjack is a very streaky game.  Every player’s nemesis is the long losing streak.  I asked about them

“That’s where my count comes in.  Most players have no way of handling losing streaks.  They just keep betting hoping for the best.  I have an advance warning system of when things are about to go south.

He explained how he used a simple win-loss count to warn him when a losing channel was coming up.


“Let’s say I am playing using Straight Up Bets and my count shows that losses are coming up.  I simply switch channels.

He showed me how he would change his betting to what he called Rebound Betting.

“Once I change to Rebound Betting I neutralize the effect of the losing streak."

I was intrigued. “At times I have lost six or seven hands in a row.  Can your system handle this?”

“Easy.  I once lost nine times in a row and came back with a series of high-level wins and ended up with a record win!

He got my attention with his mention of “high-level wins.”

“Tell me about the high-level wins.”


“I won’t be asking for my money back on this system.  I ordered Channel Betting mostly out of curiosity.   To my delight I have found that everything you said about it is true.

“I have been playing online in two of your online best choices.  I am now at the $25 betting level and easily clearing $2,794 an hour.

“I have never been as excited about a system.  Thanks for answering my questions.”

Frank L. – Aliso Viejo, California


Kicking the Casino in the Teeth with Multiplier Betting!

“There are a total of three channels for blackjack play.

“If the game is basically playable I use Straight Up Betting.

”When we enter a losing streak I neutralize it with Rebound Betting

“Then there are times when we just kill the casinos.”

I leaned forward. “Tell about those times.”


“My simple win-loss count not only warns me about losing streaks but it tells me when it is time to pounce on the casino and pull in large wins.

“Once I get the signal I switch to Multiplier Betting.  In this mode I pull in huge wins quickly and safely!”




Channel Betting Is the Most Effective Betting System Ever Created for Blackjack!

Evan’s Channel Betting made a lot of sense to me. After he explained it I contacted a friend who is good with computer programming

I gave him the parameters of Channel Betting.  We used a highly simplified playing strategy and played against the six to eight deck Las Vegas Strip game.

We soundly beat the game time after time.


We then tested against single to four deck games.  Same results.


We tested the system against electronic versions of blackjack.  Channel Betting easily beat them.


Finally we tested the system against the online versions of the game.

We beat every online blackjack game even including European Blackjack!

In short, there is no blackjack game dealt today that can stand up to Blackjack Channel Betting!  

“I want to share my experience using Channel Betting.  I decided to see just how well your ‘thirty-minute a day plan’ would work.

“I started out with a total online deposit of just $20.  Then I played thirty minutes a day following your instructions.  By the end of my fifth day I had won over $4,000 and was at the level where I was winning over $5,000 an hour. 

“I am totally happy with this system.  It is the best yet!”

Don M. – Albuquerque, New Mexico


Step 1.  Eliminate the Risk of Long Losing Streaks!

If you have any doubt about blackjack channel play just think back to a time when you lost every single bet you made!

If you haven’t had this experience, good for you.  But trust me.  If you play blackjack you are going to hit losing streaks where you lose bet after bet

There is nothing you can do to prevent this.  Changing your betting strategy won’t prevent the losses.  And, there is no realistic way to change the way you play your hands to stop a losing streak from happening.


“You can start out making $1 bets online and quickly move up to winning $2,950 an hour making $25 bets!”


Many experts suggest that you quit if you lose four hands in a row.  If you have tried this, you will have discovered that this isn’t the answer either.

I looked at thousands of blackjack decisions.  I found losing streaks much longer than four consecutive hands.  I found losing streaks as long as 12 to 15 consecutive losing hands.

These are the kinds of losing streaks that destroy players.  That’s why many experts just give up and suggest you quit after four losses.  They don’t have any other suggestions.  And they know that their systems can’t stand up to long strings of losses.

The deadly effect of long losing streaks on players has been around since blackjack became a game!

Card counters recommend that you have a huge bankroll and just grit your teeth and hope that you last long enough to hit a good winning streak. 

Progressive bettors often lose their bankrolls to long strings of losses. 


That has been the state of blackjack for the past 80 years!

The Greatest Single Benefit of Channel Betting is Overcoming Long Losing Streaks!


“I just returned from a three day trip to Las Vegas.  I used to play slots and usually ended up a net loser.  This time I took $500 as my capital for Channel Betting play.

“I am happy to report that I won $9,078 on this short trip.  I am so excited that I am planning to return in about three weeks.

“You have done the impossible.  You have turned blackjack play into a high profit game for players.”

