Chaos Controlled  Betting!  

Chaos Theory Unlocks the 
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Chaos Theory Unlocks the 
Secret of Beating the Casinos!

The Untold Story of How a Professor Using Chaos Theory Has Turned the World of Gambling Upside Down!

Chaos Theory was featured in the movie Jurassic Park as the reason why the newly created dinosaurs wouldn’t play by the rules.

Now this exotic new scientific discipline has been applied to the casino games of blackjack, roulette, baccarat and craps with electrifying results –

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From:  Martin J Silverthorne


Urgent Bulletin:  All of the old rules about gambling have been overturned!  Working with an expert in chaos theory, we’ve developed the most advanced betting and playing strategy ever created.  It is so powerful that the casinos can’t stop our players from winning!

What do Chaos Theory and gambling systems have in common?

A year ago I would have shrugged my shoulders at such a question.

Now, because of the ability of chaos theory to “create order out of disorder” I am able to share the most powerful gambling strategy ever developed!


The Chaos Controlled Betting Strategy uses a totally new concept to beat the casinos

It finds the Dynamic Flow in every casino game and then beats the game with its unique combination of betting the right amount in the right spot at the right time!


We Have Just Finished Extensively Testing The Chaos Controlled Betting Strategy And The Results Are Phenomenal!

Chaos Controlled Betting blows the casinos out of the water.

Applied to the casino games of blackjack, roulette, craps and baccarat, Chaos Controlled Betting –

  • Discovers the Dynamic Flow in each game and then uses this knowledge to defeat the house edge!

  • Predicts each bet by using the power of chaos theory’s pattern recognition.

  • Allows players to win very high amounts off very small bankrolls.

  • Reliably wins $4,000 to $6,000 a day virtually automatically!


On top of all this, Chaos Controlled Betting is simple to use.  We have put together a Complete Players’ Package that makes winning as easy as counting 1, 2, 3!


Chaos Theory Predicts Stock Market Trends.  Why Wouldn’t It Work For Casino Games, Too 

I became aware of chaos-based systems which have pulled in very high profits when applied to stock market.

I didn’t miss the similarities between stock markets and casino games. 

Both the markets and the games have trends.

And, they both chop.

And, they both defy most experts ability to predict where they are going.

Except for chaos theory.  Because it can find order in disorder it is very successful as a profitable stock trading system.

It seemed to me that it could be just as effective at casino gambling!


“Patterns exist.  Patterns can be discovered.  And, once they are discovered they can be exploited.  Orderly disorder exits.”



I Contacted A Chaos Theory Expert And Convinced Him To Work With Me On Developing A Powerful New Way to Beat the Casinos.

Professor S has been very successful at using chaos theory to beat the stock markets.  I contacted him with a new project in mind.

I wanted him to help me apply chaos theory to the world’s most popular casinos games and develop a way to beat them cold. 

I suggested that we start with roulette first and see if we could find a way to use the power of chaos theory to overcome the house edge!


But Isn’t Roulette a Purely Random Game?

One of the Professor’s first concerns was whether roulette was purely a random game.  I explained why studies had shown that it was really a chaotic system

A chaotic system seems random if you do not recognize it as chaotic.  To understand the difference, take a look at a ball bouncing straight up and down against the ground.  If you wanted to find out how high this ball might bounce when dropped from a certain height, you would have to know the strength of gravity and the time elapsed and then plug these numbers into a physics equation to find the answer.

I argued that since a bouncing roulette ball is subject to the same laws of physics as a dropped ball, its outcomes are not random.  Another way to say this is that if you inputted enough data, you could predict the outcome of each roulette spin.  Lasers have been used in real casinos to approximate the outcome of spins.

At this point he was puzzled.  “We don’t deal with bouncing balls here.  We just deal with finding order in disorderly sets of data.”

“Hear me out.  A roulette ball bounces and then lands at a certain point at a certain time.  It didn’t just happen.  Several things had to happen at once before that event occurred.  Every small event causes a series of chain reactions that produce other events, which produce other events and so on.

“While the cause in this example is a physical one of a ball dropping into a slot, it could just as well be a random number generated outcome.

“Once we know the outcome of a certain number of spins, we know that chaotic patterns will be formed that favor one outcome over another for the short-term.”

“So,” the professor replied, “You want to deal with the actual outcomes such as a number or a color at roulette.”

“Precisely.  The outcomes reflect the results of balls bouncing or outcomes being determined by algorithms.  Instead of looking at the bouncing balls, we will look at the results of spins and then look for a pattern.”

“Ah.  Now I understand. We will be looking at patterns for predictability based on chaos-based patterns.  And, we will keep it short-term.”

“Yes, very short term.  We only need to predict the outcome of one bet – Our next one!”


When the cause of an event is a ball dropping into a slot, or even an event simulated by a computer, it can be a chaotic pattern which is discoverable.


A New Way of Looking At Casino Games

Professor S and I worked out an agreement.  He would apply the full power of chaos theory based analysis to roulette first.  After we cracked this game, we would work on the other casino games.

