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In just a few seconds you will have the Red-Hot, Just Released, Chaos Controlled Betting System in your hands.  Using our Secure Order System, you will be given Instant Access to this course and the bonuses.

In just a few seconds you will have the never-before released premier system for winning at craps.  Playing from the Dark Side is the smartest way to play craps and the Hunter System makes winning simple and secure!   

You are just seconds away from gaining the most powerful and consistent Dark Side System ever created!   Using our Secure Order System, you will be given Instant Access to this course and the bonuses.



  Yes Russell.  I am ready to see just how much money I can make at craps playing from the Dark Side.  I am ready to set up my own $1,000 a day winning system in the next two days.  

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You’ll get –  

  • The Hunter System Manual.  This manual has everything you need to win a fortune playing from the Dark Side.  Even though the Hunter System is a Professional Level System, this manual is set up for beginners.  Even if you don’t know the difference between craps and hop scotch, you will quickly be able to use this system like a pro and start winning thousands of dollars effortlessly! 

  • A Complete Set of Hunter Player Strategy Cards. The cards cover different levels of odds, from three times to ten times odds.  And, they cover all levels of play from $1 to $100 betting!  

  • The Hunter Bet Tracker. We developed this Bet Tracker for players helping us test this system and it will be perfect for your play.  It can be set up for any level of play with different levels of odds.  Using it is as simple as setting up your level of play and then tracking and placing each bet in a game.  This is the proven way to play flawlessly.  What’s more, it is legal to take with you and a snap to use! 

  • Our Hunter Profit Package.  You’ll get exclusive insider information on odds and bet limits in Las Vegas.


Plus, you’ll get all of these terrific bonuses  

Bonus #1  Ten Steps to Beat the Craps Game (a $40 Value)   

Bonus #2 –Dark Side Players’ Top Las Vegas Craps Casinos  (a $40 Value)

Bonus #3 –Dark Side Players’ Top Online Craps Casinos (a $40 Value)  

Bonus #4 – Casino Winners Money Management Secrets (a $40.00 Value)  

Bonus #5 A Beginners Guide to Online Bonuses (a $40 Value)

Bonus #6  Why Online Casinos Can Be Beaten! (a $20 Value)  

Bonus #7 –Dark Side Players’ Number One Online Craps Casino (an $80 Value)   

Bonus #8 – Win $1,000 a Day Playing Craps From the Dark Side (an $80 Value)

Have you got $50?  If you do you can set up a $1,000 a day win plan this week!

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It reveals with crystal clarity how to start with small bets and set up a solid $1,000 winning plan in just two days!  






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You can try out the Hunter System for a Full Year virtually Risk-Free!

You can play from home and easily win $1,000 a day following our proven success system.

You can   We have players making $3 play craps in land-based games where there is no limit on how much you can win.,000 an hour using this system!

You can travel and pay for everything by playing a little craps on the side.

You can take cruises and easily win $2,500 to $3,000 a day using the Hunter System!

You can play and win with this strategy for a Full Year anywhere you like!

Here’s the best part –

I will stand behind you 100% all the way on your quest to win a fortune playing from the Dark Side.  If you ever decide that Dark Side play is not for you or that the Hunter System is not worth at least ten times its cost, then just send me an email.

That’s all you have to do if you want your money back.  Just send me an email and tell me that you want a refund.  I will send you a full refund promptly and courteously with no questions asked. 

This is the strongest and safest Guarantee ever!  Even if you win $250,000 playing from  the Dark Side and decide to call it quits, you can still get your money back!

I am totally confident that once you discover how safe and profitable the Hunter System is that you wouldn’t give it up for 100 times your investment in it!

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On the basis of receiving all of your program plus the Eight Valuable Bonuses at a Special Price of just $99.97, I am ordering this package for an Instant Download.

I understand that your 100% Risk-Free Guarantee covers me completely.






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