Marv G. – Marysville, California




Step 2. – Protect Your Bankroll!

One of the first rules I learned in stock trading is to protect your bankroll.  That should be the number one rule of blackjack play as well as investing – always protect your bankroll!

An unfortunate fact of blackjack is that if you play it you are always going to hit losing streaks.

And, sometimes these streaks can be bad.

I am talking about losing 6, 7, 8 or even 10 or more consecutive bets.


Until now you had a couple of choices –

Quit playing and hope that the cards reward you some other time.

Or, keep playing and watch your bankroll get eaten up.


Card counting’s answer to this problem is to bring lots of bankroll.

I always thought there had to be a better solution.

And, there is.

Just use the Simple Win-Loss Count to quickly identify and defend against a losing streak.

It doesn’t involve quitting.

And, it doesn’t involve skipping bets, which isn’t an option in games where you have to bet to play.

So, what is it?

It’s a new way of betting based on Blackjack Channel Betting!

“When I read about Blackjack Channel Betting I thought it was just an advertising gimmick.  I was wrong.  You really have figured out how to play the trends of the game with Channel Betting.

“I have had outstanding results with this system.  To date I am up $83,000 playing online.  I have also played in Atlantic City and won $21,000 in two days.

“Channel Betting is the best of the best!”

Robert S. “the Blackjack Man” – New York, New York



Rebound Betting Eliminates the Risk of Losing to a Long Losing Streak

Once I understood how to identify and play, I had the solution to long losing streaks –

It’s called Rebound Betting and it is one of the most powerful concepts ever developed for winning blackjack play.


“You can dominate any land-based game and win $3,760 an hour making $100 bets!”


Here’s how it works –

Whenever blackjack moves into a down-trending trend, you will move into Rebound Betting Mode.

There is no guessing.

And, you won’t be jumping in and out of the mode every other bet.

In fact, in most games of blackjack you won’t need to use Rebound Bets.

But, there will come a time when Rebound Betting will save your bankroll.


“It has been five weeks since I started playing blackjack using the Channel Betting System.

“Here are my results –

Online Play – Up $23,567

Casino Play – Up $67,329

“This is the best money maker I have ever seen.  I score it a solid 10!”

Hal P. – San Luis Obispo, California



Step 3. Now That You’ve Eliminated the Risk of Long Losing Streaks, Let’s Talk About Winning!

If all you did was add Rebound Betting to any other system you would give your winnings a significant boost.

You can do that if you like.


Nothing matches the thrill of winning game after game of blackjack. 


However, there’s an even better way to win at blackjack –

And, that’s to use the powerful Multiplier Bets!

We’ve talked about downward trending channels.

And, now you know what to do about them –

You protect yourself using a unique method that never fails.


Now, let’s talk about channels where you are favored to win!

Most experts don’t know how to really take advantage of winning streaks.

Most systems try to escalate bets too soon and end up losing.

There is nothing more frustrating than winning three straight bets and ending up with a loss!

Many systems do just that.

However, there’s a much better way to profit from winning streaks –

And, that’s using Channel Betting's Multiplier Bets!


“Channel Betting is the best.

“I just finished my third trip to Vegas in the last month and a half.

“My winnings just reached $117,000.  What can I say?  This system rocks.”

Seth C. – Los Angeles, California




Step 4. Supercharge Your Betting When You Are Favored to Win!

Have you ever put a big bet out there and watched it go down?

Why did you make the bet?

Did you have a feeling?

Did you think that it was just the right time?

If you were a card counter you’d make the big bet because you’d had a slightly better chance of winning.

For Channel Betting players, “slightly better” is not good enough.

Instead of risking more money with larger bets because of hunches or feelings or cards that may or may not show up, you’ll use an approach that matches the trend of the game.


I decided that my number one goal in playing blackjack trends was to discover a way to defeat the losing streaks!


Here’s how it works-

You will be playing using Channel Betting which in and of itself is a winning system.  You’ll get the Signal to set up a Multiplier Bet.

There is no guesswork here.

It doesn’t depend on your feelings, or luck or anything else you might have tried and failed with before.

It is an unequivocal signal that tells you to set up Multiplier Betting.


Here is the part that you’ll really love –

You’ll only make Multiplier Bets when the blackjack trend is strong and you are favored to win!


“Channel Betting is the most ingenious system I have ever seen.

“It has it all – small bankroll, high winnings and easy to use.

“I have been playing and winning for three weeks.  Score – I am ahead $84,000 plus.