I kept in touch with the professor as he progressed through his testing procedures.  When I protested that it seemed to be taking a long time, he assured me, “We are first eliminating approaches that don’t work.  The solution will come when it is time for it be discovered.”

I hadn’t heard from the professor for several days when he called me.

“I think we have our breakthrough.  I’ve uncovered a new way of looking at roulette.  There is a dynamic flow to the game that no one else has ever seen.  However, by applying chaos theory . . 

He continued for quite a while and lost me before he finished.  I said, “Maybe I ought to come in so you can show me what you have done.”

He said, “That would be good.  We have a considerable amount of data at hand.”

I have to admit I was pretty excited when I drove over to the professor’s office.  Could this be the breakthrough that gambling researchers had been looking for the past 200 years?

The first thing the professor showed me was a record of his ability to predict the outcome of roulette decisions.

“This is amazing.  On even-money bets you are wining 53.8% of all bets.  Since the house only has to win over 50% to beat the players, you are beating the house at its own game.

“Yes, we are beating the house.  Now I need to know how to bet.”


Any system which wins a higher percentage than the house offers the possibility of player advantage play.



I Shared Everything I Knew About Betting Systems.  
However . . .

The professor’s system was beating roulette outright.  Many experts would have called this a major victory and stopped right there.

However, the professor knew that money management was the key to turning small profits into huge ones using chaos theory to trade stocks.  Now he wanted my ideas about how to bet at gambling.

I brought in a thick notebook summarizing gambling systems.  We reviewed every type of system ever created.

After over an hour of talking about bet sizing, betting series, game bankrolls and all of the rest, it hit me –

We shouldn’t even be thinking about using an existing system.  We needed something based on chaos theory just like the bet prediction system.


Why Not Use The Dynamic Flow of the Game To Determine Not Only Where to Bet, But How Much to Bet?

The professor kept discussing the dynamic flows that chaos theory discovered in roulette.  His system reevaluated the dynamic flow after the outcome of each spin. 

I suggested, “Maybe we need a way to tie your system of predicting where to place each bet with the amount bet.”

I explained some of my ideas.  Stated simply, I suggested that he use the dynamic flows he used to predict where to make each wager with a system that would tell us how much to bet.

He quickly grasped the concept.  “You want the amount bet to be tied in with success in predicting bets, yes?”

“That’s it.  Since your system automatically tells you where to bet based on dynamic flows it should also tell you how much to bet using the same flows.”


The Power of Chaos Controlled Betting

The professor and I worked closely together on integrating bet prediction and determining how much to bet.

In many ways our approach resembled what card counters tried to accomplish with card counting at blackjack 

We wanted to time our bets so that we would wager more when we had a stronger edge and bet less when the odds were less favorable.

Instead of counting cards we were using chaos theory to tell us where to bet by following the dynamic flow of the game.


Finally, we had it.

We found away to combine where to bet with how much to bet in one system tuned to the dynamic flow of the game.

I couldn’t wait to experience the full power of Chaos Controlled Betting!


One example of chaos theory:  A butterfly flaps his wings in Japan and a tornado later hits Texas.



I Won Over $6,000 My First Four Hours of Play!

I decided to see what I could do playing roulette online using our newly created strategy.

Since our system only required $48 to use, I started with a $50 deposit in an online casino.

I won $192 in 45 minutes and stepped up my base bets from $1 to $5

I played two hours using $5 bets and pulled in a blistering $1684 in pure profits.  I was now up $1,876 and there was no holding me back.

I looked at my clock.  I had played almost three hours.  I could stop now winning $1,876 with just a $50 bankroll.

I took a break and drank a cup of coffee.  Then I thought, “What the hell.  Let’s see what this system can do!”

I moved up to making $25 bets and played another 50 minutes pulling in another $4,489 in pure profits.

It was time to take a break.  My score?

I won $6,365 in a little less than four hours play.

Remarkably my total investment was only $50.

I went through the casino’s withdrawal procedures and took a break knowing that a check in the amount of $6,000 would arrive in three days.

I called the professor to let him know how I had done.


In four hours I won $6,365 starting with a $50 deposit.


Next Step – Chaos Controlled Betting Versus the Real World!

I told the professor that our system looked like it was very strong. 

“So, what is next?  Do you want me to run a million simulations?  That should nail it down.”

“Yes, you should do that.  However, playing real games in real casinos is a better testing ground.”

“You think so.  Well, do you have ideas about that?”

I thought long and hard on this.  My testers were totally tied up.  I thought of a couple of people who might be available.  Then I looked at the professor’s desk.  His in-box was filled with a stack of what looked like exams.  An idea hit me.

“You are still teaching a course, right?

“Yes.  I teach just one course now.  I find the interaction with students stimulating.  Would you like to attend one of my lectures?”

“Not right now.  But, I have an idea.”


The Professor’s Students Prepare to Take Down Roulette!

The professor teaches a graduate seminar on applications of Chaos Theory.  He decided to recruit nine of his students to test Chaos Controlled Betting!

I interviewed the students and worked out different assignments.

Two students were to play online with starting bets to range from $1 to $5.