Len H. – Metuchen, New Jersey



And, here is the part you’ll love –

You will be favored to win every time you make this move.

We have proven this in long-term testing covering 87,241 rounds of blackjack.

This is a unique situation that no one else knows how to take advantage of.

But, as a Channel Betting player you’ll know exactly how to play the trend and time your bets better than any other player!



Certificate of Fair Online Play

Bovada Casino (Bodog for non US Players) is our number one choice for Channel Betting.  It offers the best games with the best odds and the best support available anywhere.

We Certify this casino as Fair and Safe. We have vetted this site and more importantly, our players play and win there.  If you click on our link to this casino then we will stand behind you if you ever have a problem with this casino.

Bovada Casino not only offers the best games but it offers excellent Blackjack which is perfect for Channel Betting players.

Bovada is the best casino for fair winning play. We Certify this and we will Stand Behind you if you ever have a dispute!



Burning Down the Tables!

Nothing matches the thrill of winning game after game of blackjack. 

Once you learn how to follow the trend in the blackjack game, you will start winning more money quicker and safer than any other player!

You’ll do it using a system that gives you highly accurate timing signals that beat every other system.


Multiplier Bets Give You Much Larger Wins With Near Perfect Timing!


Card counters can’t come close to the win rates of Channel Betting.

Progressive Betting Systems can do as well when they win, but then they give it all back when they hit long losing streaks.


Only Channel Betting uses the Proven Blackjack Channel Following System to tell you when to bet more and when to bet less.

Once you learn these signals and then use them to make the special moves used by Channel Betting, you will win 94.44% of all of your games!


“Attached are the records of 137 games of blackjack I have played.  I have used the Channel Betting System using bets ranging from $10 to $100.

“I found that this system beats blackjack at all times and under all conditions.  My personal win record was 128 games won with just 9 losing games. 

“I have won $93,078 which works out to an average win of $679 a game.  I have never experienced such a steady and reliable winner.”

James H. – Denver, Colorado



The Power of Winning 94.44% of All Of Your Games!

There is no better proof of the power of Channel Betting than its long-term game win rate.


Let’s start with what I mean by a game.

A game is a short session where your object is to hit your Profit Goal.  Let’s say your Profit Goal is $400.

You play 16 rounds of blackjack and win $410.  Since you have exceeded your Profit Goal you have won the game.

Now, you can lock up your winnings, safe from loss, and either quit playing or take a break.


Simple.  Now for the $64 question -

How do you lose a game?

You will always have preset Profit Goals and Loss Limits for any level of play.  You will consider a game completed if you reach your Profit Goal or hit your Loss Limit.


However, there’s an even better way to win at blackjack –

And, that’s to use the powerful Multiplier Bets!



Most blackjack systems ignore losses.  They sort of pretend they never happen.  But, I’m going to give you the whole story –

As good as it is, even Channel Betting will lose a game once in a while.  In fact, you’ll lose one game out of every 18 games you play. 


Now you know the truth –

Channel Betting is not perfect.

But, as my old statistics teacher used to say –

“Any system that wins close to 95% of the time shouldn’t be ignored.”



Proof of the Power of Betting Based on Blackjack Channels

Unlike other systems which make unsubstantiated claims, everything I am sharing about Channel Betting is backed up by extensive long-term testing.

After I had won a small fortune using the system myself, I decided to see how other players would do.

I ended up with 27 players testing this system.

They played blackjack and kept track of every round of play. 

I ended up getting a ton of paperwork.

I had to hire an accountant just to handle it.

But when the test was finished, my players had racked up a total of 4,456 blackjack games covering 87,241 rounds of play.  

And the proof was clear –

They not only won a ton of money, but they also established the remarkable 94.44% win record.

The world of blackjack will never be the same.

My players proved that anyone following this system will win money playing blackjack wherever they play.  And, that’s a fact!



Why You Might Look Forward to a String of Losses

Can you imagine looking forward to a losing streak?

It sounds crazy I know.

But, one of my players, Charles A. from Springfield, Illinois, told me –

“I actually look forward to a losing streak.”

I had been looking at the records of his blackjack games and I was surprised he would say such a thing. 

“You’re saying you look forward to losing.  Why in the world would you do that?”

He laughed.  “I didn’t say that I look forward to losing.  Just that I look forward to losing streaks.”


Once you learn these signals and then use them to make the special moves used by Channel Betting, you will win 94.44% of all of your games!


Corrected, I asked him to explain himself 

“This system is based on following trends, right?”

I nodded, not knowing where he was going with this

“And losing streaks are followed by winning streaks, correct?”

I was starting to see where he was going.  “Correct,” I answered.

“Well, losing streaks are great predictors of future wins.  As you know, when we hit a losing steak we go into Protective Betting Mode. Once we are in this mode it doesn’t matter how many losses we have because we’re protected, right?”

I nodded again and Charles continued.

“Well I have discovered that the longer the losing streak the more likely a strong winning streak is to follow.”

I interjected.  “So you don’t mind losing streaks because . . . 

“I end up making money faster once the losses stop.”

This was Charles’ theory that longer winning streaks follow longer losing streaks.  I checked our game statistics and you know what?

Charles is absolutely right.  The longer and tougher a losing streak is the more likely you are to win when the streak ends.


However, I’ll give you one piece of advice. 

Just don’t start cheering when you are losing hand after hand.  The other players will think you are crazy.


“First of all, thanks for including me as a tester.  It has been very rewarding.  I have not only had a blast playing online but I won $112,392 for my trouble.

“I think my play is pretty representative of what anyone can expect if they use this system online.

“My bets ranged from $1 to $10.

“I played in six different online casinos.

“I found that I won consistently in every game I played in. 

“I can also state that your ‘thirty-minute a day’ plan works perfectly. I used it twice to turn $13 into $10,000 in just seven hour-long sessions.

“Based on what I have experienced, anyone who has a chance to get this system should grab it immediately.  There is no doubt that it beats the online casinos very fast and very safely.”

Lon P. – Hubbard, Oregon




Blackjack Doesn’t Have to Be So Hard

Channel Betting consists of a set of rules and special triggers you’ll use to win.  These rules and triggers will put you in the powerful position of following the trends in blackjack and winning with great consistency.

As a result, you’ll win even when other players are losing.  


Channel Betting consists of a set of rules and special triggers you’ll use to win.  These rules and triggers will put you in the powerful position of following the trends in blackjack and winning with great consistency.


At this point I haven’t mentioned Basic Strategy.  

That’s a strategy that tells you how to play each hand.

Most systems come with different versions of Basic Strategy.

There is one version for single-deck games.

And a different version for multi-deck games.

There is a different version for games played according to Atlantic City rules.

And, yet another version for the Las Vegas Strip.

Downtown Las Vegas has another version of Basic Strategy.

Online casinos each get their own versions of Basic Strategy.

If you play European blackjack, you’ll have to learn yet another version.


Now you can see why playing winnings blackjack is considered hard.

One of my players commenting on how many versions of Basic Strategy players using other systems were supposed to learn said,  “It seems to me that the so-called blackjack experts have screwed up the game up so badly that it’s a miracle anyone can learn how to play and win.”

I didn’t disagree with my player.

However, one thing we quickly agreed on –


“The Channel Betting Bet Tracker is an ingenious way to control your play at all times.  I have used this Tracker in both virtual and real casinos.  It has performed flawlessly at all times. 

“By the way, I had no problem using the Bet Tracker in the London Clubs.  One dealer told me that while it was unusual he had no problem with me using it.”

Dennis K. – London, England




Using The Channel Betting Master Playing Strategy Is Simple, Yet Deadly Effective at Beating Blackjack! 

If you have spent years memorizing different versions of Basic Strategy, I am going to give you some bad news –

You have wasted a lot of time.

Most variations in Basic Strategy deal in a few one hundredths of a one percent in difference in long-term outcomes.

They refine Basic Strategy down to one one-hundredth of one percent and then miss the big picture.  

The big picture is that –

Unless you’re playing the trends of blackjack, you’re missing out on the safest and most intelligent way to win.


Along with safety and intelligence comes simplicity –

You don’t need all of the versions of Basic Strategy to win.

Once you see the big picture - playing the trends - then you can use a highly simplified version of playing strategy called the Master Playing Strategy.

It is the only playing strategy you will ever need to beat the game of blackjack.

And, it is much easier to learn and use than any other version of Basic Strategy.


“Here’s how I did playing blackjack in Caesars Palace.

“I started out as a $10 bettor buying in for $500.  I decided to complete the 30-minute plan in one day.

“I would play for 30 minutes, take a short break and then move to the next step.

“This plan worked perfectly.  After playing a little over three hours (six 30-minute steps) I had moved up to making $100 bets.

“The next day I won $10,743 as a $100 bettor playing at the same table.