Two students would play online with no-limit betting allowed.

Two students would play roulette in land-based casinos and limit their starting bets to $5 to $10 bets.

Two students would play roulette in brick and mortar casinos with no betting limits.

And, one student would serve as a potential replacement for any students who dropped out.  This student was also free to play other casino games besides roulette.

We put together an instructional manual, and I explained how to play roulette and how to use  Chaos Controlled Betting.

We had two practice sessions and I felt that the students were ready to go.


We divided the students into groups with assignments to go out and beat roulette.



Life As A Low Bettor – Playing With $1 to $5 Bets Online

Aaron and Nick were the two testers assigned to play roulette online and told to limit the size of their bets.

They each started with $48, the amount needed to make $1 bets.

After playing roulette online for two weeks, I asked Nick to comment on his experiences.



Nick’s Story

“I’ve never played roulette before.  My gambling experience has been limited to football pools and a little poker.

“Fortunately, playing roulette using Chaos Controlled Betting is really easy. 

“I used a CB Tracking Form and a CB Player Card and I had no problem using the system.”

I asked him, “What do you think of this system?”

“I really like this system.  It has an awesome way of betting the right way at the right time.”

“What about the betting system?  What do you think of that?”

“It took me a little longer to get the betting system down. However, the Dynamic Player Cards make it really easy as they summarize the seven core bets.  Once you learn them it is pretty easy to launch into the high-profit betting mode.”

 “You’ve played two weeks now.  Can I see your play record?”

He handed it over to me and I studied it for a few minutes. 

“You played 38.5  hours online over two weeks.  Is that right?”

“Yeah.  I kept careful track of my time.”

I wanted to be sure that his winnings were accurate as well.  “And, your summary shows you won $19,684.  Can you tell me about that?

“Sure.  I started out with $48 making $1 bets.  I stayed at this level my first two days and won over $900.  You can see it in my summary.”

I looked and saw that he was up $921 by the end of the second day.  “Your winnings jumped up much higher on day three and continued that way for the rest of the time you played.  What happened?”

“After two days betting low I decided to see what this system could do with higher bets.  I moved up to $2 bets next and after one day at this level winning about $800 more, I decided to move up to making $5 bets.”

“Just so we are clear, that was the largest minimum bet you used in this controlled test, right?”

“It was.  I would have liked to have moved up to $10 and then $25 bets because of the high profit potential, but I stuck to the rules.”

“Good.  And you won $19,684.  This completes the test.  You are free to use the Chaos Controlled Betting System any way you want.  Do you have any ideas?”


Nick had never played roulette.  Yet, with Chaos Controlled Betting, he won $19,684 in his first two weeks.


“Sure do.  I am moving up to $10 bets immediately and then right on up to making $25 bets.”

“Just one word of advice.  Continue playing just like you have where you keep records of each game.  My experience shows you will do better when you keep close tabs on your play.”

“I’ll do that.  Oh, and, er, thanks.  I really appreciate your letting me work with you.”

“My pleasure.  Now go out and win a fortune.”

He slapped the manual in front of him.  “That’s the plan.”


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Ten Days Playing Roulette in Las Vegas

Frank and Emma got the plumb assignment – ten days playing roulette in Las Vegas. They met with me at my condo and we laid out the plan.

They would play separately and log four hours of roulette play a day.

Frank would start at the Stratosphere and Emma would begin her play at Planet Hollywood.

I picked these casinos because they both offer single-zero roulette and they accept $5 minimum bets.

They checked in with me a couple of times, but I pretty much left them alone.  Since they were a couple I figured they didn’t need me to make suggestions on what to do in Las Vegas.

I met with them the day after the test was over.

I talked to Emma first.

“How did it go?  Did you have a profitable and enjoyable time as a Chaos Controlled Bettor?”

“Oh yes.  I not only won but I got lots of comps and more than a few other offers.”

Frank rolled his eyes.

“Let me see your records, Emma.”  I looked over her summary.

“You played your first week at Planet Hollywood.  Did you like it?”

“Oh yes.  They are very nice.”

“And I see you didn’t do too badly.  You worked your way up to $25 betting and cleared $9,689 by the end of the first week.”

“Yes.  Then I decided to switch to Paris.  I wanted a change for the second week.”

I looked at her record for the second week.  You really went to town your second week.  Your record shows that you won $24,974.  Tell me about it.”

“At Paris I started making $25 bets and then quickly moved up to $50 and finally $100 bets.”

“I see that you were strictly a $100 bettor on your last day.  And, you pulled in $8,579 for the day.  That’s actually a little low for this level of play.”

She blushed.  “I know.  I didn’t put in my hours.  I had a spa comp and I took the afternoon off.  I hope that’s ok.

“Sure.  I think you deserved a break.” I turned to Frank.  “How did you do?”


Emma pulled in $8,579 in one day playing in Las Vegas.

Frank’s Story

Frank had moved around a lot as he played.  He started playing at the Stratosphere, then moved to Caesars Palace. 

Next he played at Green Valley Ranch and finished up splitting his time between Caesars and Paris.