“This plan rocks.  It is outstanding and works exactly as presented.”

Glen S. – Carson City, Nevada




The Channel Betting Master Playing Strategy is So Easy to Learn That It’s Called the “Thirty Minute Strategy”

Our premise is that beating blackjack doesn’t have to be so hard.  Once you gain real edges by following the trends, then worrying about 1/100 of one-percent is ridiculous.

But, our Master Playing Strategy is more than just a simplified way to play.


It has been tested and found to actually increase your winnings over other strategies.  Here’s why –

Many of the moves you are supposed to make with ordinary versions of Basic Strategy are very marginal in their potential for gain.

Many times you will lose these plays.


Win $5,911 a Week Without Leaving Home!

How would you like to win $5,911 every week for very little effort

And, what if you could do it playing blackjack on your home computer?

If you’ve got $250 you have all you need to win $5,911 a week for the rest of your life!


Here’s How You’ll Do It!

You’ll make a deposit of $250 in our Number One Rated Online Casino, Bovada.

That’s all the money you’ll need to invest in this plan.

As soon as you make your deposit you’ll get a 100% bonus of $250 from the casino.  This is your cushion.

Now, you’re ready to go.


Set up the Channel Betting Bet Tracker for $5 betting

Now start playing

You will win an average of $550 to $675 an hour using this system at this level!

Put in five hours play and you’ll win from $5,500 to $6,750!  (Our players are averaging winning $5,911 a week with this plan.)

Now relax.  If you want more money you can always play longer.

Or, you could move up to $10 betting where our players average winning $1,183 an hour!


Here’s Are Your Steps to Success

1. Download the Channel Betting System.

2. Practice it online at Bovada Casino (You can practice here without having to register or download anything.)

3. After you have proven to yourself that this system works set up an account and deposit $250 for the casino.  Don’t worry. This casino is safe and reliable.

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Think about it –

How many times have you split a hand because your version of playing strategy said you should, then watched your bets lose?

It’s pretty obvious that guarding against losses ought to have more weight than a small theoretical potential gain.

That’s why our Channel Betting Master Playing Strategy eliminates marginal plays where the risk of losing your wager is too great.

Instead of having you split all kinds of hands and double down on numerous hands, we narrow it down to the best plays.

And, that’s how we like to play blackjack.

We time our bets to match the trends and then we use a safer, simpler playing strategy – the Channel Betting Master Playing Strategy.


Each Channel Betting Course 
Comes With Channel Betting's Master Playing Strategy Card You Can Take With You.

Not only is the Channel Betting Master Playing Strategy easy to learn, but we’ve made it even easier to use with a pocket-sized card you can take with you. 

You will be able to use our optimized Channel Betting Master Playing Strategy perfectly by just glancing at your card when you need to check on a play.




Let’s Take a Look at Thirty Games I Played Last Week

I’ve told you how effective it is to play the trends of blackjack using Channel Betting.

Now, let me show you how well this system performs in real blackjack games.


Last week I played blackjack online for two sessions of about an hour each.  I kept track of my play so that I could show you what to expect when you use Channel Betting.

I played these games making $25 bets.  But you don’t have to start out at this level.  If you like, you can start online making bets that are as low as 25˘ and quickly work your way up to making $25 bets (I’ll show you how.)


Take a look at my games to see how I did playing online for a couple of hours –


Thirty Games of Blackjack Played Online With $25 Bets




Total Won






























































































































I won a total of $6,364. 

I won 29 out of 30 games, a little better than our long-term average win rate.

It took me 590 rounds of play to complete thirty games.  That works out to less than 20 rounds of play per game.

What I did after each game was to reset the system.  I noted the amount I had won and then kept on playing.

Even though I am showing 30 different games I actually only took three breaks from play.

It took me a total of two hours and five minutes to play these games, not counting my breaks.

If you are curious, this works out to almost 300 rounds per hour.

This may sound fast to you now, but most of our students play at this rate once they have mastered the strategy.

But, let’s assume that you are a beginner and only play 150 rounds per hour online.

Then it would have taken you about four hours to play these games.

And, that works out to winning about $1,268 an hour.

That’s pretty good in anyone’s book.

And, you don’t have to have any unusual talents or special skills to do this!

All you have to do is follow in our footsteps to beat the game of blackjack so soundly that you will be astounded and amazed!


Get Started Five Minutes From Now With the Quick and Dirty Strategy

Channel Betting uses the world’s easiest playing strategy.  Most players learn it in about half an hour!

However, if you don’t have thirty minutes to spend we’ve got you covered.

Our Quick and Dirty Strategy has 97% of the power of the Channel Betting Master Playing Strategy and you can learn it in the next five minutes.

If you have been afraid to play blackjack because of the hundreds of rules you were supposed to know, this is the perfect solution for you.  All you have to learn is Six Simple Rules to win at blackjack.

If you can spend the next five minutes learning these rules and can risk $13, I’ll show you how to win $10,000 in the next seven hours. 

What’s more, I’ll guarantee your success!

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  • Learn how to survive any losing streak so that you never fear blackjack losing streaks again. 

  • Discover how to play high-profit trends, setting up ultra high-profit Super Target Bets that will quickly bring in huge wins with low risk! 

  • Rapidly grow a $50,000 bankroll even if all you have is $25 to invest in blackjack.

  • Become one of our Channel Betting Pros and make more every month than most people make in a year.

  • Discover how to turn the normally risky game of blackjack into your personal high-income source and do it with a strategy proven to perform over rigorous long-term testing!


“This is the most amazing way to play blackjack I’ve ever seen.  I started with just $50 and I made $29,000 plus my first month!

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“Many thanks to you and your players for all of the help.  You have helped me turn my life around.”
Wes P. – Memphis, Tennessee



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Are you tired of systems which sound easy but which turn out to be anything but easy?

Channel Betting is one of the easiest systems ever created.

I know this is true because other players tell me this all the time.


However, we are leaving nothing to chance. I will make sure that you can play this system flawlessly the first time you try it.

Each Channel Betting Program comes with not only a Channel Betting Master Playing Strategy card you can carry with you, but also with a complete set of Player Betting Cards.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a 25˘ or a $500 bettor.  We have a custom card set up for each level of play.


Each card shows all the bets you will make at each level of play.

On top of that each card gives you bankroll rules, profit goals and special tips for each level of play. 

Even if you have never played blackjack before you will instantly be able to play just like a pro with these highly effective betting cards.


“The Channel Betting course is complete and very easy to use.   I didn’t know a thing about blackjack.  However, I got the course, quickly learned the system and followed the online plan to riches.

“Two weeks after I started I am easily making $3,400 to $4,100 a day playing online.

“This strategy may be professional level, but it is easy enough to use that I quickly caught on how to use it and win more money than I ever thought possible!”

 Brad K. – Fort Meyers, Florida



Totally Automate Your Blackjack Play!

Even though our strategy cards and betting cards give you all of the information you need to win, we’ve made it even easier!

If you order your Channel Betting Program by  ,  you’ll get a Channel Betting Bet Tracker absolutely free!

Even if you are an experienced blackjack player, you will love how easy your personal Bet Tracker makes playing and winning at blackjack!


We time our bets to match the trends and then we use a safer, simpler playing strategy – the Channel Betting Master Playing Strategy.



Your Channel Betting Bet Tracker is –  

  • Total portable

  • Easy to use

  • Adjustable to any level of betting.

  • 100% legal to use in any casino!



“I came back from a short trip to Las Vegas.  I tried out the Channel Betting Strategy in several casinos on the Strip.

“I decided to use the Bet Tracker and even though you said it was legal I was still nervous about using it.

“Most dealers ignored it.  One dealer said that what I was doing was unusual but it was not illegal.

“Best of all, your system worked.  I won $11,000 over three days play.  I have never won this much before.

“You can consider me your number one fan.  Channel Betting is number one!”

Andy V. – Apache Junction, Arizona




Unlike some tracking systems which are very hard to use, the Channel Betting Bet Tracker is simple to use.

Each Bet Tracker comes with complete instructions as well as examples of how to use it.

What’s more, the Channel Betting Bet Tracker –  

  • Is easy to use and virtually automatic.

  • Works for any level of betting. 

  • Can be used over and over.  

  • Helps you keep permanent records of your play!


Once you combine the player strategy and betting cards with the Channel Betting Bet Tracker, you will be able to play like a pro, the minute you start playing.  

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Instant Free Download of 
How to Play Blackjack Like a Pro!
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How to Play Blackjack Like A Pro!
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Then we follow this up with the Expose of the Decade –

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Start Living Life the Way It Should Be Lived!

Keep it simple.  That’s my new mantra.

Eliminate the things that bother you and spend more time doing what you like.


All you have to do is follow in our footsteps to beat the game of blackjack so soundly that you will be astounded and amazed!


Sound impossible?  Does this sound like some late night guru’s pitch for his meditation program?