However, I was more interested in his numbers than where he played.

“I see you won $14,956 the first week and then pulled in $32,980 the second week.  Any comments?”


Frank won $32,980 his second week using Chaos Controlled Betting.


“Sure.  I got started at the Stratosphere and I won over $4,000.”

“Your record shows you won $4,209 there.  Tell me the rest.”

“Well, my approach was much like Emma’s.  I started low and moved up the size of my starting bets as I won more and more.”

“Where did you end up?”

“By the last day I was making $200 bets at Paris.”

“Did you have any problems with the system or anything else we should be aware of?”

“No real problems.  I did lose a couple of games.  I lost once the second day and again on the second to last day”

“Were the losses problems?”

“Not really.  I gave back a little of my winnings and then quickly recovered and went on to win even more.”

“Now that the test is over what are your plans?”

“I am going back to Green Valley Ranch.  I love the atmosphere.”

“And, you might play a little more roulette, right?

“Yeah.  I think I just might.”

He ended with a wink.



I Was Curious.  How Long Would It Take a $1 Bettor to Win $1,000 Playing Online?

After we finished the testing, I met with a few of the students for a round of drinks.  While I was talking to Frank I got an idea.

“Would you be up for one more round of testing?”

“Sure.  You can’t beat the pay.”  [Each of the student testers kept all of their winnings.  This kept their level of commitment very high.]

“Here’s what I would like for you to do.”

I told Frank what I wanted him to do.  It was a new test. I wanted to see just how fast a player could turn $48 into $1,000.

Frank verified that he understood what I wanted.  “You want me to start with $48 online and see how long it takes to win $1,000?  And, I can’t increase the size of my bets as I win.  Have I got it?

“I think so.  The purpose of this test is simple.  We want to see how long it takes you making $1 bets online to win $1,000.  Remember, no bet increase allowed.”

“I’ve got it.  I’ll give you the results later.”



Frank Wins $1,000 in Just 77 Minutes - Making $1 Base Bets!

I met with Frank the next day.  He had followed our plan to the letter.

He signed on to an online casino using a $48 bankroll. Then he played European Roulette and kept track of how long it took him to win $1,000.

He showed me the results.

“I see you made it in 77 minutes.  And, you played by the rules, right?”

“Sure.  I stayed with $1 bets the whole time.”

Below is Frank’s record of his online games to win $1,000.


We ran a test to see how long it would take to win $1,000, starting with less than $50.  The answer – 77 minutes.



How Frank Won $1,000 in 77 Minutes Online Making $1 Bets  




Cumulative Win






























































































This record is pretty easy to follow. It shows that he played 22 games of roulette online using Chaos Controlled Betting.

He won 21 out of 22 games which is close to our long-term average.

All of these games were played using $1 starting bets. 

What is most impressive is how little bankroll is needed to do what Frank did.

All that is needed to win $1,000 in less than a couple of hours is $48!


I asked Frank for any comments he had.

“Sure.  Don’t try to play the games straight through.  I took breaks about every six or seven games.”

I asked him.  How did you track these games?

“I stuck the CB Dynamic Player Card for $1 bets next to the keyboard.  And I used the CB Tracking Form to keep track of my bets.”

“Did they work okay? Is there anything we should do to improve the system?”

“Nada.  It is just about perfect as it is.”


CB Player Cards and CB Tracking Forms made winning super easy!



The Strategy That Can’t Be Defeated

Many players have had the feeling when they are playing online that the casino learns their betting pattern and then beats them.

I have had more than one player tell me that they won at first and then the casino starting beating them.

While there is no evidence that this is really taking place, if you believe that it has happened to you then the best cure is to learn Chaos Controlled Betting.

With this system there is no fixed betting pattern.  If you watched one of our Chaos Bettors playing, you would not be able to figure out the system.

Just when you thought you had a handle on it, our player would make the opposite move.

Because this system constantly adapts, it can’t be defeated by anticipating its plays!

This means that even if an online casino were tracking your betting pattern, if you were using the Chaos Controlled Betting System they wouldn’t discover your pattern.

It may seem strange that a system based on uncovering underlying patterns in a game of chance has no patterns of its own.

You can think of it this way –

Since Chaos Controlled Betting is designed to find chaotic patterns that no one else can see, its own betting system resembles chaos and is undetectable!


As strange as it may seem, Chaos Controlled Betting creates its own chaotic betting pattern.



Huge Returns Off Small Investments!

If you have $48 you have enough to set up a powerful income source using the Chaos Controlled Betting System.

With this “seed money” you can get started today making $1 bets in online roulette games.


As a $1 bettor, you’ll make –

  • $149.82 every hour you play roulette online!

  • $600 a day for 4 hour “work days!”

  • $3,000 a week for 20 hour work weeks!

  • $120,000 a year for working 20 hours a week for 40 weeks a year!


If all you ever do with Chaos-Based Betting is play $1 roulette a few hours a week, you can earn a pretty nice income.

If you were interested in buying a business that threw off $120,000 a year in profits that were virtually guaranteed, you might expect to pay $250,000 or more for it!


Even dollar bettors pull in big wins with the power of Chaos Controlled Betting!

Here’s What You Can Expect To Make Playing Roulette Online (based on documented winnings from thousands of games).

Minimum Bets

Average Hourly Net Winnings

Game Bankroll























Most of the players using this strategy will start out small and increase the size of their minimum bets as their winnings grow.

For example, as a $1 bettor you will win $600 in your first four hours of play.  You could easily move up to making $2 bets.

Play another four hours at this level and you would bring in $1,200 in winnings. Then you would move to the next level.



Players Using Chaos Controlled Betting Are Winning a Fortune Off the Land-Based Games!

I don’t want you to get the idea that Chaos Controlled Betting is strictly a system for online roulette. 

It is deadly in land-based games!

Let’s assume that you decide to play in a game accepting $5 minimum bets.  With Chaos Based Betting all you need to play at this level is $200.

As a $5 bettor you’ll pull in $149 an hour in winnings.  We know this because we have played hundreds of games in online casinos, kept careful records and documented average net winnings of $149 an hour for $5 play.


Win $747 an hour as a $25 bettor in your favorite casino!

While this is not bad, you’ll probably want to increase your bets as soon as your winnings will support this increase.


Here’s What You Can Expect To Make Playing Roulette On Single-Zero Wheels In Land-Based Games:

Minimum Bets

Average Hourly Net Winnings

Game Bankroll

























Explosive Winnings For Players Using Chaos Controlled Betting!

I was in my bank a few days ago and noticed they were offering 1.15% a year for $10,000 Certificates of Deposit.

Let’s see, if I left $10,000 with them for a year, they would pay me the grand sum of $115.

Before you pull out all of the money you have hidden under your mattress and rush to my bank, let me offer you a different deal.

Invest $200 in the game of online roulette using Chaos Controlled Betting.

You’ll pull out $747 an hour!


Now, let’s compute the return on your investment.

Except instead of waiting a year, you’ll get this return every hour you play.


Your return per hour will average 373.5% per hour.

If you could get 373.5% per year on $10,000 you would earn $37,350 a year on your investment.

This is a tremendous return on your investment.  If a bank offered this kind of money, they would quickly go broke because it is just not possible to legally pay this kind of interest.

However, there is a legal way to earn much more than 373.5% a year.  You can make this much every hour you play roulette online using Chaos Controlled Betting!


Want to earn a high return?  Try a return of 373.5% an hour on your bankroll!



Chaos Controlled Betting Takes Down Craps And Baccarat Too!

As soon as we validated Chaos Controlled Betting’s extraordinary ability to win at roulette, we started testing the system at baccarat and craps as well.

Since baccarat and craps offer even-money bets it was easy to apply Chaos Controlled Betting to these games as well.



Chaos Controlled Betting Simply Overwhelmed Baccarat!

Our Dynamic Betting Strategy gained an even stronger edge over baccarat than it did over roulette.

Our profits were very high.  For example, $5 online bettors averaged winning $934 an hour playing baccarat.

While we still haven’t complied all of the numbers for baccarat, one thing is very clear.

Chaos Controlled Betting is the fastest and highest winning baccarat strategy we have ever seen!


If You Like Craps, You’ll Love Using Chaos Controlled Betting to Overturn the Craps Game.

The winning rate at craps is a little slower than at roulette or baccarat.  That’s because there aren’t as many pass line and don’t pass decisions per hour as there are even-money bet decisions at roulette or baccarat.

However, the craps wins are every bit as strong as baccarat’s.   We combined Chaos Controlled Betting with making Place Bets at craps and had an hourly return even higher than baccarat’s.

We suggest that you use Chaos Controlled Betting as your primary craps system and overlay it with a system designed to win on numbers.  You’ll get the best of all worlds with high upside potential and steady dependable profits.


Chaos Controlled Betting overcomes the house edge by winning a higher percentage of its bets.



Blackjack Was Our Last and Possibly Our Biggest Success!

Do you like blackjack?

How would you like to be able to win like an expert card counter without all of the hassle?

Chaos Controlled Betting performs like card counting systems are supposed to perform.

Because Dynamic Betting reacts to changes in win rates, you’ll win high amounts during winning streaks just like you would if card counting worked perfectly.

Moreover, you’ll have a way to rapidly recover from losses unlike any card counting system.

Blackjack was our biggest surprise   Chaos Controlled Betting turned out to be an excellent way to consistent beat the dealer.


Extensive Testing Proves That Chaos Controlled Betting Soundly Beats Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and Even Craps!

Many experts tell you that games of chance can’t be beaten.  Chaos Theory proves that they are dead wrong!

Chaos Controlled Betting simply outplays the casinos games with its ability to predict the outcomes of bets!

Because chaos theory is the best method ever developed to exploit pattern recognition, it finds patterns in casino games that can be played.

Chaos Theory is the premier scientific system for finding order in disorder and when this power is focused on the casino games, they don’t have a chance. 

Our chaos-based betting approach beats the games so soundly that there is no doubt whatsoever that this system is overcoming the house edge at roulette, blackjack, baccarat and craps.