Sorry about that.  It’s just that playing blackjack as a pro has changed my life in so many ways that I thought you might like to try it too!


First thing I’ll tell you is that I haven’t quit work.  I still like to spend a few hours a day in my home office.

I still trade stocks and make investments.

I like to set up luncheons with business associates and friends.

And, I am working on several special projects. 


However, I will share a couple of things I don’t do –

I don’t hold down a regular job.

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I don’t answer to some boss who makes my life miserable.

And, I don’t worry much about making money anymore.


Here’s why –

Anytime I want to I can easily pick up an extra $3,000 to $5,000 a day playing a little blackjack.

If I have the time, I love spending an afternoon in my favorite casino.

If I don’t, then a couple of hours play online will do the job.


I’ll admit it –

I don’t know you.

You may like your job and want to keep it.

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“Play blackjack from home in one of our hand-picked online casinos and easily win $5,000 a day playing about two hours!”


Even if you don’t need the money I guarantee that you will get a huge kick out of beating blackjack.

It’s not only fun, but it’s good for bragging rights.

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Maybe someone will notice your new Porsche 911S.

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Or, maybe they won’t.

Either way it doesn’t matter. 

You’ll have a lot more than some expensive new toys to play with.

You’ll have true peace of mind knowing that you can bring in $3,000 to $5,000 a day whenever you feel like it!


And, in this time of high anxiety and endless pressure, that’s pretty valuable.


Each Channel Betting Program comes with not only a Master Playing Strategy card you can carry with you, but also with a complete set of Player Betting Cards.


I’ll Do My Part to Get You Started Living Your Life the Fun and Profitable Way!

If you are ready to take your life in a new direction filled with promise and profits then becoming a highly paid Channel Betting player is just what you need! 


Here’s some of what you’ll learn when you download the Channel Betting Program –  

  • How to get started as a blackjack pro with a bankroll as small as $13 and quickly become a $10,000 a week winner!  

  • How to read the trend in any blackjack game and automatically set up the best bets to match each trend.


  • How to set up Straight Up Bets which is a strong winning system in itself!  

  • How to use the Win-Loss Count to automatically move into Rebound Betting Mode when you need to protect your bets.  

  • How to use Rebound Bets to defend against any losing streak – even 10 and 12 bet long losing streaks.  

  • How to use the Win-Loss Count to shift from Straight Up Betting into high profit Multlplier Bets with the best timing system ever developed.


But, once you’ve gotten this far, you’ve still just scratched the surface of the power you’ll gain as a Channel Betting pro.  You’ll learn –  

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  • How to beat every version of blackjack offered today.  

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You are going to get all of the tools you need to quickly set up your own $3,000 to $5,000 a day blackjack profit machine.  

  • You’ll get a manual that reveals every aspect of how to win, including numerous real life examples and complete analyses of real games played using this system!

  • You’ll get a new custom playing strategy that is super simple and super powerful.  The Channel Betting Master Playing Strategy was specifically optimized for blackjack trend play.  It is not only easy to use, but it is the best version of Basic Strategy available today for protecting your bankroll!  

  • In addition to the Channel Betting Master Playing Strategy you’ll also get the Quick and Dirty Playing Strategy.  If you want to get started without having to learn more than six short rules, then this is the strategy for you!  

  • You’ll get complete information on how to maximize your casino visits covering everything from setting up credit lines to gaining maximum comps from the casinos.  

  • You’ll get a complete set of Betting Cards detailing all of the bets you will make at betting levels ranging from 25˘ bets to $500 bets.


·       If you act in time you’ll also get a Channel Betting Bet Tracker.  You can use your Bet Tracker to track every bet.  It will even tell you when it’s time to quit and lock up another win!


Even if you are an experienced blackjack player, you will love how easy your personal Bet Tracker makes playing and winning at blackjack!


But, we’re still not done. 

  • You’ll learn how to play the different channels in blackjack and turn the blackjack game into a player favorable game!  

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  • You’ll learn how to use casino chips to track every bet and help you make every betting decision!  

  • You’ll learn how to overwhelm every blackjack game offered today in both online and land-based casinos!  

  • You’ll get a plan proven to perform.  You’ll get started with just $25 and win $10,000 your first seven hours using this strategy.  

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  • You’ll get our Directory of Casinos in the U.S.



Don’t worry if you don’t know much about blackjack.  We’ve got you covered. 

  • We start at the beginning in this Turnkey Profit Program and tell you exactly how to play the game to win!  