We just completed extensive testing of roulette and we are in the process of wrapping up our testing of the other casino games.

I can tell you without any qualms at all that this system beats these games cold.


Chaos Controlled Betting Wins In Two Ways –

First it wins a high enough percentage of its bets to beat the house in terms of the number of bets won.

Then our Dynamic Based Betting System multiplies this advantage many times!

The result is a perfected system that can’t be stopped by the casinos!



We Debated Whether We Should Even Release This System!

Quite frankly there is no reason to release this system.  We can make as much or more than we make from distributing copies of this manual by simply playing the system ourselves.

The professor doesn’t want to release it at all.  He has proposed a partnership where he and I play the system and split profits.

All of his student-testers signed non-disclosure agreements and he is quite confident that we can keep this system sealed and secret at least for a while.

I don’t see things the same way as he does

First, there is no such thing as a system that can be kept secret.  Sooner or later one of the student-testers is going to talk to someone else.

With the advances being made in chaos theory, it is just a matter of time before someone else discovers how to use chaos theory to overcome the house edge in games of chance.  And, once they do, the secret will be out.

Right now, the professor is not too happy with me.  I have decided to release 500 copies of this manual at a price of $599.97 each.   However, I would still like to give a few players the chance to gain the unbeatable edge of Chaos Controlled Betting at a much lower cost!


We have decided to release a limited number of copies of this system.  You may qualify for a very Special Deal!




This is a limited offer.  I have set aside 200 copies of the Chaos Controlled Betting Strategy for this Special Offer!  If you act now, you can get the system that overturns the house edge on even-money bets for just $299.97!

But wait!  I’ll do even better than that!

If you order by , I’ll reduce the Special One-Time Price even more to just $99.97.  

However, I can’t hold the price at this level very long.  Download the Chaos Controlled Betting Strategy for a Risk-Free Evaluation Now!



We Have Put Together The Only Proven Chaos-Based Casino Course Available Anywhere!  You’ll learn –

  • How to get started with $48 and instantly set up an income of $149 an hour!

  • How to quickly increase your bankroll to $200 and win $747 an hour without fail!

  • How to win $1,000 in less than two hours, risking no more than $48!

  • How to use Chaos Controlled Betting to win at roulette, blackjack, baccarat and craps!



Chaos Controlled Betting overcomes the house edge by winning a higher percentage of its bets.  Then it multiplies the profits using a powerful new betting system!



There’s Still More!  Not Only Will You Learn How to Overturn the House Edge By Winning a Higher Percentage of Your Bets, But You’ll Learn –

  • How to set up our proven Dynamic Betting System and use it to multiply your profits as you play!

  • How to ride winning trends (much like card counting tries to do) to bring in huge wins in short winning bursts in a method exclusive to Chaos Controlled Betting!

  • How to use the power of Chaos-Based Betting to rapidly recover from losing bets as you quickly regain a strong edge over the house!

  • How to use the power of player advantage play to win larger amounts that the experts ever believed possible!



Are You Worried That This System May Be Hard to Use Because It Is Based On Little-Known Chaos Theory? 

Don’t be! 

We have used this system to beat roulette in both online and land-based versions.

There is no question whatsoever that once you gain the power of Chaos Controlled Betting, you will play at an advantage over the house.


Then, we expanded this system to the games of blackjack, baccarat and even craps.

We now have thousands of real-world games documenting this strategy’s unparalleled ability to beat all of these casino games!

This system has been used by real players to win huge amounts of money!  They have beaten the casinos in both online and land-based games. Now it’s your turn to win!


When You Order The Chaos Controlled Betting System, You’ll Get –

  • A complete strategy manual.  The manual is filled with examples of how the system works along with easy to follow explanations.  This manual is set up for beginners so that even if you have never made an even-money bet, you’ll be able to play and win without hesitation!

  • A Complete Set of Chaos Controlled Player Cards.  Each card reveals the details of the bets you will make and how to use Dynamic Pattern Recognition.  There is a Custom card for each level of play from $1 to $500 betting!

  • Chaos Controlled Betting Tracking Forms.  These are the same forms our testers use when they play and win.  These forms are so good that your play will be almost fully automatic!


Grab These Outstanding Bonuses If You Act Now!

There is no question that Chaos Controlled Betting is going to revolutionize casino gambling!


If you order right now you will also receive Ten Terrific Bonuses -


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How to Beat the Online Casinos is the Definitive Guide to Winning Online Play.

We show you why insiders are cleaning up online.

We not only tell you everything you need to know to play and win we even reveal our Select List of Winning Casinos!

But, there’s even more –

We not only reveal where we play and win but we’ll show you the systems we use to consistently beat the online casinos!

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What’s more you’ll learn where to play, which games to play and get our secret list of the best winning systems!  Here’s just some of what you’ll get in this 193-page blockbuster –

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But, there’s even more - 

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But, we’re not done.  I’ll include a Complete Guide to Winning including –

  • Where you can practice online for free with no downloads and no registration!

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  • Online casinos where you can play, win and get paid!