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If you are a pro, you’ll be absolutely delighted that you can upgrade your level of play with a system using a much smaller bankroll and easier strategy to learn and use. 

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But we go further than that.  We’ll give you complete information, such a

The number of decks used

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I am going to reveal how you can make $5,000 a day for life right now.

All you have to do is follow our plan to turn $13 into $10,000 in seven hours.

This will give you all the money you need (and a whole lot extra) to make $5,000 a day for life.

After you win $10,000 in seven hours all you have to do is continue to play at the same level.

You’ll easily clear $5,000 a day for a couple hours of play.


Here’s what’s required –

You have to invest $13 in this plan.

That’s the total bankroll you’ll need to get started. 

Then all you have to do is follow the $10,000 plan which comes with this program.

In seven hours you’ll be $10,000 richer.


And, you’ll be at the level where you can make $5,000 a day for life!

Of course, you can move up your play to an even higher level.

But, we’ve found that most players are quite satisfied winning $5,000 a day safely and in a relaxed manner.

I think you’ll like this too.

You can get started today with  a $25 investment.

Just follow the plan and in two days you’ll be winning $5,000 every day you like.



This program comes with my complete "No Questions Asked" One Year Guarantee. Instead of your typical 30-day money back guarantee you have up to a year to use this powerhouse package any way you want –

You can play blackjack from home, follow our plan and in two days be making $5,000 every day.  All it takes is $25 and a little time to set up this infallible plan!

You can play blackjack in any land-based casino, follow our plan and be making $5,000 a day every day at the end of your second day of play!

You can vacation in Las Vegas and pay for everything out of your blackjack winnings.

There is really no limit to how much you will make once you gain the power of blackjack trend play!

You can use this strategy any way you like for a FULL YEAR.

Now comes the truly amazing part of this No Nonsense Guarantee –

If you don’t win at least $25,000 as a Channel Betting player just email me and I’ll send you a complete refund!

What’s more, I will stand behind this no matter how much you make off the strategy!

If you only make $24,990, please ask me for a refund.

But, I’ll go one step further –

If you don’t feel that you’ve gotten at least 100 times your money’s worth with this amazing rock-solid profit producer, just ask me for a refund.

I can make this strong guarantee because –

I know that if you only give this proven breakthrough blackjack strategy a chance, you will be delighted with the results.

So that’s the deal. Just give this revolutionary new way of beating blackjack a fair chance.

If you don’t make at least $25,000 or are unhappy with it for any reason, just let me know and I will make sure that you get a prompt and courteous refund!




There is no doubt that you will win a lot of money playing blackjack when you try this program.

Our players are winning extraordinary amounts even as I am writing this.

This system has been scientifically tested on a long-term controlled basis against real blackjack games in real casinos.

It really does win 94.44% of all sessions played.


Once you download this 100% Guaranteed Program, you will be able to beat every version of blackjack offered today.

You can make a fortune playing blackjack from home in the online casinos. We'll show you how! 

Or, if you like real table action, you’ll be happy to know that Channel Betting is rapidly becoming the Number One Choice of Blackjack Pros!

We have put together the most comprehensive blackjack program ever offered.  That’s why it has been called “a complete Turnkey System for winning at blackjack.


This course not only offers a fully tested and proven way of making money, it also offers you the chance to change your lifestyle by becoming a highly paid blackjack pro!

One player called Channel Betting the Number One Opportunity available today.


We think you will agree

Download Channel Betting now for a 100% Risk-Free Trial.

It will be the smartest move you ever make.

Warmest regards,


Greg Fletcher


P.S.  Would you like to make $5,000 a day?  There’s no easier or safer way than learning blackjack trend play.

Channel Betting is a revolutionary new system for winning at blackjack

There is nothing else like it.

When a blackjack trend is strong, this system sets up Super Target Bets to maximize profits.

And when the trend is down, Channel Betting goes into special Protection Mode.

There is no other system like it.

You can try Channel Betting for a Full Year with all of the risk on me.  If you don’t win at least $25,000, just email me for a prompt and courteous refund.

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P.P.S.  This is the blackjack breakthrough that the experts tried and failed to perfect.

Channel Betting is a complete Turnkey Program ready for you to start playing and profiting with blackjack trend play!

There’s no risk for you to discover how easy it is to win $5,000 a day playing blackjack.

If you can spare $25 you have enough to build a blackjack fortune.

You get the gains while I take the risk!


Act now and start winning as 
much as $3,760 an Hour!



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