But, there’s still more! I’ll include exclusive insider information on best winning systems for land-play and online play!


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This casino will become your number one choice of where to play and win at online roulette. Here’s just some of what you’ll find when we share our number one pick –

This casino offers the best online odds for roulette and is backed by one of the best online software companies. You won’t find any online roulette games that are fairer or that offer better odds of winning than these.

This casino offers no-hassle practice games. You don’t have to register or download anything, just click on your browser and start playing. And, you can always practice playing more, with no money risked, even after you start playing for real!

This casino offers the best online support – bar none! Not only can you reach the casino personnel easily by email, they answer their phones quickly. And, here is a critical point – they don’t out-source their support. The in-house staff is knowledgeable and understands gambling and roulette.  I know you will appreciate the difference.

This casino not only accepts US players, it welcomes them. And, this casino is not in some third world country – it is headquartered in Canada. If you live in the US and are frustrated by restrictions on US customers – try this one – I know you will like it!

You’ll get a 10% signup bonus when you decide to play here. And, there is no limit to the size of the bonus. If you want to deposit $10,000, you’ll get a $1,000 bonus. And, when you play roulette using the CB System, all of your play counts towards you earning your bonus. This is a straight-forward and out-and-out great bonus program!

The casino is full service. It offers the best of casino games and of course, superior roulette.  But, it also has a world renowned sportsbook. And, if you like poker, you will love their online poker rooms. What’s more, one deposit and one account is all you need to participate in all of these activities.

You can pick up $3000 Free at this casino. I thought I would save the best for last. What a great way to get started as a roulette entrepreneur. Just sign on here, win a bundle using Chaos Betting and pick up an extra $500 for your trouble. We’ll show you how!

Bonus #4
Chaos Controlled Betting Player Cards (a $40 value)

The Chaos Controlled Betting System comes with a complete set of custom Player Cards you can take with you when you play.  Our student-testers used these cards and found them invaluable.

There is a card for each level of play.  For example, if you start out using a $48 bankroll and making $1 bets, just use the $1 Level Player Card for easy reference on all of your plays.

Each card shows:

  • Minimum bets, the Game Bankroll, the Total Bankroll and Suggested Win Targets for that level of play.

  • A summary of the Chaos Controlled Pattern Detection System.

  • The Seven Bet Matrix for that level of play.

  • A brief summary of how to manage your bets to maximize your profits.


Bonus #5 - Great Online Casinos Where You Can Play, Win and Get Paid! (a $40 Value)

These are the best online casinos bar none.  These are the same casinos where we play and win.  Most importantly, we get paid quickly and if we ever have an issue we get it resolved quickly and fairly!

Don’t waste a moment on some advertising site’s list of so-called “best casinos.”  These are the top online  casinos we trust with our own money! The smart way is to “play where the winning players play!”


Bonus #6
  Chaos Controlled Betting’s Tracking Form (a $40 Value)

We asked our student-testers to use the Chaos Controlled Bet Tracking Form when they played. 

The students loved these forms!

Nick, who played roulette online, said – “The CC Betting Tracking Form makes using this system really easy.  I never play without it!”

Aaron, who also played online, added  -  You can’t go wrong using the CC Betting Tracking Form. It shows you where to bet, how much to bet and helps you keep track of your winnings.  It is an essential tool!”

You will get sample tracking forms showing how they are used as well as blank forms, ready for your use!



Bonus #7 - The World's Greatest Gambling Systems! (a $40 Value)

How would like to know the best systems for Roulette?

Or, for Blackjack?

How about Craps or Video Poker?

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Find all of the systems you have been searching for years in the Ultimate Gambling System manual!


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Are you anxious to get started using Chaos Betting online? If you have any questions about how to play blackjack and win online, we’ve got them covered in this complete manual for winning online blackjack. 

You’ll learn –

  • Everything you need to know to get started playing online safely and profitably!

  • How to pick the best online blackjack games.

  • Specific information for US players about playing online.

  • Online payment methods available for US players as well as players outside the United States.

  • How to keep records of your online play.

  • Bonus blackjack playing strategies for online play.

  • Recommended winning strategies.


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How to Get Rich In One Month Using Chaos Controlled Betting! (a $40 Value)

When you order Chaos Controlled Betting we’ll also include as a Special Extra Bonus, your personal copy of Get Rich In One Month Using Chaos Controlled Betting!

You’ll learn –  

  • How to turn $48 into over $6,000 your first day of play! 

  • How to move from $1 betting to $25 betting in just one day! 

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  • How to turn $5 betting online into a $14,853 a week cash magnet! 

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One Player’s Story

Aaron R. was one of my student testers who played roulette online.  Aaron was forced to limit the size of his starting bets to $5 or less. 

About a week ago I got this email from Aaron:

“I want to thank you for giving me the chance to work on this project with you.  It has been the most interesting project I have had in grad school and the only one I made money doing.

“My assignment was to try the system in one of several online casinos where you set up player accounts.  As instructed I only played European Roulette because it offers better odds with only one zero on the wheel.

“I played in practice mode the first day to make sure I understood how to use the system.  Once I got the hang of it, it was really easy to use – especially using the Player Cards and Tracking Forms.

“I started out making $1 bets with a $50 deposit.  I hit my first win so quickly I wasn’t ready for it.  I reset the bets and kept on playing.  I easily won $193 my first hour of play.

“I played another hour my first day and ended up with a total win of $378 for day one.  I didn’t put in the full four hours that day because I had to get ready for a class.

“The next day I was ready to play.  I increased my bets to $5 bets since I had the bankroll to support this level of play.  I played game after game, wrapping up each game in less than four minutes.

“I took my first break after playing for an hour and a half.  I was up $1,392.  I drank a coke and ate some chips and then it hit me.  I was playing for real money and every cent I won I could keep!

“My knees felt a little shaky when I sat back down but I quickly relaxed again.  By now, playing was becoming really routine. 

“I put in five hours my second day and won $4,360.  That night I cheated a little as you now know and I played with $10 bets.  I kept track of where I was before and after playing at this level so I could adjust for playing higher than I was supposed to.  I know I had agreed to keep my starting bets at $5 or lower, but I got to thinking about how much money I was making and I couldn’t resist really going for larger wins.

“Wow.  I played three more hours sort of off the books, on my own, and brought in $4,894 extra.  I am glad you weren’t mad after I explained what I did, but, like I said, I really need the money.

“Everything went well for the rest of the play.  I ended up losing three games logging in 42 hours of play (excluding play on my own).  I won $28,745 playing for the project, plus another $9,894 playing on my own.  Since I get to keep all of it you can see I made $38,639 in profits.


Aaron was another tester.  He cleared $38,639 by “cheating” a little.  You can do the same thing!

“Per your suggestion I am joining your baccarat test group as you have suggested that baccarat should be even more profitable than roulette.

“This has been a terrific experience.  I am now playing at least two hours a day and averaging making about $3,000 making $10 bets.

“If I can help you in any way, please let me know.”


Aaron R.



This program comes with my complete "No Questions Asked" One Year Guarantee. Instead of your typical 30-day money back guarantee, you have up to a year to use this powerhouse package any way you wan

  • You can gamble online from home and instantly set up as much as $6,000 a day in reliable profits.

  • You can play in any land-based casino and simply blow the casino away. 

  • You can vacation in Las Vegas or Atlantic City or London and pay for everything out of your gambling winnings!


You can use the strategy any way you like for a FULL YEAR.

Here comes the truly amazing part of this No Nonsense Guarantee –

If you don’t win at least $25,000 using the Chaos Controlled Betting System, just email me and I’ll send you a complete refund of your purchase price. 

I will stand behind this no matter how much you make off of the strategy.

If you only make $24,999 please ask me for a refund. But, I’ll go one step further –

If you don’t feel that you’ve gotten at least ten times your money’s worth with this amazing rock-solid profit producer, just ask me for a refund.

I can make this strong guarantee because –

I know that if you only give this moneymaker a chance, you will be delighted with the results. 


So that’s the deal. Just give the Chaos Controlled Betting System a chance to show just how much money you can make. 


If you don’t make at least $25,000 or are unhappy with it for any reason, just let me know and I will make sure that you get a prompt and courteous refund!




Start Pulling In Huge Profits Right Now!

Everything is ready for you.

We’ve finished the Chaos Betting System Manual and it’s really good.  It’s got everything you need to quickly learn and start profiting for this breakthrough approach to betting.

Download it now and by tomorrow you’ll be bringing in outrageously high profits!  

Our testing proves that this system actually overcomes the casino’s advantage at roulette.  As a result, you will win very large amounts using a very small bankroll as a Chaos Controlled Bettor!

Our student-testers are continuing to play this system on their own and are bringing in huge amounts. 

For example, I just got an update email from Aaron.  He is now making $25 bets online and is winning more than $7,000 a day!

Because of this Special Offer, you have a unique opportunity to become a very highly paid Chaos Controlled Better.

Yours for gaining the power to win a fortune using a $48 bankroll,


Martin J Silverthorne


P.S.  Chaos Controlled Betting has been proven to gain an edge over the house at roulette and then beat the game outright.

In addition to using Chaos Controlled Pattern Recognition, this extraordinary system incorporates a highly successful money management-based betting system that turns this system into a champion high-profit producer!

If you act by   you can get this amazing strategy at a Special Client Price of Just $99.97

But don’t delay.  We are cutting off this Special Client Offer as soon  as we’ve distributed 200 copies!

Download Your Copy of the Chaos Controlled Betting System now!


”Chaos Controlled Betting Is Fast And Deadly!  It Has No Equal When It Comes to Beating Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat And Craps!


P.P.S.  Chaos Controlled Betting soundly beats the games of roulette, blackjack, baccarat and craps!

You can try it out at zero risk even if you are merely curious.  You are 100% protected by my Iron-Clad No-Nonsense Guarantee. 

This strategy sets the new standard for Player Advantage Play.  Now it is up to you.

All you have to do it try it!






"Learn How to Gamble to Win!"

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